Amazon Fashion Haul – Fall 2020

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Who’s ready for a fall Amazon fashion haul?! I know you guys love Amazon just as much as I do, so I’m excited to share all of these pieces with you.


If you’re not familiar with them, I do an Amazon fashion haul once per month, every month, and have a live try-on saved to my highlights over on Instagram.


I’ll be adding to this haul in October and November as well, so be sure to save this page and check back (or you can sign up for my newsletter. I promise I do not spam you with emails. I only send ONE email per month).


If you have any questions about sizing, fit, etc., feel free to drop a comment here, send me a message on Instagram, or shoot me an email.


Without further ado, let’s get into this Fall Amazon Fashion Haul!


Fall Amazon Fashion Haul 2020


Fall Amazon Fashion Haul

Floral Mock Neck Blouse (wearing a small) | Jeans | Heels

This has got to be one of my favorite Amazon purchases of all time. The price is insane and the fit is perfect. It’s very light so you could wear it now with shorts or jeans in the fall.


These heels are another of my favorite recent Amazon purchases. They’re very comfortable – more than the Steve Madden ones, and these are half the price. They fit true to size.


My high-rise distressed mom jeans are not from Amazon but they are very comfortable and great quality. They also fit true to size.


fall amazon fashion haul

Dress (wearing a small) | Bag (color is beige – size is large) | Newer version of boots by the same brand)


This dress is amazing!! I am 5’4″ and would prefer if it was a bit shorter or belted. I couldn’t belt it because we’re currently in the middle of moving and my belts were in storage! It is amazing quality though and comes in a bunch of colors. Highly recommend!


This bag is also of great quality and comes in several colors. It can also be worn as a crossbody or over the shoulder. I’m definitely going back for the brown.


fall amazon fashion haul

Off-shoulder top (wearing a small)| Skirt  (wearing a small)


Another outfit I absolutely love, especially for fall. This top is stretchy and soft and the ribbing is flattering. It fits true to size but if you tend to fall in between sizes I’d say size down on this one. I have big shoulders and this is VERY off the shoulder compared to most tops in the same style for me.


This skirt really impressed me. I love the length (again, I’m 5’4″), the waist doesn’t stretch but it fits true to size. I am a small/4 and the small fits perfectly.


fall amazon fashion haul

Skirt | Off-Shoulder Top


Same skirt as above!


I originally bought this top with all intentions of wearing it with jeans but when I threw it on with this skirt I loved it this way, too. It’s a slim fit and ribbed but does fit true to size. I like how thick the asymmetrical band is across the front – you can definitely wear a regular strapless bra, which is what I’m wearing in this photo.


fall amazon fashion haul

Loungewear Set | Slippers

The color of this set is so pretty! The top is cropped but it’s not overly short. There is no elastic on the waistband so they are extremely comfortable and the drawstring IS adjustable. This also comes in many other colors.


If you like slippers this pair is very comfortable. I find them to run a bit small. I am a true 7.5 almost everywhere but the 7/8 JUST fits me. If you are the larger of the 2 sizes (an 8 for example) I would say to get the next size up.


fall amazon fashion haul

Skirt | Sweater | Bag


This sweater has been a go-to since I got it a few months ago. It’s great quality, super soft and true to size, plus I feel like it can be worn so many ways.


The print on this skirt is adorable but I will say the skirt is very long. I have it hiked up pretty far. If you are on the taller side this would be a GREAT option!


fall amazon fashion haul

Dress (wearing a small)| Suede Moto Jacket (wearing a small)

Shoes run 1/2 size small | Similar Booties | Bag 


fall amazon fashion haul

Knot-Front Top | Leggings | Sneakers


I am 100% aware that these leggings are pricey. I hesitated on buying them myself because of the price tag but I’m glad I made the investment. I can honestly say that Spanx leggings are what I wear 99.99% of the time now. I now own 5ish pairs because they are THAT good.


This top is great for leggings – totally covers the rear and holds up really well in the wash. Sneakers are very comfy! They run wide but I didn’t really find them to run long so I stuck to my normal size.


That’s it for this fall Amazon fashion haul! I’ll be adding to this post again in October and November so be sure to sign up for my monthly newsletter to be notified or bookmark this page and save for later. (As mentioned earlier, I only send 1 email per month filled with all the good stuff. I will NEVER bombard your inbox).


Fall Amazon Fashion Haul

Star Sweater (wearing a small)

This top is technically a sweater, but it’s entirely too light to be considered a true sweater (at least in my opinion). This top is much better for summer going into fall. It’s a bit sheer but not too much, you can definitely get away with just wearing a nude bra underneath.


Fall Amazon Fashion Haul

Take It Easy Sweatshirt (wearing a medium)

I sized up in this sweatshirt in hopes that I could wear it with leggings but unfortunately, I won’t be able to. I don’t think the length would work for leggings for most people (if you want your butt covered). It looks adorable with jeans though and it’s very comfortable.


Fall Amazon Fashion Haul

Fringe Coat (wearing a medium) | Lace Cami (wearing a small)

I loved this coat the second I saw it. I was hesitant on what size to get but I’m glad I sized up to the medium. I have plenty of rooms in the arms for a heavier top in fall and winter and the sleeves are a tad long, but nothing that would keep me from wearing it.


