12 Baby Must Haves For Baby’s First Year

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As first-time parents most of us think the baby must haves for baby’s first year include…. every product under the sun. How can you blame us? There are SO many products out there! It’s hard to decipher which is really important and which isn’t, especially if you’ve never been through it before. 


Now that we’ve done the baby thing 3 times I can only cringe about how much money we spent (aka wasted) on items we never needed or used. In reality, you don’t need as many baby products as you might think – as long as you get the right ones to begin with. 


From car seats and strollers to bottles and nipples to baby swings and oh my goodness all the different types of formulas – there is SO much baby goodness out there!


To make it a little easier for you, I’m sharing my top 12 baby must haves for baby’s first year – so you can stress less and enjoy that baby more. And to make it even better – they’re all available at Walmart!


12 Baby Must Haves For Baby’s First Year

baby must haves

Chicco Fit 30 Car Seat

Picking a car seat isn’t just as simple as choosing one with a pattern you like. They all come with different safety features and installment methods. Decide which one you plan to use (latch or belt) and start your search there.


Next, you’ll have to decide if added safety features are important to you. You can get a car seat on the cheaper end with less advanced safety features, or you can spend a little more and have things like an anti-rebound bar.


Either way, Walmart has an affordable selection to fit your needs. Not only do they have the best brands out there, but they have them at unbelievable prices. 


If you need extra help with car seat safety, here’s an article with helpful tips


baby must haves

Dr. Brown’s Bottles 

Did you know that August is National Breastfeeding month?! I nursed all 3 of our children but also used a bottle for those times when it was more convenient. My favorite by a landslide is Dr. Brown’s.


The fully vented design reduces feeding problems by eliminating air bubbles. It helps reduce colic, spit-ups, burping, and gas. 


More Dr. Brown products


Breast Pump

Ok, this Medela Breast Pump you guys…UNREAL. My particular pump has been used through 5 kids (it was originally my mom’s!!!) and it still works like new.


The 2-Phase Expression® technology helps pump more milk in less time AND it comes with a convenient tote that keeps everything organized (I have this combo because I’m a backpack girl).


I’ve brought it to weddings, vacations and everywhere in between. All the parts are easily washable and it also has an adaptor so you can plug it into the car when you’re on the go! 



Whether you do or don’t nurse, a glider is a godsend, but if you do nurse – even more so! Even though I’m no longer nursing, we still use our glider daily to rock the baby to sleep and to soothe him during middle of the night waking.


Nursing is hard enough as it is so you want to be as comfortable as possible. I’m huge on reviews and the Delta Children Paris Upholstered Glider has 4.5 stars.


Gliders tend to be investment pieces for most so getting a good deal on a quality one is key!



I used a boppy with each baby until they were about 6 months old, even in the glider. They relieve so much tension from your shoulders and neck when nursing and they’re also great once the baby is ready for tummy time!


This particular boppy is my favorite. It has a removable slipcover that’s machine washable and also has a clip around the waist so you can keep it exactly where you want it.


More Breastfeeding Products:


Walmart is offering amazing deals on Breastfeeding products to celebrate National Breastfeeding Month. Click here to check out all the great savings on nursing essentials!


Newborn To Toddler Bath Tub

This bathtub with a sling is a must! It has a cushioned sling perfect for newborns and a toddler seating area for an easy transition once they’re big enough.


Not all babies are created equal! Some like music, some don’t. Some like vibration, some don’t. I always found that choosing a swing with multiple options is the best way to go.


The Graco DuetSoothe Baby Baby Swing & Rocker checks off all the boxes. You can remove the baby swing seat and use it as a rocker, it swings side to side or front to back, offers 2 different vibration speeds AND has music.


With this many options, you’re bound to find one that your baby enjoys. 


More Swing Options


baby must haves


We all know a good stroller is absolutely imperative to life with a baby. We’ve had our Baby Jogger Stroller since our daughter was born 6 years ago and it has held up SO well.


We take this stroller to Disney every year and have never had one single issue with it! I get asked about it all the time (literally stopped in public regularly) and I always tell people if there is one thing to invest in, this is it!


There are so many great things about this stroller it’s hard to narrow it down. If I had to choose I’d say the best thing is how heavy duty it is yet still so easy to fold and throw in the trunk!


Tip: Make sure you get the right car seat adaptor to ensure your car seat fits


baby must haves

Swaddle/Sleep Sack

It’s been said, and I have personally found, that babies like to feel snug like when they were in the womb. We swaddled each of our babies for MONTHS! It relieves the need for blankets and helps them sleep more soundly.


Each baby is different and prefers their arms to be different ways, but with so many styles available you’re bound to find one your baby loves.


High Chair

A high chair that is easy to clean is high on the priority list. These kids get DIR-TY. It is no joke! Not only is this high chair tray removable but it’s also dishwasher safe and BPA free.


It has a 3-point safety harness, 3 position seat recline, and 6 different height adjustments. It also has a compact fold design for easy storage. 


baby must haves

Baby Carrier

The carrier you use will change as baby gets bigger, but if we’re talking about newborns t0 6 months, the Baby K’tan is where it’s at! I absolutely LOVED this carrier and I don’t know what I would have done without it.


It’s breathable, machine washable, safe, and comfortable. I always had a hard time finding a carrier that didn’t hurt my neck/shoulders. When I found this one I was sooooo happy.


I used this carrier every day and even nursed in it while we were at the pumpkin patch last year! My husband personally likes this one. Here he is below wearing it!


baby must haves

baby must haves

Stain Resistant, Machine Washable Changing Pad Cover

The amount of diapers you’ll change in your baby’s first year is roughly 500,572 LOL. There will be accidents and there will be messes. It’s best to be prepared and have a changing pad cover that is not only machine washable but also stain-resistant.


I personally prefer white because I can also bleach it if need be! We’ve used white through all 3 kids but if you prefer a pattern, this one comes in 8 other styles as well.



Last but not least the onesie. With our first baby, I bought her a ridiculous amount of outfits thinking she would look so cute every day. But guess what? Half of them she never wore (where the heck did I think she was going?) and/or they got ruined from a baby explosion. Gross, but true.


Onesies are all you need for the first 6 months to 1 year of life. Of course, there are exceptions for holidays and special events but really… babies eat, sleep and poop – No need to get dressed up every day! 


These are my 12 Baby Must Haves For Baby’s First Year but of course, there are so many other great products out there. Our firstborn LOVED her pacifier (We only used these. They’re great for preventing rashes) but both our boys refused a pacifier! 


No matter what your needs are, you can find almost any baby product you need at the absolute best prices at Walmart


baby must haves


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