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As a hardcore gym rat and fitness fanatic, I’m always on the hunt for quality workout apparel. However, finding activewear that’s cute yet affordable isn’t exactly a piece of cake. It can actually be really difficult.


In my quest to find quality workout leggings I stumbled across Fabletics and since then I’ve tried TONS of Fabletics apparel. Today I’m dishing all the details to help you decide if Fabletics clothes or the VIP Membership is worth it in this Fabletics review.


fabletics review

What is Fabletics?

Fabletics is an activewear brand co-founded by Kate Hudson that offers stylish, functional pieces that are on-trend and affordable. From leggings to sports bras, crop tops, sweatshirts, sneakers, sets, and everything in between, they’ve got it all.


Fabletics is available online and also has 50 retail stores in the US. Check the list of Fabletics locations here.


How does Fabletics work?

Fabletics works in 2 ways. You can either:


1.) Shop the site as you would any other site and make purchases as you please.

2.) Join the Fabletics VIP membership and have access to up to 50% off retail (plus other benefits).


Later in this post, I’ll cover the VIP membership in more detail but for now, let’s get into Fabletics apparel itself.


Fabletics sizing – leggings

For the longest time, I found Fabletics sizing to be pretty consistent across the board. However, more recently I’ve found that the sizing seems to vary based on the material (even when taking Fabletics sizing/material info into account).


I highly recommend checking the sizing for EACH item as it does vary by material/style. For example, I seem to have much better luck with sizing when choosing leggings that are the sculptknit style.


fabletics review

Notice in the chart above there is a sizing tab for seamless and a tab for sculptknit. Not all fabrics/styles will follow the same sizing so be sure to check the sizing of each item before ordering.


fabletics review

Fabletics Training Sets


This set above features sculptknit leggings. The compression is just enough and the high-rise waist is perfect. I grabbed these shortly after I had baby no. 3 and the sizing was spot on.


I’ve had this set for a little over 2 years and still reach for these leggings, whether I’m pairing it with the top or not. They are incredibly comfortable.


This set is also a good example of the variety of styles Fabletics offers. You don’t have to get your basic tank top and leggings set. When browsing the site you’ll often find sets with jackets, sports bras, long sleeve tops, and more.


What style of leggings does Fabletics offer?

Some of my absolute favorite leggings of all time are actually Fabletics sculptknit leggings. The compression is amazing, they’re flattering, and they’re moisture-wicking, perfect if your workouts are high intensity.


Something I love about Fabletics is the variety of leggings styles. Here are a few styles you’ll find on the site.

  • Powerhold – Moisture-wicking, chafe-resistant, maximum compression, great for high intensity workouts
  • M0tion 365 – Chafe-resistant, moisture-wicking, adjustable, moderate compression, maximum breathable
  • Cold Weather – Ultra-warm, cozy lining, moisture-wicking, chafe-resistant, great for outdoor winter workouts
  • Utility – Designed to enable the fullest range of motion, moisture-wicking, chafe-resistant, sculpting


When browsing the Fabletics site you’ll also notice that many Fabletics leggings also feature:

  • Pockets on the legs
  • All-way stretch
  • Moisture-wicking fabric


They also come in several rises including, mid-rise, high-rise, and adjustable rise, as well as several lengths including full-length, 7/8, and capri.


Here’s another Fabletics set that features high-rise seamless/sculptknit leggings that I reach for over and over again.


fabletics review

High Waisted Seamless Leggings & Crop Top Set


These leggings are great for rigorous workouts. They don’t need to be constantly pulled up, they don’t hold sweat, and they’re incredibly comfortable.


The crop top is just an added bonus for me (I find it runs small, btw). This set could also easily double as a cute outfit for running errands or grabbing coffee with a denim jacket thrown over top.


Fabletics sizing – sports bras

I find Fabletics sports bras (generally) run on the larger side. I am a 32D but almost always wear a small in Fabletics sports bras whereas I would typically be a medium elsewhere.


Again, I would check the sizing chart for each item as each sports bra could fit differently depends on the support it offers. The high impact sports bras often fit differently than the styles made for lower impact workouts.


