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If you’ve ever wondered how to find trendy clothes on Amazon, this post is for you!


I’ve been shopping for clothes on Amazon for years and if you ask my husband, it’s quite the obsession. But listen, if I can order an outfit and have it at my doorstep within 48 hours, I’M GAME.


Shopping for clothes on Amazon is actually a lot easier than most people think. However, there are a few tips I recommend taking into consideration to ensure a happy shopping experience.


Today I’m sharing my top tips for buying clothes on Amazon to help you find the perfect pieces at the absolute best prices. 


In a hurry?

My Amazon Storefront is the most popular with my readers. It’s full of some of the best clothes to buy on Amazon. Most ship prime and are under $25.


Does Amazon have cute clothes? Here are just a few pieces I recently found when shopping Amazon fashion. 

amazon fashion shopping hacksMaxi Dress | Skirt | Hi-Low Maxi Dress | Tank Top


Amazon Fashion Shopping Hacks

How do you shop for clothes on Amazon? It’s simple! Here are my top 5 EASY tips for buying clothes on Amazon.


1.) Always purchase items that are Amazon Prime.

Here are a few reasons why:


First of all, when you purchase an Amazon Prime item you’ll likely receive your item in 2 days. Second, you’ll also receive FREE RETURN SHIPPING, which in my opinion, is always a must. Although I’ve had great luck with Amazon fashion items, I’ve certainly had my fair share of fails.


I refuse to pay shipping or return shipping so this is one of the number 1 reasons I love shopping Amazon Prime.


More Amazon fashion items

amazon fashion

Leopard Tee | Dress | Camo Leggings | Sports Bra | Maxi Dress


2.) Read reviews. Amazon is known for its reviews. Not only can customers leave reviews, but they can easily upload an image as well. I am a HUGE fan of reviews. I read them, leave them, and rely on them.


Checking reviews with photos is crucial because items don’t always look exactly as pictured in the stock photo. There have been countless items I’ve wanted to order but after reading poor reviews decided against it. The same goes for vice versa.


I’ve seen some items I’ve been hesitant about but after reading great reviews decided to give it a chance. You’ll see that on Amazon there are sometimes hundreds or even THOUSANDS of reviews. Be sure to search through the ones with images first.


Shop the Amazon Fashion Haul Library 


3.) Shop Major Retailers On Prime. Have you ever shopped at sites like Zappos or ShopBop and saw the “checkout with Amazon” option? Well, Amazon houses several retailers like these right within their own site.


If you go to “clothing” -> “shoe, jewelry & watches” -> “Amazon Fashion” -> “Women” it will take you to the Main Amazon Fashion Screen. From here, hover over “Women” and click “contemporary & designer” under “featured shops”. On this page, look at the column on the left-hand side and scroll down until you see the “sellers” section. Here you can check off the sites you want to shop (, Zappos, ShopBop). It is the best way to narrow it down!


BTW – I find that sooo many people haven’t heard of I mentioned them in this post a few years ago and still find that their prices are often FAR cheaper than many other shoe retailers. I highly recommend looking here if you have something specific in mind.


Something I often do is try on a shoe in the store, figure out the size I need, then order it online at the cheapest retailer!


More Amazon Fashion Finds

amazon fashion

Halter Tank | Waffle Knit Top | Leggings | Crop Top | Lace Cami 

4.) Shop By Category. Amazon is home to MILLIONS of products. It’s best at the very least to narrow down your search to strictly fashion items.


When you’re on the Amazon homepage simply click “Clothes, shoes, jewelry & watches” then click “Amazon Fashion”. This will at least narrow it down to these categories. You can then choose the exact category you want (shoes, dresses, etc.). From here, be sure to check out Amazon Fashion Private Brands.


Did you know that Amazon has brands that are exclusive to Amazon only? They have high-quality products that are still budget-friendly. Once you get to your desired category (ie: dresses, shoes, etc.) just click on “Our Brands” on the left-hand side under “Amazon Fashion”. 


What is Amazon’s clothing line called?

Amazon has its own fashion labels such as GoodThreads, Amazon Basics, Amazon Essentials, Daily Ritual, Core 10, and many more. 


5.) Personal Shopper Program. Did you know that Amazon has a personal shopper program?! While I personally love to shop I know that’s not the case for everyone.


With Amazon’s Personal Shopper Program you fill out information regarding your personal style. From there, selections are curated for you with your taste AND budget in mind. Before your stylist ships your items you get to preview them and choose up to 8 of your favorites to try on at home FOR FREE.


