Hourglass Vs Pear Shape Body

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When it comes to hourglass vs pear body types there are some major differences. Don’t know which (if any) of these categories you fall into? No sweat! Today we’re going to break down the features of a pear shape body vs an hourglass shape body.


Knowing how to shop for (and accentuate) your shape shouldn’t be stressful or difficult. However, many women struggle with shopping for their shape quite often.


HourGlass Vs Pear Shape

Do I have an hourglass or pear figure?

There are a few main differences between a pear shaped body and an hourglass body, so first let’s go over the characteristics of each. This will help you to determine which figure you have. Later we’ll touch on some tips to accentuate your best features, no matter which shape you are.


hourglass vs pear shape bodies

Features Of An Hourglass Body

The defining feature of an hourglass figure is that the waist is significantly smaller than the chest and hips hence creating an hourglass shape.


You can see in the image below that an hourglass figure doesn’t always have the exact same ratios except that the waist is always the smallest size.


You can have a bigger chest than hips which is considered a top hourglass or have hips bigger than your chest which is considered a bottom hourglass.


hourglass shaped body


Most women fall into either the top hourglass or bottom hourglass body shape. Sure, there are some women that are an exact hourglass shape, but it’s not as common as the rest.


Hourglass figure measurements are typically considered to be 36, 24, 36. But again, most women will have slight differences here and very few have those exact measurements.


hourglass vs pear


Is hourglass the best body shape?

First things first, there is no such thing as the “best body shape”. This opinion will vary from person to person. However, if you want to create the illusion of an hourglass shape it is often doable with the right styling tips. In a bit, we’ll go over some styling tips to best emphasize (or create the appearance of) an hourglass shape.


Now that we know the characteristics of an hourglass shape, let’s get into the details of a pear shape body.


Features Of A Pear Shaped Figure

Someone with a pear shape body has hips that are wider than their chest and waist. This creates a pear-shaped look. Let’s look at this photo below for an example.


pear shape body


When someone says they are pear-shaped the triangle shape is generally what they are referring to. However, there is such a shape as an inverted triangle in which someone has a broader chest and shoulders than their hips. For this post, we are going to stick to the triangle pear shape.


So now that we know the characteristics of the pear vs hourglass shape, let’s go over some tips on how to style outfits to flatter both figures.


Hourglass Vs Pear Shape Styling Tips

Hourglass Body Shape Styling Tips

An hourglass figure often looks best in fitted clothing. For example, bodycon dresses, pencil skirts, and jumpsuits with a defined waist will help to show off your curves.


Of course, there is no one-style-fits-all. Even if someone has an hourglass shape they will still have certain preferences what it comes to what they are comfortable wearing.


Here is a list of some styles that work well for most hourglass figures including bottom hourglass clothes and top hourglass clothes.


hourglass shape styling tips


This is of course not an exhaustive list of what works well for an hourglass shape, rather just some examples of tried and true pieces.


Hourglass Body Shape – What Not To Wear

Let me preface this by saying you can wear whatever you want. However, when choosing clothing for an hourglass figure there are certain pieces that will flatter your body are some that will take away from it.


Since an hourglass figure has a very defined waist, emphasizing it is key. A skinny belt works wonders for an hourglass body but wide belts should be avoided as they can swallow your entire midsection.


Here is a simple list of clothing to avoid when you have an hourglass figure:

  • Oversized Clothing
  • Drop Waist styles
  • Boxy Dresses
  • Low Rise Pants


Can a pear shape become hourglass?

Everyone is born with a different shape. Yes, exercise and diet can alter your appearance, but it likely won’t change the overall shape you were born with. Some women will naturally have wider hips, broader shoulders, or a bigger/smaller chest.


There are exercises that you can do to grow your muscle and create more curves and there are exercises you can do to lose fat. However, you cannot change the structure that you were born with.


There are several areas that you can grow to create more curves such ain the legs and glutes, shoulders, back, and arms.


Is an hourglass figure rare?

A true hourglass figure is probably the rarest shape of them all. However, I’ve seen sources that claim expensive lifestyles with personal trainers and chefs are the reason why celebrities have hourglass figures and that’s just not true.


Will eating right and exercising give you a toned, fit physique? Sure. But you certainly don’t need a personal chef. And yes, we all know cosmetic procedures are rampant. However, we can’t assume what someone has or hasn’t done so just being your best you is the way to go 🙂


Pear Body Shape Styling Tips

Just like the hourglass figure, there are certain styles and cuts of clothing that tend to flatter a pear shape figure. Check out the chart below for some options.


pear shape figure styling tips

Just like the hourglass examples from earlier, this list is not an all-encompassing list of what works for a pear shape, rather the few that generally work best for many with the same shape.


Pear Shape Figure – What Not To Wear

Just like the hourglass figure, there are certain pieces of clothing that should be avoided for those with a pear shape. Check out the list below for a few to steer clear of.


  • Any tops or pants with hip embellishments
  • Belts around the waist
  • Crop tops
  • Fitted pants and tops paired together


How do I know what body shape I am?

A body shape calculator can help determine your body shape based on the measurements of your hips, waist, and bust. If you’d like to see what body type you are check out this body shape calculator


A great way to get some styling tipe for your specific shape is to look at some celebrities with body types similar to yours. For example, here are a few bottom hourglass celebrities.


Bottom Hourglass Celebrities

  • Nicki Minaj
  • Cardi B
  • Kylie Jenner
  • Sofia Vergara
  • Scarlett Johansson
  • Selma Hayek
  • Marilyn Monroe


Pear Shape Celebrities

  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Rihanna
  • Rachel Bilson
  • Kim Kardashian


Pear and hourglass are 2 of the most common body types you’ll find on a female body types chart right next to athletic, apple, and rectangle.


Whether you’re a pear shape or an hourglass shape there are plenty of styles out there to flatter you. You just have to find pieces you are comfortable in and mix and match them in ways that complement each other.


That’s it for this post on hourglass vs pear shape figures! Hopefully, you’ve gained a better understanding of the two and know how to easily dress for each.


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