Additionally, if you prefer sports bras with more coverage I recommend looking at the moderate and high-intensity sports bras as they tend to be the least revealing.


fabletics reviewHigh Impact Sports Bra


This sports bra is one of my favorites ever. It has high impact support, a front-clip closure at the chest with a full zipper over the top plus adjustable shoulder straps, and removable cups. The girls aren’t going ANYWHERE.


Forget about wearing a frumpy boring sports bra to get you through a high-intensity workout. This sports bra has all the support you need while still being sexy!


fabletics review

Similar sets


How cute is this sports bra? This was one of the few sports bras that I chose that isn’t great for high-intensity workouts but is really cute for yoga/pilates or athleisure wear.


The design is something I don’t think you’d find at many other fitness apparel retailers and the leggings to match is the cherry on top.


Side note – this set was labeled as low impact, I just really liked the design so I grabbed it anyway 🙂


Is Fabletics good quality?

I can say from my own experience that yes, Fabletics is of good quality. I do 5-6 high-intensity workouts per week. My workouts are INTENSE and I sweat like a maniac…. and all but one pair of Fabletics leggings has held up to my standards.


Just for reference, passing my standards means they must be squat proof, stay up during my workouts, comfortable, and last for more than just 3-4 wears, etc.


Since I have about 10 Fabletics sets that are really incredible, I’ve chalked up that not-so-great pair to just being a one-time thing (hopefully).


Fabletics Review – Pros & Cons



1.) Mix and match sizing. One thing I really love about Fabletics apparel is that even when you buy 2 pieces as a set you can choose different sizes in each piece. For example, if you get size medium leggings, that doesn’t mean you have to get a medium sports bra. A freaking men.


As crazy as it sounds, many retailers today STILL don’t offer mix and match sizes when it comes to sets.


2.) The leggings are squat proof. Squatting is a regular in my workout routine and I refuse to wear leggings that don’t pass the squat test. Of all the Fabletics leggings I received only one pair was relatively see-through. I chalked that up to being a dud and it has never happened again since.


3.) The intensity of the sports bras is accurate. Ordering a “high-intensity” sports bra that that doesn’t end up keeping the girls in check is a huge no for me. All the Fabletics sports bras I’ve received have matched up to the intensity that was claimed in the description.


4.) Fabletics has cute sets. It’s hard to find quality workout pieces that are stylish and can withstand a difficult workout, let alone sets that can do the same. Fabletics has both making it a one-stop-shop.


5.) Tons of styles to choose from. Whether you like prints, solids, muted colors, neons, enjoy yoga, hiking, weightlifting, etc. full-length, capri, or 7/8 leggings, there is something for everyone.


6.) Long inseams on seamless styles. As someone with a long torso, I can say from experience that finding legging that don’t give a CT is hard to come by. Fabletics seamless leggings have been nothing short of amazing in this department.


7.) New styles added ALL the time. If you love to change it up and enjoy wearing new styles frequently, Fabletics will be your go-to. It seems like there are new styles added to the site weekly (maybe there are?!)


fabletics review

 Similar Gym & Training Sets


Here’s another set I received that I really like. The compression in the leggings is very comfortable and the material is thick so they don’t feel revealing. They’re also seamless and have an inseam long enough for those of us with long torsos.


I also like the length of these leggings. For reference, I’m 5’4″ and the leggings come to just above my ankle bone.



1.) Steep prices. If you’re not a Fabletics VIP member the prices can be pretty steep. But then again, you get what you pay for.


2.) Shipping is only free over $49.95. Any orders under $49.95 are accompanied by shipping fees.


3.) Return shipping is $9. Oof. While I do love Fabletics apparel, I also happen to love free shipping & free return shipping. I will do almost anything to not pay for shipping.


4.) Styles sell out quickly. If you didn’t notice, many of my favorite sets shown throughout this post are no longer available. That is one major con for Fabletics. If you see something you love you need to scoop it up quickly because styles sell out super fast.


Here are a few Fabletics set I love




Fabletics Review FAQ’S


Can you make a one-time purchase from Fabletics?