This jacket is actually a lot lighter than it looks. It almost feels as if you aren’t wearing it. It pirs great with a simple cami and jeans like above, but I also plan to wear it with a tee and leggings in the fall. Highly recommend.


Fall Amazon Fashion Haul

Leopard Pajamas (wearing a small)

This is my second pair of these pajamas and once again, they did not disappoint. They are SO comfortable. The top does unbutton fully down the front and the elastic around the waist of the pants doesn’t squeeze too tight. Highly recommend.


Fall Amazon Fashion Haul

Sweater (wearing a small) | Joggers (wearing a small) | Slippers

This sweater has been on my wish list for about a year. I just didn’t have a need for another white one but I wanted to try it because I heard such great things about it.


It’s very soft and has a bit of stretch to it. I like that it can go very casual with joggers for around the house but can also be paired with a skirt and knee-high boots for a day/night out (like below!).


These joggers are extremely thick. If you’re looking for a pair that will keep you warm, this is it. They fit true to size and are the perfect length for me (I’m 5’4″). I often have a hard time finding joggers that aren’t too long so I was pleased that these fit so well.


These slippers are very comfortable however if you are in-between sizes I would say to size up. I wear a size 7.5 and the medium (which says fits sizes 7-8) JUST fits.


Fall Amazon Fashion Haul

Sweater (wearing a small) | Skirt (wearing a small) | Similar boots

This is the same sweater as above, just styled differently. I love pieces that can be worn in multiple ways to give entirely different looks. If you’re looking for a high-quality piece at a great value, this sweater is it!


I grabbed the small in this skirt but I probably could go to the extra small. I have quite a bit of room in the waist. It is really soft though and I love the color. It comes in many other colors as well.


These boots are not from Amazon but I will link similar styles by the same brand if you want to go for the same look.


Fall Amazon Fashion Haul

Basic Pullover Sweater (wearing a small)

Basics in colder months are my jam. Normally my schedule just consists of my chauffeuring my kids around so being comfortable is #1. This sweater is great because it can 100% be worn with leggings. It’s very long and completely covers my butt and I have a very long torso.


This one also comes in many colors.


Fall Amazon Fashion Haul

Hoodie Pullover (wearing a medium)

I grabbed this hoodie after seeing it on a fellow blogger. It’s actually a men’s style but I still sized up for an oversized fit. The sleeves are a bit big but it still works. It’s lightweight so it will be great for all but will also be good for pairing with a t-shirt underneath in winter.


Fall Amazon fashion haulTank Top Bodysuit (wearing a medium)

If you’ve been following me for a while you know I can’t resist a good bodysuit. This one is long enough for my long torso, which is always an issue for me. It sits a bit low on the underarm area but as long as you wear a low-cut bra you’ll be fine.


These are the same jeans as earlier in the post. They are not from Amazon but are my newest favorites and fit true to size.


fall amazon fashion haul

Turtleneck Sweater (wearing a small)

This turtleneck is so soft and has stretch to it. It’s very comfortable and can be worn with leggings as well. I also grabbed it in white but my delivery got delayed so Ill have to share that when it finally gets here.


This sweater is really great quality and perfect for both fall and winter. Highly recommend!


fall amazon fashion haul

Leopard Dress (wearing a small) | Similar Moto Jacket Here  Here and Here |

Combat Boots (fit true to size)

I love this dress style styled edgy but it can also be worn with flats or knee-high boots for a more casual and/or girly look. It’s great for fall because it’s lightweight, but if you’re looking for something to keep you warm all winter, this isn’t it.


These combat boots were one of my favorite recent Nordstrom purchases and they are AMAZING! They are so comfortable and fit true to size.


fall amazon fashion haul

Wrap Sweater Dress (wearing a small) | Similar boots by the same brand

This dress is great quality and very comfortable, but it is very very short. I’m wearing a small and I can’t really lift my arms (I’m 5’4″). If I sized up to the medium it would be too big in the chest.


It comes with a tie around the waist but I liked it without. I recommend sizing up if you think you could fill out the top in a bigger size OR if you are very short.


fall amazon fashion haul

Sports Bra (wearing a medium) | Faux Leather Moto Leggings

I grabbed this sports bra in the tan last month and loved it so much I went back for the black. It has removable cups and is really soft and stretchy.


The only problem is that the straps on this black one seem much tighter/shorter than the straps on the tan one. The body portion fits perfectly like the other one, so I think I just may have just gotten one where the straps were sewn too tight.


These leggings are AMAZING and I highly recommend making the investment if you’ve never tried Spanx leggings yet. I will never go back to any other brand of leggings! I wear them more than I would like to admit.


They are pricey, but I get SO much use out of them and will probably never have to replace them.


I size up to a medium in all Spanx leggings. I find that they fit small.


Muscle Tank (wearing a medium) | Camel Coat (wearing a small)

I grabbed this muscle tank to pair with jeans and a light jacket but you could definitely wear it to work out as well. I have room in the medium but was afraid the armpit might be too tight on me in the small lol.


This jacket has been a favorite of mine for a while now. The color goes with everything and the fit is so versatile. Highly recommend!


fall amazon fashion haul

Sweater Dress (wearing a medium)

I sized up to a medium in this dress but it is still very short. I love the style and it does have pockets and a nice fit, but the length is extremely short. I recommend sizing up and preparing to wear some sort of shorts underneath!


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