Coretec Flooring Review – Are Coretec Floors Worth The Money?

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I am so excited to share our new floors with you today in this Coretec flooring review! These floors have made such a difference in our home and they were the perfect choice for our modern remodel.


To be honest, choosing to do luxury vinyl plank over hardwood was a tough decision. Where we live hardwood floors are the norm and a “must-have” for most homebuyers. However, with 3 kids and 3 dogs, we knew how quickly hardwood floors would get destroyed (unfortunately, from experience).

coretec luxury vinyl plank in white kitchen - coretec flooring review

Coretec Flooring Review

As I mentioned earlier we have 3 kids and 3 dogs. Back in 2010 we built a house and installed beautiful hardwood floors. Within 3 years those beautiful hardwood floors were destroyed in many areas leaving us with an eyesore and a costly repair.


We knew when we bought the new house that we wanted to avoid both of these things. When we learned about luxury vinyl plank flooring we knew it was something we wanted to consider.


Check out this before and after!!

outdated living area

eat-in area with lvp floors - coretec flooring review

What is Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is planks of vinyl that look like hardwood. It comes in single sheets and most styles are either waterproof or water-resistant making them a great option for homes with kids and pets.


Not only are they water-resistant/waterproof, but they are also scratch-resistant, another major bonus for homes with kids and pets.


The LVP we installed is Coretec Enhanced Plus Luxury Vinyl Plank in the color “Calypso Oak”. The planks are 7″ x 48″, have an attached cork underlayment, an enhanced painted bevel, and are installed via a floating method.


hallways with lvp floors


Why choose Coretec Plus Enhanced Planks

Here are a few reasons we chose to install Coretec Plus Enhanced Planks and why I highly suggest checking it out if you’re in the market for new flooring.


1.) Coretec Plus Enhanced Plus planks are scratch-resistant. Since we have 2 German Shepherds who previously ruined our hardwood floors, this was extremely important to us. It’s been a few months now of our dogs racing around the house and I can say that I don’t see any signs of wear from them.


2.) Coretec Plus Enhanced Planks are waterproof. While some brands/styles are only water-resistant Coretec takes it up a notch by being completely waterproof.


3.) They’re extremely durable. Just like any other floor you really shouldn’t drag a heavy piece of furniture across them. However, if the kids throw toys or drop things it’s much less likely to dent/damage LVP than hardwood floors. Coretec LVP features a 20 mil wear layer which offers a great amount of protection. Some brands only have a 6 or 12 mil wear layer, meaning the thickness is less which makes them less durable.


Our 2-year-old is notorious for throwing toys from our second floor down into our first-floor living area. So far we haven’t seen any dents or scratches from him doing this.


4.) Endless style/color options. Although there are beautiful options for hardwood, I felt there were WAY more LVP options in terms of both style and color.


5.) It can be installed on top of pre-existing floors. When we purchased our home it had hardwood almost everywhere. However, it was old, not in great shape, and not in a pattern we liked. A HUGE advantage to LVP is that it can be installed right over your existing floors, eliminating an otherwise pricey project of removal.


We raised a sunken living room in our new home and our installer had to level the floors to make them ready for installation. It wasn’t perfect the first time but he was able to take up the planks and make adjustments to make it right – another huge bonus of using LVP click-lock planks.


6.) Coretec Luxury Vinyl Planks can be installed over radiant heat. If you’re planning to install LVP over hardwood floors that have radiant heat you won’t have a problem doing so.


7.) Coretec products have exact-match trim and transition pieces. I can tell you from experience this isn’t the case for all brands. I was shocked to see the options some other brands offered. They looked nothing like the planks! With Coretec you don’t have to worry about that. All pieces match perfectly and no matter what layout you have, Coretec has the pieces you need to finish the job properly.


8.) You can install Coretec LVP yourself. We didn’t install ours because we did our entire first floor and we were in a time crunch. However, you can definitely install these floors on your own if you choose!


9.) It doesn’t require acclimation. You don’t have to worry about letting your floors sit out for a substantial period of time before installing. This is helpful if you are trying to get your project done as quickly as possible.


10.) They’re easy to clean. I vacuum daily and use our wetjet several times per week and our floors still look brand new. As long as you don’t use any harsh cleaning agents Coretec floors are very easy to maintain.


Bonus: Coretec floors can be installed on walls. If you’re looking to create an eye-catching accent wall or special feature, (most) Coretec products have the ability to be installed on walls. Pretty cool!


master closet with luxury vinyl plank floors


It was hard to do a before and after of our master closet because we took down walls to make this space work for us. But these Coretec floors have not only brightened up the space but also helped give it that wow factor.


Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation Cost

Something to keep in mind is that if you don’t plan to install these on your own you’ll have to hire someone to do it for you. The prices can vary greatly! We got estimates that varied by THOUSANDS but ultimately decided to go with someone who came recommended AND had good pricing.


We installed about 2,500 square feet of LVP flooring and got estimates ranging from $2,500 to $6,900. That’s a big difference! I recommend getting a few estimates at the very least. As mentioned previously, you can install these floors on your own, however, if you have steps or a lot of transitions you might want to consider hiring a professional.


Here’s another unbelievable before and after.

outdated living room

living room with lvp floors - coretec flooring review

Where To Buy Coretec Flooring

We purchased our LVP flooring from and I can’t recommend them enough. From my very first experience via their website’s chat function all the way through to delivery, the customer service was incredible. Whether it was an order question or a shipping inquiry my questions were responded to very quickly. has great pricing and tons of options to choose from in addition to Luxury Vinyl Plank. From marble to tile, laminate, hardwood, and even backsplash materials, Floorzz has it all.


You can check out our flooring and all the other options at here. The promo code FITMOMMY10 will take 10% off your order through the end of April!


coretec lvp in white kitchen - coretec flooring review


Coretec Flooring Review Summary

I really love our Coretec LVP. The floors have changed the entire look of our house and when comparing Coretec to other brands, it was a no-brainer. In my opinion, Coretec offers the best LVP flooring out there. From quality to look and feel, their products are top-notch.


Are Coretec floors worth the money? If you want a product that looks like real wood and is easy to maintain and clean, Coretec vinyl planks will certainly fit that bill. I would definitely say yes.


I hope this Coretec flooring review made your decision a bit easier! If you have any questions feel free to drop a comment or send me an email. You can see live videos and more photos by checking out my Instagram here.


Thank you Floorzz for partnering with me on this project!


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  1. May 12, 2021 / 4:24 pm

    Yes! These are beautiful! It’s amazing what a flooring change can do for a space. I’m all for super durable and attractive flooring especially when you have small kids and pets. Other flooring (like hardwoods) are great but as parents to littles we have to be realistic don’t we? Does not mean we have to sacrifice style. Love, love the color you chose. Do you notice where the flooring is laid over existing flooring versus subfloor?

    • Lauren
      June 29, 2021 / 7:01 am

      I agree. No, if the flooring is laid well/correctly you shouldn’t be able to tell.

  2. Jodi
    August 9, 2021 / 3:51 pm

    Can you please tell me what the name of the flooring is in the picture of the stone fireplace? The flooring looks a bit orangish-brown. That would go good with my baseboards and window frames.

    • Lauren
      August 11, 2021 / 11:10 am

      Hi Jodi,

      It’s Pine wood flooring.

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