Yes! You obviously won’t get the steep VIP Membership discount but hey, if you’re only looking for one outfit every once in a while it’s worth it to just pay full price.


Is Fabletics a ripoff?

If we’re talking about the VIP membership I think that is a personal opinion. Fabletics apparel in general is not a ripoff. I find the clothes to be of good quality.


I recently read a negative Fabletics review in regard to the VIP membership but the person was just annoyed they were charged the normal monthly fee when they didn’t skip the month.


Personally, I find that that problem to be on the member, not on Fabletics. If you can’t remember to skip the month when you don’t want an outfit then simply don’t sign up for the service.


Can I buy Fabletics without a membership?

Yes. Anyone can shop at Fabletics without a membership. Just don’t be lured in by the oh-so-intriguing marketing ploy that is the “Guest Checkout” and “VIP Checkout” pricing.


Here’s a sneak peek at the slick marketing that shows the pricing differences on the Fabletics website.

fabletics review


This is what you’ll see when shopping the Fabletics site as a guest. The “Guest Checkout” price is not highlighted or standing out in any way, but the VIP Checkout is the option highlighted to make sure you don’t miss the fact that you get a sweet deal when you join as a VIP.


Fabletics really tries to hammer home that by joining the VIP Membership program you’ll save a boatload of money. And honestly, you will.


However, if you don’t already buy (or plan to buy) new fitness apparel every single month, you’ll end up spending more in the long run.


What is the Fabletics VIP Membership?

Not only does Fabletics offer a wide variety of fitness apparel, but they also offer a “VIP Membership”.


A Fabletics VIP Membership includes the following perks:

  • Early access to new launches
  • Up to 50% off all the time
  • Cash rewards, freebies, etc.


How does the Fabletics VIP Membership work?

I couldn’t publish this Fabletics review without at least mentioning the VIP membership. I mean, it is sooooo enticing.


In order to sign up for the VIP membership, you have to take a quick lifestyle quiz which asks questions about how you like to get fit (yoga, running, etc.), where you like to work out (gym, mountains), what colors you prefer, what your body type is, and your sizing preferences.

fabletics review

Once you’ve completed the lifestyle quiz you’ll receive an email with an introductory offer (currently 2 leggings for $24).


From here you’ll be emailed monthly outfit recommendations to help you choose what outfit you’d like for the month. However, if you DO NOT want an outfit that month you have to make sure you go into your account before the 5th of the month to SKIP THE MONTH. Otherwise, your credit card will be charged $49.95.


The discount is great because I personally find most Fabletics apparel to be of great quality. However, if you don’t think you’ll want a new outfit every month AND you don’t think you’ll remember to skip the month, it’s probably not the membership for you.


Can I cancel Fabletics VIP Membership immediately?

fabletics review

According to the Fabletics website, it’s easy to cancel your membership. Customer service representatives are available 24/7 via phone and Facebook, and from 9 am-9 pm via live chat.


Is there a monthly fee For Fabletics?

There is no monthly fee for the Fabletics VIP membership however as mentioned earlier, you DO have to skip the month if you don’t plan to buy anything. Otherwise, you WILL be charged $49.95 and be given a credit for future purchases.


Do you have to make a purchase every month?

No. You can skip the month every single month if you want. I don’t see the point of having the membership if that’s your plan, but if you wanted to you could.


How do you cancel Fabletics VIP Membership?

To cancel your membership with Fabletics you can either call customer service, reach out via live chat, or cancel in your account dashboard on the site.


According to the Fabletics website, there are no fees for canceling your membership.


Can you cancel Fabletics after first purchase?

According to the Fabletics website, you can cancel your VIP membership at any time so I would suspect the answer is yes. However, I would call and speak to someone on the phone to confirm this information.



Fabletics Review Summary

So do I recommend Fabletics? Yes. I find most Fabletics apparel to be of great quality. However, if you’re considering joining the VIP membership I recommend trying a few styles at full price first to get a feel for the sizing and styles you prefer.


I hope you found this Fabletics review helpful. If you’ve shopped at Fabletics or have experience with the VIP membership program I’d love to hear about it.


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