Top 10 Tips To Survive The Whole 30 Diet (Without Cheating!)

water with lime - Top 10 Tips To Survive The Whole 30 Diet by popular New Jersey fitness blogger Fit Mommy in Heels

Top 10 Tips To Survive The Whole 30 Diet by popular New Jersey fitness blogger Fit Mommy in Heels

crock pot  - Top 10 Tips To Survive The Whole 30 Diet by popular New Jersey fitness blogger Fit Mommy in Heels

the whole 30 diet 0 Top 10 Tips To Survive The Whole 30 Diet by popular New Jersey fitness blogger Fit Mommy in Heels

whole 30 program - Top 10 Tips To Survive The Whole 30 Diet by popular New Jersey fitness blogger Fit Mommy in Heels

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With the New Year well under way I’ve seen SOOOOO many posts about the Whole 30 diet. It seems like everyone has jumped on the bandwagon! If you’ve been thinking about giving it a try for yourself there are a few tips that I think might make it a lot easier for you.

First off, let me explain what the Whole 30 Diet/Program is about… Many people suffer from eating certain food groups, dairy, legumes, grains, etc. The Whole 30 Program is designed to help you discover what (if any) of these are causing you issues. The program calls for you to COMPLETELY remove the food groups that tend to cause people the most problems for 30 DAYS. Once the 30 days is up you slowly begin to reintroduce the food groups one by one to determine which, if any, is causing you discomfort.

Before I dive into my tips let me give you my personal experience with the Whole 30 diet. I started mine not because I wanted to lose weight but because I was just in a food rut. I wasn’t eating great and I didn’t feel great. I’ve always been a healthy eater and I work out really hard so I knew I needed to get back on track. I love chocolate and it always seems to be my downfall so I thought 30 days off of it sounded like a great idea. Plus, I do better when I’m challenged to something as opposed to just trying to “eat healthy”.

While I did feel MUCH better after completing the Whole 30 diet I will say….it was not easy. Well, I shouldn’t say it wasn’t easy…more like – it wasn’t exactly enjoyable. Because grains are completely eliminated from the diet I was pretty grouchy. I love carbs. When you workout like I do – you need them. Potatoes are acceptable in the program but after 2 weeks of them it gets pretty boring.

SO, I wanted to share my personal tips to get you through the Whole 30 diet without breaking down and eating a box of donuts (but I know that sounds freaking amazing)

10 Tips To Survive The Whole 30 Diet

  1. Prep your meals ahead of time. This goes without saying. I tell people this even when they’re not on such a strict program. When you come home late from work and have NOTHING to eat is when you will fail. It’s never good to put yourself in a situation where you’re starving and willing to eat anything in your path. By planning your meals ahead you know this will never happen.
  2. NEVER skip breakfast. Never. Starving yourself first thing in the morning is not the way to start the day and one of the fastest ways to quickly derail your diet.
  3. Include a butter alternative to meals such as ghee so you don’t feel completely deprived. I found this one to be pretty good.
  4. Roast your veggies in batches. This way you can mix and match your meats to your veggies and create different meals so you aren’t eating the same thing at every single meal.
  5. Always keep a Whole 30 diet approved snack in your bag, car or wherever you tend be on the go. My favorite are Jones Bars in the Mango flavor (available at Whole Foods) and the Apple Pie flavored Lara Bars.
  6. Use your Crock Pot. If you don’t have one you can find a super affordable one here. If you have one you already know it’s a time saver and anything that makes this program easier is a blessing.
  7. Keep water available at all times. Did you know that many people confuse thirst with hunger? It’s true. Next time you feel a craving coming on grab your water and take a few sips before you head for the snacks. These are my favorite water bottles. They never leak!
  8. Make some condiments yourself. You might be able to find some brands that are Whole 30 diet approved but I personally loved this homemade version of mayo!
  9. Do the program with a friend! If having someone go through the process with you would make it more enjoyable then ask a friend to join in for the ride!
  10. Understand that you WILL have cravings so you can prepare for it ahead of time. After dinner, brush your teeth so you’re less tempted to snack on those sweets when you pop on the tv. Other ideas? Have a good book ready, take up a new hobby, paint your nails?!

I know it sounds really daunting and I won’t lie and say it’s fun. However, I definitely did feel a WHOLE lot better after completing the program then I did before. As long as you use the program for it’s intended purpose I think it can be a great experience. It definitely helped kick my sugar habit at the time and that was one thing that was really dragging me down.

While I don’t post frequently about food and diet plans I do post frequently about fitness. Generally, when people decide they want to eat healthy it’s common to hear that they also want to begin working out. So, if this is you and you’re looking for some help in that department feel free to use my free weekly workouts available here or contact me for a custom workout plan at

Whole 30 Tips - Top 10 Tips To Survive The Whole 30 Diet by popular New Jersey fitness blogger Fit Mommy in Heels


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  1. January 25, 2018 / 10:24 am

    Great Post! My Whole30 completely changed when I started making my own paleo mayo and BBQ sauce! Game changer!

    • Fit Mommy In Heels
      January 25, 2018 / 1:28 pm

      Thanks Charissa! I agree…it can be sooooooo boring without the condiments. I was so happy I could eat egg salad once I started making my own!!!