Once you receive your items you have 7 days to try them on. You only pay for what you keep and are given a prepaid label and box so you can send back what you don’t want – returns are FREE. I honestly don’t think it gets much more convenient than this.


Some of my favorite Amazon Bikinis

best clothes on Amazon

Amazon bathing suits are kind of my thing. The majority of my swim collection is Amazon and I hardly ever find myself going elsewhere to look for swimwear these days. 


If you’re looking for a good Amazon bikini, these suits above all make the list for being high quality, trendy and affordable. 


Shopping for an Amazon bikini isn’t all that hard either. Just like clothes, there are a TON of sellers that offer the same items. However, not all pieces are exactly the same. 


The leopard Amazon bikini I’m wearing in the middle photo is one of my all-time favorite bikinis from Amazon. I have it in 3 different colors/prints and each one is just as incredible as the next. However, I have tried the same suit from other sellers and it is NOT the same quality/fit. 


This is where paying attention to reviews really comes in handy. After trying this suit from another seller and finding that the quality and fit was poor, I wrote a review giving my opinions of the suit.


If you’ve ever asked yourself, “how do I find the best clothes on Amazon?”, I hope these tips have answered your question!


View my Amazon Fashion Haul Library to see round-ups of some amazing fashion items I’ve found. I share the live try-ons over on Instagram and then create a blog post monthly with all my finds from the month.


You can sign up for my newsletter HERE so that you never miss an Amazon Haul. I only send one email per month so you don’t have to worry about me bombarding you with emails. I keep it short and sweet. Additionally, you can shop my Amazon Storefront here.


Looking for some of the best clothes to buy on Amazon? Be sure to check out my Amazon Fashion Haul library.

Amazon Fashion Haul Library 


What Clothing Brands Are On Amazon?

If I went through the entire list of clothing brands that are available on Amazon, I’d be here all day. However, I often find that people are shocked to know that some major brands are frequently (or always) available on Amazon. 


More Amazon Fashion Finds

best clothes on amazon

Some of the popular designer brands that you can frequently see featured on Amazon include Steve Madden, Dolce Vita, Nike, Sam Edelman, Calvin Klein, Converse, French Connection, Tommy Hilfiger, Adrianna Papell, Champion, Rya-Ban, New Balance, and the list goes on. 


As I mentioned above you can also shop some sites direct like ShopBop and


How does Amazon Fashion work?

I don’t sell fashion items on Amazon, so I’m certainly not an expert on the process. However, it seems as though Amazon fashion works like the rest of Amazon. Brands/businesses/individuals, etc. create an Amazon seller account and sell their items on the platform. 


There are restrictions and certain policies that must be followed when signing up as an Amazon seller. If you’re considering trying to sell via Amazon fashion it’s important to read through all the policies.


So now that we’ve learned about buying clothes on Amazon I want to get into a little more detail about Amazon Prime. I have it, love it and swear by it! 


Should I order clothes from Amazon?

If you follow me over on Instagram you know my answer (the answer is yes, in case you don’t follow me lol). I’ve been shopping Amazon for years and in particular, Amazon fashion is the bulk of it. As long as you follow these simple tips, you’ve got a great chance of finding items you love.


Is it safe to order clothes from Amazon?

Buying clothes on Amazon is questionable if you don’t follow the tips above. However, following these few simple tricks is the best way to ensure you have a happy shopping experience. 


Have I purchased items from Amazon that were total fails? Heck yeah! But this is exactly why I recommend only purchasing items that are available with Amazon Prime.


If you didn’t pay for shipping and you don’t have to pay for return shipping, the only thing you lose out on is the time it takes you to physically return the item.


Is Amazon a good place to shop?

Are you the kind of person who orders an item and waits anxiously until it arrives? If so, Amazon is for you. With insanely fast shipping and great customer service, it’s pretty hard to beat Amazon. 


I mean, where else can you order groceries, clothes, a grill, and pet supplies and have them all delivered to your door with 48 hours?


What is Amazon Prime Fashion?

Amazon prime fashion is just that – fashion items that are available with Prime. I always suggest when doing a search for fashion items to check off the “prime” box on the left-hand side. This will narrow down your results to only include items that are available for prime shipping.


If you don’t make your Amazon fashion purchases with prime you could wait a long time to receive them. However, if you aren’t in a rush and want to broaden your search results you can leave it unchecked. Just be sure to look at the “arrives by” date on the right-hand side once you’ve made your color/size selection on the details page. 


What’s So Great About Amazon Prime?

