Top 5 Tips to Get a Bigger Booty!

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If I had to estimate I would say the Number 1. question I get about working out is in regards to getting a bigger booty!

I’m constantly reading posts on instagram and hearing people make comments about squatting to get a bigger booty but…. there’s a lot more to it then just that. I can tell you that squatting is not always in my glute days (yes, separate days for glutes – more on that below). Squatting will help but you”ll need to do a WHOLE lot more then just squat to grow your butt. Below I’m going to give you my top 5 ways to do it.

1.) Lift heavy. You’re not going to grow by doing air squats. It’s just not going to happen. If you aren’t lifting now do I want you to go to the gym tomorrow an attempt to squat 150 lbs? NO. What you need to do is start with a weight you are comfortable with. If you do so you should start to have difficulty in your last 2-ish reps. As the weeks go on you need to GRADUALLY increase your weight. It will take time. How long? Depends on how much muscle you want to gain.

2.) Be patient. Glutes don’t grow overnight. You should start to see results pretty quickly however, noticing a drastic difference will take quite some time. Stay consistent with your workouts and the increasing of your weight and you will see results week after week.

3.) Eat, Eat again, and then eat again. If you’re trying to gain muscle and lose weight at the

same time it’s going to be harder to make progress. You really need to eat a sufficient amount of calories in order for your booty to grow. So instead, focus on easting healthier and don’t worry so much about the scale. Make sure you’re getting enough protein (every day) and giving yourself enough carbs (think sweet potatoes & rice) before legs days so you have the energy to power through a killer workout.

4.) Have 2-3 days of Glute Isolation Exercises/Workouts. You need to isolate the glutes to make them grow. Sure squats will help but you need to work them directly. A few of my favorites? Barbell Hip Thrust, Bulgarian Split Squats, 1 Leg Cable RDL.

5.) Add plyos to your glute days. Think squat jumps hurt? Add weight to them to really ramp up the booty burn. I generally superset with a weighted plyo as my second exercise. Burns so good! Additionally, when you’re considering throwing in some cardio think about doing the stepper  where you can really activate your glutes by pushing through your heels.

These 5 tips will put you in the right position to start growing your booty! Have questions? Feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email at [email protected]


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