Hand Tied Extensions Review

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I’m writing this hand-tied extensions review after trying BOTH the microbead and hand-tied varieties. So let me just start off by saying I have a LOT of experience with them.


I recently switched from microbead hair extensions to hand-tied hair extensions after having microbeads for almost A DECADE. Extensions are an investment and there are a lot of important factors when choosing which system is right for you.


I decided to do this in-depth hand-tied hair extensions review to help make your decision easier because if I can save you from what I went through I’ll be a happy girl.


Hand Tied Extensions Review

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What Are Hand Tied Extensions?

Tie-in hair extensions (also called tie-in hair extensions) are basically just hair strands attached to one large weft.

How Are Hand Tied Extensions Installed?

Tie-in hair extensions are beaded onto a weft(s). The wefts are then sewn onto your hair as close to your scalp as possible. The number of wefts will vary for each person but if you have really thin hair like me you may need 3 (or more) wefts.


Microbead extensions are installed individually – there is no weft. So every single strand of hair is beaded onto very very small sections of your hair.


hand tied extensions installation

Step 1 – Separate hair and place wefts in one at a time


hand tied extensions beading

Step 2 – Begin sewing the weft to hair


hand-tied extensions installation

Step 3 – Sew all the way across and tie off at the ends


To make it even simpler to understand, hand-tied extension pieces cannot be taken out individually, the whole weft has to come out. With microbead extensions, you can remove one strand of hair at a time (pros and cons to both shared below).


You can read my full review of microbead hair extensions here


Hand Tied Extensions Maintenance

hand tied extensions


If you go to the Halo hair website you’ll see that it states you can go 8 weeks between your hair appointments but I HIGHLY disagree. As your natural hair grows out, the weft obviously grows with it. The longer you wait between appointments the lower that weft is going to hang.


When you let a weft get too far from your scalp it starts to become uncomfortable. One of mine would always start to hang over my ears and it drove me absolutely INSANE.


If your hair grows EXTREMELY slow you might be able to get away with 8 weeks (though I highly doubt it). I would say 5 weeks is a much more appropriate timeframe.


Hand-Tied Extensions Pros & Cons

There are definitely some pros and cons to tie-in extensions. Obviously, we all have things that are most important to us than others so I think it’s best to lay them all out to help you make a better decision.


Tie-In Extensions – Pros

1 – Unlike the microbead installation method you cannot and will not lose random strands of hair.

2 – Your maintenance appointments take literally 1/4 of the time as microbead maintenance appointments. Why? Because your stylist only has to move up a few beads that are holding on the whole weft, rather than individual beads for each strand of hair like you would need with the microbead installation.


Tie-In Extensions – Cons

1 – If one of the beads holding on the weft gets loose you will have an entire row of hair dangling. It happened to me and it was NOT fun.

2 – The hair was HORRIBLE. I couldn’t swim. I couldn’t wash it, I couldn’t brush it. I literally couldn’t do anything. It was constantly matted and after just a few weeks of installing them, the hair was really damaged and fried looking. And no, I don’t overheat or over-style it.

3 – If you don’t get to your appointment soon enough you could have a weft danging uncomfortable on your ears or neck.


Hand Tied Extensions FAQ’s

How much are hand-tied extensions?

Hand-tied hair extensions cost will vary on a SLEW of things. Your location and how much hair you need can change the price greatly. For example, I had 3 wefts but maybe you only need 1 or maybe you need 5. Obviously, your price is going to be much different based on your needs.


To give a ballpark number you can expect to spend anywhere between $750-$2,000 from start to finish for your first appointment. This includes buying the hair and the installation.


Can you wear hand-tied extensions straight?

Yes. You can wear them however you want. Straight, wavy, curly, up, down, etc. You just need to make sure you don’t use any styling tools over 350 degrees. This is my HANDS-DOWN favorite styling tool EVER!



Do hand-tied weft extensions damage your hair?

They shouldn’t damage your hair. When it comes to the health of your hair don’t just choose a stylist because she/he is the cheapest. Go with someone who has extensive experience and certifications in the installation you choose.


How many wefts do I need for hand-tied extensions?

This all depends on how much hair you already have and how much fullness you want. I don’t get extensions for the length, I get them for the fullness so that plays a part in the decision. How much hair you need will be depended on what your end goal is.


Can you wear a ponytail with hand-tied hair extensions?

Yes, You can wear your hair up in any style.


Can you wash your hair with hand-tied hair extensions?

Yes…. and you should lol. I tried to wash my hair every other day to keep it from getting drier but it didn’t seem to help. Since the hair no longer has natural oils, the less you can wash it the better. Every other day is fine.


Can I color my hand-tied extensions?

It’s never a good idea to dye your hair lighter with hair extensions, but if you need to pull through a darker color you can do so.


Can you do hand-tied extensions on short hair?

Yes. Again, an experienced stylist will know exactly how to install your hair to make it look natural.


Are hand-tied extensions bad for your hair?

No, not if they are installed and maintained properly.


Are hand-tied extensions worth it?

In my opinion, no. I MUCH prefer and recommend the microbead installation method over the hand-tied.


How long do hand-tied extensions last?

There are a few factors that will come into play here. If you use styling tools over 350 degrees your hair will definitely get frizzy and break MUCH quicker. You can use heating tools on your hair as much as you want, but always remember to use a good heat protectant prior to doing so.



THIS is what I put in my hair before I use any hot styling tools. It doesn’t make my hair greasy or weigh it down and it protects my hair so I can style it the way I want.


how to dress nicely with jeans and a faux fur coat

Curling Iron Used

Overall Thoughts On The Tie-In Extensions Method

To be very blunt…. I hated them. The reason that I even tried it in the first place was because the microbead hair I had for the 8 years prior switched suppliers and the hair wasn’t as good. During the few months that I had the tie-in hair, my stylist was able to find another company that offered the microbead hair originally had (thank god).


My hair was matting so I removed my wefts only about 2 weeks after my most recent maintenance appointment. What a waste of money. As mentioned earlier I couldn’t swim (not even if I braided it or put it in a bun), I couldn’t brush it, and it just looked FRIED. Not to mention, I DESPISED the way it felt hanging over my ears.


To put it nicely, I really really really disliked the hand-tied method. Everything about it. The second I was able to put my microbead extensions back in I JUMPED ON IT. The pic above is the microbead extensions 🙂


I hope that this review helped give you some answers to help make your decision-making process easier. I’m happy to answer any questions you have. Just leave a comment below or shoot me a message over on Instagram.


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