Holiday Travel Essentials For Baby

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If holiday travel with a baby sounds daunting… I totally get it. BUT – we drive from NJ to FL with all 3 kids to visit family for Thanksgiving and then again in April for a yearly family vacation. I know it probably seems crazy, but over the years I’ve managed to figure out the necessities to keep everyone happy (for the most part LOL).


Today I’m sharing some of my favorite Walmart essentials for holiday travel with a baby in case you’ve been thinking about road tripping with your little one. Over the years I’ve realized what helps us the most and what we continue to use over and over not only for traveling, but for every day as well.


Holiday Travel Essentials For Baby


Teddy Coat | Similar Bodysuit | Sandals | Stroller


The hands down BEST investment we ever made for baby was this stroller. We’ve had it for 7 years and it is still going strong. It’s sturdy, has a huge compartment underneath for storage and the handlebar moves up and down for comfort. 


baby jogger stroller



Another reason I absolutely love this stroller is because you can easily purchase an adaptor to slip your car seat right into it. We’ve had a few different car seats over the years and all have fit perfectly with the right adaptor.


This stroller is great for every day use but it’s especially helpful for traveling. There is a TON of storage underneath and the wheels are heavy duty. We use this stroller to maneuver all the Disney parks every year so that just goes to show you how durable it is LOL. 


baby jogger strollerFlannel on sale $7 | Wearing a medium


It also folds up SUPER easily and gets pretty compact for storage. There is also a convenient tray that can be attached and it works perfectly as a high chair when out! Half the time the kids don’t even want to get out, they just eat in the stroller lol. 


holiday travel



Of course we need diapers and wipes when we go away and a good diaper that we are confident will prevent leaks is a must. Pampers is always a good choice and I love their Pure wipes because they don’t contain dyes, parabens or fragrances. They’re great for little ones who have sensitive skin. I always find that Walmart has the best prices on items like these!


I shared details on Ant’s car seat a few months back but if you’re in the market for one and ever plan to road trip, the Chicco KeyFit 30 should be at the top of your list. The safety features are incredible and it’s very easy to install and adjust. It’s great for newborns because it has removable head and body support (it keeps them in there super snug) and they can stay in it until they’re 30 lbs! There really are so many great features of this car seat so I’d recommend heading over to the details page for a full breakdown.


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holiday travel

Baby Einstein Take Along Musical Toy


Keeping baby occupied is probably one of the hardest parts about traveling such long distances. We always bring plenty of toys and games including this handheld musical one. All 3 of our kids loved this thing and we actually have 3 of them in case one gets lost LOL. It plays 10 different melodies and the volume isn’t too loud like so many other kids toys!


Waterproof bib



We prefer to not do laundry on vacation so we like to bring bibs that can be wiped clean. I personally like the ones with the crumb catchers on the bottom so that when he’s snacking in the car seat the food doesn’t get everywhere. 


mom and baby

baby with sippy cup

Nuk Active Sippy Cup



I have to thank a few Instagram followers for recommending this sippy cup. It was the ONLY one that helped easily transition from bottle to cup and it’s also great for being on the go. It doesn’t leak like so many other cups and it’s really easy to clean, which makes it great for traveling. 


Another item that we absolutely love for holiday travel with a baby is the Graco Pack N’ Play Portable Playard. I didn’t get a picture of it while we were away but it’s an absolute must for us when we’re in hotel rooms with our trouble maker LOL. Aside from sleeping it in we also use it when we’re just in the room and need to keep him confined. It’s much safer than letting him climb all over the furniture! 



A Few Other Holiday Travel Essentials For Baby

The products and brands listed here are also the ones I personally use and love!


  • Carrier/Sling – This one is especially great for newborns up to 6 months 
  • Diaper Rash Cream – This cream has seemed to work almost instantly for ALL 3 of our kids
  • 2 in 1 Bath Wash – Saves packing space & this one is hypoallergenic, fragrance free and suitable for kids who are prone to eczema. 
  • Snacks, snacks and more snacks – It keeps them happy 🙂 
  • Nightlight – Unless you keep a bathroom light on, hotel rooms are often way too dark for baby!
  • Sound Machine – We’ve used this exact one for over 7 years. It’s perfect for helping to drown out noise when you’re trying to put baby down for a nap or to sleep when you’re in confined quarters like a hotel room.


I hope you found this Holiday Travel Essentials For Baby post helpful. I always try to keep the amount of “stuff” we pack to a minimum. It seems much less stressful that way!


You can find all the items throughout this post and so much more at Walmart!


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