40 Productive Things To Do While Stuck At Home

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Being productive while stuck at home can be a challenge. Since most of us are home now MUCH more than usual, there’s never been a better time to work on it!


Finding motivation can seem daunting but when you start to see changes happening, it makes it all feel worth it. 


Now is a great time to tackle those goals you’ve had for so long. Often times, the hardest part is getting started. Whether you’re a new stay at home mom, stuck at home during quarantine or just find it difficult to find the motivation,  this list of 40 productive things to do is a great way to get started. 


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40 Productive Things To Do While Stuck At Home


1.) Organize your closet

It’s so easy for closets to get unorganized. For me personally, I tend to be in a rush when getting ready so things tend to get put back wherever. Organizing your closet so that certain items are grouped together will save so much time in the long run. Whether that means color coordinating your shirts or pairing all your shoes together by style, it will be easier to find what you’re looking for if you have some sort of system in place.

Creating a Capsule Wardrobe is a game changer!


2.) Start a book (or finish one you already started)

Whether you want to learn about a certain topic, or you just want to read a good story, there is nothing like cozying up with a book and a cup of coffee or wine. 

3. ) Meditate

There are many benefits to meditation but most importantly is reducing stress and increasing your ability to focus. In the fast paced world we live in today, many of us feel stressed far too often. Constantly being stressed is no way to live! 

4.) Try a new workout routine

As a personal trainer I may be a bit biased here, but if there’s anything you should take time to invest in, it’s your body. You only get one change to treat it right. There are SO MANY forms of exercise so whether you’re into dance, yoga, weightlifting or running, there are plenty of options. 


5.) Rearrange furniture to change up your space

Creating a new space brings a sense of calm and opens up our abilities to see things differently. Not only that but seeing how you can get multiple uses out of what you already own is pretty cool.

6.) Throw out old makeup products

I can personally say that I know for a fact I have makeup that is several years old stuffed in bins somewhere. We all know that using makeup past it’s shelf life can be a disaster. Take one bin at a time and dump the stuff you haven’t used in forever or clearly looks unsafe.


7.) Work on flexibility

Again – I might be biased here, but if your flexibility stinks, it will show in your workouts. Take an extra 5-10 minutes to work on stretching body parts you feel need the help. It doesn’t have to take too much time of your day.

8.) Cook a new recipe

I’m not saying CREATE a new recipe, I’m just saying make one. I’m no chef myself so I can relate to not loving the kitchen. However, trying a new dish every now and then is a great way to change things up and learn new ways to use ingredients in a way you’ve never tried before. There are tons of “easy” and “5 ingredient'” recipe books on Amazon.

9.) Get your finances in order

One of the msot important productive things to do – Get your finances in order. Make lists of your debts, monthly payments, income, etc. and use that information to figure out what you need to do going forward whether that’s putting more money in savings or setting a budget. 


10.) Organize your pantry

Having a messy pantry is one of the easiest ways to unnecessarily spend money. It’s much easier to keep track of what you need from the grocery store when you can see you already have. Here’s some affordable pantry organization pieces.


11.) Purge your closet, organize into donate/sell piles

This is one of my personal favorite productive things to do. Purging your closet is a great way to save space and money. You can sell clothes you no longer want on Poshmark or you can donate to a local charity. There’s no sense in cluttering up your closet with items you don’t use. 


12.) Take an online course

There are SO many courses out there these days including free ones! If you’ve been interested in learning something new, chances are there’s a course for it. Pinterest is a great place to look for online courses.


13.) Go on a scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are fun for both kids and adults! Pick a theme and make it more fun by searching for things based around it. Not only is it fun but it’s also a great way to get your body moving.


14.) Consolidate debt

Nobody wants to deal with debt but the sooner you do the sooner you’ll be on your way to financial freedom. Try combining some of your debts down into one bill. It generally lowers your monthly payment and often times you’ll end up paying less in interest. At the very least, reach out to your lenders and ask if you can have your interest rates lowered if consolidating isn’t an option.


15.) Do a puzzle

Puzzles are a great way to kill some time and they’re also great for short term memory.


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16.) Fill in your monthly planner

Most people thrive on some sort of schedule, especially when it comes to business. Take some time to figure out what sort of planner works best for you and your lifestyle and start filling in tasks starting with the most important. Planners are a great help when trying to get yourself on a schedule.


17.) Learn a new language

This one will clearly take more time and dedication than the others but what an accomplishment would it be to learn an entirely new language?


18.) Update passwords

We all know we’re suppose to do it but most of us don’t. Updating your passwords can help keep your personal information from being compromised. Try to set a reminder to do this every 3 months and don’t make all your passwords the same.


19.) Start a garden

Growing your own fruits and vegetables is a great way to save money and a great way to get some vitamin d. Grab a few packets of your favorite herbs and veggies and get outside!


20.) Create a routine

When you know what you want to do and when you need to do it by, it helps to prioritize your day. Having a routine can also create a sense of calm. When you have your day/week lined up your stress levels will likely be lower, allowing you to get more done. I personally love using oversized desk calendars because they can’t get stuffed in a drawer and forgotten!


21.) Organize your bathroom closets

Our bathrooms are frequently home to so many different types of items. Beauty products, cleaning products, hair, nails, etc. Organize it in a way that makes sense for you and makes it easy for you to find things. There are so many bathroom organization items, it will just depends on the needs of your space. 


