Weekly Workout 11.13.17 & Blush Pink Leggings

zella pink leggings

I’ve been debating over purchasing these leggings for awhile. This past week they’ve been on sale so I decided to give them a try. I’m glad I did because they’re so comfortable. I read reviews that said the legs were hard to get on but… it takes about 5 extra seconds so I don’t find that to be a a big deal at all. You know I love a good high-waisted pair of leggings and these are perfect. I don’t think I could ever workout in a pair that isn’t high-waisted now so I hope the trend never dies!

*For reference I often wear a medium in bottoms even though I’m a size 4 in jeans. The size guide online for these says a size 4-6 is a small but I ordered the medium and they fit perfect.

Here’s your weekly workout:


Back Extensions (10 reps) Superset Barbell Row (10 reps) immediately followed by 1 minute burpees :4 Sets

Single Arm Cable Lat Pulldown (12-15 reps) Superset Wide Grip Pullups (AMRAP) immediately followed by 1 minute burpees : 4 Sets 

Concentration Curl (12-15 Reps) Superset Hammer Curl (12-15 Reps) immediately followed by 1 minute burpees : 4 Sets

Preacher Curl 12-15 reps) Superset Single Arm Bent Over Curl (AMRAP) immediately followed by 1 minute burpees : 4 Sets 

Ab Roller AMRAP, Decline Sit-Up AMRAP, Hanging Leg Raise (weighted) : 3 Sets 


Tuesday: Circuit

(all weighted unless otherwise noted)

1 mile Run 

Wall Balls (25 reps)

TRX Planks (1 minute)

Walking Lunges (10 reps each leg)

Hanging Leg Raises (AMRAP)

2 minute rest

Repeat 4X (starting with wall balls)

1 Mile Run 



Side Lying Single Arm Pushup (AMRAP) Superset Kickbacks (12-15 reps) immediately followed by 1 minute row machine: 4 sets 

Skullcrushers (12-15 reps) Superset Jump squat (w pulse at bottom) immediately followed by 1 minute row machine: 4 Sets 

Close Grip Pushup Superset Overhead Extensions immediately followed by 1 minute row machine : 4 Sets

Pec Dec (hold at 1/2 way point for 2 seconds) immediately followed by 1 minute row machine : 4 Sets

Incline Bench Press (one arm hold) : 4 Sets



(All Weighted)

Step-Up on Deadlift Machine (right then left) (8-10 reps) Superset Banded Plie Jumps (20 reps)

Good Mornings (8-10 reps) Superset Banded Duck Walks (10 one way, 10 back) with Jump Squats at the end w/ band and barbell

Single Leg Hamstring Curl Machine (right, then left) (8-10 reps) Superset 180 degree squat jumps (20 reps)

Alternating Walking Lunges (10 each leg) Superset Kettlebell Sumo Jump Squat (20 reps)



T-Bar Row immediately Followed by 1 minute jump rope: 4 Sets 

Military Press Superset Front Raise on Incline Bench immediately followed by 1 minute jump rope : 4 Sets

Triple Drop Set Side Raise Immediately followed by 1 minute jump rope : 4 Sets

Calf Raise Machine, toes forward (20 reps) Superset Calf Machine toes in (20 reps) : 4 Sets 



Side Lunge to Curtsy Lunge (Right then Left) Superset 1 leg on bench other leg hops back and forth over bench (holding dumbell) (20 reps) : 4 Sets

Left Leg on bench, Right Leg raise and squat down (10 reps) Superset Single Leg Kickback (then repeat all on Right Leg) : 4 Sets 

Leg Extension Machine (8-10 reps) Superset Frog Jumps (10 & 10) : 4 Sets 

Single Legged Side Cable Squat Superset Cable Duck Walk w/10 jumps at the back : 4 Sets




As always if you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email or a message on instagram or facebook!

Find last weeks workout Here.

free weekly workout 11.13.17
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