One of the easiest shopping hacks is just shopping Amazon prime in general. The variety of items, choices of brands, and price points is unmatched elsewhere. 


1.) The prices are almost always better than in a large retail store. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found something in-store for myself or the kids and then looked it up on Amazon and sure enough, the price was less.


2.) Being able to compare things so quickly and easily is a dream! Not only can you read the hundreds or sometimes thousands of reviews, but you can also see images that previous customers have left. 


Shop Amazon’s Best Selling Products (Updated every hour!)


3.) Amazon Prime members get purchases hella fast. Most items arrive within 2 days but there are also over 10 million items that are available for next day delivery! Additionally, over 3 million items offer SAME DAY delivery!


I’ve personally received several items within 24 hours. If that’s not quick enough for you then I’m not sure online shopping is up your alley.


Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial 


Other Amazing Features Of Amazon Prime

1.) Amazon Prime members receive exclusive deals such as savings and discounts on hundreds of items PLUS early access to lightning deals.


Lightning Deals are incredible deals that are only available until they expire or all items are sold 


Just a few months ago I got a Firestick on a lightning deal for $14 (original price: $40). It was a huge saving on something we had planned to purchase anyway. Today I noticed there were new movie releases available for only $2.99. 


2.) Amazon also has daily deals and deals of the day that you can find broken down by category so it’s easy to shop. I tend to stick with women’s clothing and fashion but there is also great stuff in other categories like home, kids’ pets, etc. 


View my lightening deal shares over on Instagram daily


3.) Probably my favorite feature of Amazon Prime is the Subscribe & Save Program. Not only can you receive your most used items automatically every month, but you get discounts on them as well.


When you add 5 items to your subscribe and save for the month you get an automatic 15% off. Additionally, when you purchase baby items such as diapers, wipes, baby food, etc. you receive 20% off. I’ve been using this for YEARS and cringe at the prices I see in stores!


It’s incredibly simple to remove/add an item to your subscribe and/or to change quantities. You just have to do so before they are being prepared to ship. It is seriously so convenient.


Plus, when you add an item to your subscribe and save you can choose the frequency in which it gets delivered. You don’t have to go in every month and “skip” the month as you do with most subscription programs.


So for example, I have coffee pods as a subscribed item but I have it set to be delivered every 3 months since there is enough in each box to last me that long.


Here are just a few of the items I receive monthly via the subscribe and save program:

baby wipes

low-carb bars

Coffee Pods

Bully Sticks

Dishwasher Cleaner

Kids Toothpaste


These are just a few items I have on subscribe and save but the amount of products available is unreal!


Amazon Video is also another huge benefit of being a Prime member. There are thousands of free tv shows and movies available, plus you can purchase movies/shows and then live stream them from your computer, iPad, tv, phone, etc.


I much prefer to buy movies for the kids this way because no matter where we are we have access to all their favorites. Annnndddd we don’t have to worry about them destroying yet another DVD. 


With Prime Video you can also subscribe to premium channels individually like HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax. You only pay for the channels you want and it relieves the need for cable! 


Prime Music is another similar option. With Prime music, you can listen to over 2 million free songs. If you want to access to over 50 million songs that you can listen to offline and hands-free (for example Alexa) you can do so with a small monthly membership fee.


With Amazon’s “Amazon Day” (exclusive to prime members) feature you’ll be able to find a ton of great products at reduced prices unavailable to anyone else!


You can be one of the first to get new releases on items such as video games, movies, books, etc with Amazon’s Free Release-Date Delivery feature. 


Amazon Prime members can earn shopping rewards when making purchases simply by checking “no-rush shipping” at checkout. Your purchase will ship within 6 days and when it does you’ll receive an instant discount! This is great for items you need to order but don’t necessarily need immediately. 


Amazon Prime members also receive a 10% discount on select products at Whole Foods Markets


Additional features

Amazon Fresh 

prime pantry


There are so many amazing features and benefits to being an Amazon Prime member. I could go on and on but I think you get the point. The features I’ve mentioned through this post are just a small fraction of what Amazon Prime offers.


I don’t even use half of what’s available via Amazon Prime and I still absolutely love the service. If you want to try it but are hesitant about how much use you’ll get out of it you can try a free 30-day trial here!

*Certain features of Amazon Prime are only available in certain locations. Check your location to see if it qualifies.


Do you have any other Amazon Fashion shopping hacks? If so I’d love to hear them. Please leave a comment or shoot me a message on Instagram to let me know!


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amazon fashion shopping hacks

amazon fashion shopping hacks


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