22.) Go through old receipts

It’s always smart to keep receipts. However, once the return period has elapsed and/or you know you won’t be returning the item, there really is no need to keep it. Over time those receipts will just keep building up and then it will be impossible to find the ones you actually need. 


23.) Clean out your purse

Whether you have kids or not, chances are your purse is filled with a bunch of stuff you don’t REALLY need. Your shoulder will thank you if you go through and remove things that have just built up over time. A purse organizer is a great way to keep things where you want them.


24.) Delete old emails

Cleaning up your inbox is a great way to stay organized. Deleting emails that are no longer relevant makes it much easier for you to find important correspondence. 


25.) Create a budget

Setting a budget is a great way to really hone in on where you’re spending your money. Whether you set up a budget to save money or to track why you CAN’T save money, it’s the best way to get on track financially! In this post I share 10 things to stop buying to save money.


26.) Create a vision board

If you’re a visual person a vision board is a game changer. Being able to see your actual goals will make it much easier to concentrate and focus on what you need to do to get there.


27.) Start a side hustle

Have you been wanting to make more money on the side? There are SO MANY ways to do so including: virtual assistant, starting a blog, online surveys, food or grocery delivery service, driving, selling on Amazon and the list goes on. I make a full-time income from my blog and it started as a side hustle! Here’s an income report where I break down how I make every dollar!


28.) Finish a project

Start a bathroom redo and never finish? Completing small projects often brings the greatest sense of accomplishment so putting that final coat of paint on your dresser might be just what you need.


29.) Set goals

Setting small, attainable goals is the best step to accomplishing your biggest goal. Having small victories along your journey instills a “can-do” attitude and set you up for success in all the other goals, big or small, you set for yourself down the road. 


30.) Tackle the laundry

It always feels good to get the laundry washed, folded and put away. For some reason I personally enjoy my tv shows much more knowing that all the laundry is done.


31.) Clean out your fridge

It is SO easy to overspend at the food store when you have no clue what you actually need to buy. Clean out your fridge by throwing away expired food and organize what you use on a daily basis. This will make it much easier to food shop and in turn, you’ll spend less money. This is one of the most productive things to do to save money within your home!


32.) Go through your junk drawers

Does your junk drawer give you anxiety? I can totally relate. Nothing ever seems to be in the spot I last left it and there always seems to be something new instead. Set a plan to clean out your junk drawer once/month to keep it from getting out of control. 


33.) Unsubscribe to mailers you don’t need

If your email is constantly building up with emails you never open, it’s time to start unsubscribing! It will be almost impossible to find an email you DO need if you have 25,000 unread emails sitting in your inbox.


34.) Organize your phone

I think many of us are guilty of having thousands of photos in our phones, screenshots, reminders, duplicates, etc. Take some time to erase what you no longer need and even organize into catalogues so it’s easier to find a photo next time you go looking for it.


35.) Make a new playlist

Who doesn’t love listening to music? Make a list of your favorite songs and create a new playlist for your next workout, bike ride or to add some fun to time in the kitchen.


36.) Try a craft

I definitely wasn’t born crafty but there are tons of easy crafts out there. Did you know there were so many uses for toothpaste? LOL


37.) Try a 30 day challenge

When it comes to finding productive things to do, challenges are a no-brainer! A Fitness Challenge, a no-alcohol challenge, a cooking challenge, you name it – there’s a challenge for it. A monthly challenge can be fun AND motivating


38.) Bake something new

Baking is intimidating for many, but it can be really fun. And who doesn’t love a new sweet treat?! With so many baking books and apps out there, you’re sure to find one that works for you!


39.) Learn how to build good credit

Having good credit is so important. Whether you want to buy a house, lease a car or qualify for low interest rates, you’ll need to have a good credit score to do so. Check out these tips to increase your score. 


40.) Learn a new skill

Painting furniture, changing a tire, public speaking – there are tons of skills that are useful in every day life. Here’s a great example – this youtube video teaches you how to change a tire and this one teaches you how to paint wood furniture.


The list of productive things to do is almost endless. I think that for most people, all you really need to do is look around your home to find some productive things to do! I know we always have some small job that needs to be done like power-washing, cleaning up the playroom, dusting, etc! 


What’s at the top of your list of productive things to do?


Hopefully this list of 40 productive things to do while stuck at home has inspired you to get moving!



Lauren is a wife, mom of 3, and personal trainer with a passion for fitness, fashion, and blogging. She shares affordable fashion finds, fitness tips, and helps you learn how to make money with YOUR blog!


  1. May 9, 2020 / 12:54 am

    Love all these tips! I’ve definitely found so much to do at home during this time. ?

    • Lauren
      May 11, 2020 / 10:59 am

      Yay I’m so glad! I really need to get moving on my own clean out the closet tip LOL!

  2. May 9, 2020 / 10:33 am

    You are such an inspiration! And this super detailed post got me moving! Thanks for sharing!

    • Lauren
      May 11, 2020 / 11:00 am

      Thank you so much, I’m so happy to hear this!!!

  3. Lauren Brantley
    May 14, 2020 / 10:55 am

    So many great tips here! Thanks Lauren!

    • Lauren
      May 14, 2020 / 12:13 pm

      You’re welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

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