Our Family is Growing Again… Baby Number 3 Due August 15, 2018!

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This has to be the most exciting post I’ve ever written because, YEP! It’s true. Baby Number 3 has an ETA of August 15, 2018.

I was just 3 months this past weekend and so far here’s how I look…

3 months pregnancy update - Baby Number 3 Due August 15, 2018 by popular New Jersey lifestyle blogger Fit Mommy in Heels

I don’t know why I’m so surprised that I’m pregnant considering we were trying lol. I just never thought we’d be sharing yet another pregnancy announcement. Maybe because we always said if we had a boy and a girl we’d be done? Or maybe because I’m a few years older? Or maybe because our kids are (mostly) out of the baby stage that I feel like I can’t imagine starting over? Or because it took longer than I expected for it to happen?

There are so many questions I’ve asked myself over the last few weeks. How the F am I going to get 3 kids up and out in the morning (aka my older 2 on time to school)? Will my pregnancy be easy? Will nursing be as painful as the last 2 times? (I know the answer and it’s YES) Will we not sleep for another full year like we did with Michael?? Lord help me. The list goes on.

I guess if we had always planned to have more then 2 kids I wouldn’t have so many questions. But really, this was a decision we made in the last 5-6 months. We always thought we were done having kids. But, once Michael got a little older we realized we loved that they had each other. I come from a big family and all my siblings are a lot younger than me. I remember growing up as a kid and always wishing I had siblings. Now that some of us are all adults I can at least relate to them on some level and I love having such a big family. My husband is the opposite and only has one sibling. I think he would have loved to have more siblings and so now wants to give that to our kids.

I never pictured us with 3 kids. But now that it is ACTUALLY happening I couldn’t be more excited! We are so happy to be expanding our family once again. I can’t wait to share my bump updates, our (aka MY) nursery plans, and at some point….. a gender reveal….because you know I’m such a control freak there is NO WAY I’m letting that ish be a surprise.

If you follow me on instagram then you know I haven’t been feeling so hot lately. I’ve had nausea and headaches just about every day and all I crave is junk food (very unlike me). I’m trying my best to get back on track and I can say that I’ve still been performing grueling workouts, so that’s a plus.

A few people mentioned trying ginger lozenges for nausea so I grabbed these and I have to admit….it is hard to get these down lol. They are super chewy, SPICY and more of a candy then a lozenge. The headaches I’m just hoping will subside on their own because as far as I know the only real remedy is tylenol. I tried oils and it just hurt my skin and made my head feel funny. Maybe I’m doing it wrong? If you have tips on the oils please let me know!

How We Told The Kids about Baby Number 3

I was trying to come up with fun ideas to tell the kids they were going to have another sibling but it’s pretty hard because they’re still so young themselves. We decided to grab some newborn items we had stored in the basement and put them in individual gift bags. We had the kids sit down on the couch and we gave each of them 2 bags to open. It was pretty funny because they thought they were getting actual gifts #majordissapointment.

pregnancy surprise - Baby Number 3 Due August 15, 2018 by popular New Jersey lifestyle blogger Fit Mommy in Heels

pregnancy surprise game - Baby Number 3 Due August 15, 2018 by popular New Jersey lifestyle blogger Fit Mommy in Heels

When they opened each gift they were confused and asking questions like “Why are we getting BABY presents?”

They still didn’t get it so then we laid them down, had them cover their eyes and we put the sonogram picture and the board in between them. When they opened their eyes of course, they still had no clue what was going on LMFAO.

We tried to explain to them that there was a baby in mom’s belly but they still didn’t really get it. I wasn’t that surprised considering I’m not showing at all. Gia didn’t really believe it lol. It’s ok though because I know as the bump gets bigger she’ll start to really understand! I think it might take Michael losing his crib to fully grasp it though!

I really think this would be such a cute idea if you have kids that are already 5/6. They would definitely get it but would still be young enough that it would be fun!

Even though Gia & Michael didn’t get the big picture it was still fun to do it with them. I love this picture of them SO MUCH and I’m so glad we have it to look back on!

toddlers covering their eyes for a baby surprise - Baby Number 3 Due August 15, 2018 by popular New Jersey lifestyle blogger Fit Mommy in Heels

I hope you’ll stay along for my pregnancy ride with baby number 3 even though it’s a long one 🙂 If you have any tips on how you juggle life with 3 children please… send them my way!

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Pregnancy Announcement Ideas - Baby Number 3 Due August 15, 2018 by popular New Jersey lifestyle blogger Fit Mommy in Heels


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