How To Dress Nicely – 10 Simple Tips

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Figuring out how to dress nicely shouldn’t be stressful for anyone. Getting up and getting dressed every morning should bring you joy and make you feel like you are ready to take on the day!


But have you ever stood in your closet just looking at your clothes wondering where to start? I sure have. If you feel like we have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear, you’re not alone.


how to dress nicely with jeans and a faux fur coat


Whether you’re heading to work, picking up your kids at school, or meeting a friend for coffee, dressing nicely can completely change your mood, and doing so shouldn’t be stressful!


To make the process of dressing nice easier I’m sharing my 10 simple tips below so you can look stylish every day without hassle.

10 Simple Tips To Dress Nicely

1.) Make sure it fits.

While the rest of the rules aren’t in any particular order, making sure your clothing fits is definitely number 1.


A great outfit can go bad very quickly if it’s ill-fitting. Yes, some pieces of clothing are meant to be fitted (bodycon dress) while some are meant to be looser (boyfriend tee), but those styles are certain exceptions (amongst several others).


For example, you wouldn’t wear a pair of slim fit ankle pants to work that are either too tight or entirely too big. This is why tailors exist!



2.) Wear colors that complement each other.

Some colors mesh beautifully together while others, not so much. Figuring out what colors work well together will take some but after some experimenting, it will come naturally.


Here are some color combos that work well together, just to name a few:


tan/maroon (and a fun pop of leopard!)



light blue/light pink/navy

dark blue/light blue/purple

black/black – one of my favorites!



3.) Choose colors that compliment your skin tone.

Generally speaking, you want to avoid colors that are too close to your skin tone. Colors that are extremely similar will wash you out.


Instead, opt for pieces that are at least 1 shade lighter or darker than your natural skin tone. This will help your outfit pop!



3.) Dress for the occasion

Don’t feel like you need to be dressed to the nines in order to look presentable. Sneakers, leggings, and a tee can easily look super chic when worn the right way.


Leggings don’t have to be solid and choosing a pair with a great print can make it even easier to look stylish in a simple way. Let your patterned leggings do the talking and pair with a simple white/solid tee to polish off the look.

Spanx leggings are basically all I wear now. They are a splurge for many, but I can tell you from experience it totally pays off in the long run. The quality is INCREDIBLE and I have yet to come across another pair for everyday wear with the same quality and comfort.


Here are the Spanx camo faux leather leggings that you could easily use as your “base” when trying to dress nicely for a casual day of running errands, school pickup, etc.

Or, going the totally opposite way, you can flip the switch and wear a solid pair of leggings with a basic t-shirt but add a statement shoe or jacket. Both are closet staples that can and should be used when you want to dress nice.


Here is my favorite pair of solid black leggings. Again, a splurge, but I have gotten my money’s worth out of them probably 10x over. If I’m being honest, I probably wear them like 5x a week.


And here are a few staple jackets that can transform any basic or boring outfit from blah to chic.


4.) Ironing/steaming goes a long way

Ironed clothes can INSTANTLY take your outfit from loungewear to out-of-the-house appropriate. I’ll be honest, ironing is not my favorite thing to do. If you feel the same, check out this rapid wrinkle-release spray. It’s a lifesaver. Ok, maybe not a lifesaver, but a timesaver? 100%.


I only became aware of this spray when we were getting ready to go on a cruise and the cruise line didn’t provide (or allow) irons on board. I surely didn’t want to spend our entire trip looking a hot mess so in my search for a fix I found this spray.


Bonus: It’s also an odor eliminator, which I honestly had no clue about until I went to pull this link lol.

5.) Wear what flatters your shape.

It’s no secret that we’re all different shapes and sizes. What works well on someone else might not work well for you and vice versa.


You probably already know what styles you do and don’t like on your body. When shopping, take into account the things you find flatter your figure, not take away from it.


For example, someone with broad shoulders (myself) may not find that off-shoulder styles are particularly flattering on them. Instead, maybe opt for a one-shoulder style or keep it simple up top and draw attention to your waist with a tie-waist feature, etc.



6.) Show the right amount of skin

Knowing just how much skin to show is extremely important, especially when we’re talking about how to dress nice. One simple tip to follow when you’re trying to figure out how much skin to show is to even it out.


If you are wearing a super revealing or low cut top, keep your legs covered. If you are wearing a mini skirt or a dress with a super high leg slit, keep your upper body more concealed. This is the simplest way to avoid over-doing it.


7.) Wear the right undergarments

This might seem like common sense to some but I’m still shocked at how many people don’t know the right color/style of undergarments to wear with their clothes.


If you are wearing clothing made of fabric that is very slinky/thin it is imperative to wear undergarments that won’t show through your clothing. Nowadays there are so many seamless and no-show styles it should be a piece of cake finding something no matter what you need to pair it with.


BTW – This is my favorite bra ever. It’s incredibly comfortable and you can’t see it under ANYTHING!


Seamless/No Show Undergarments

8.) Don’t forget about accessories.

I think a lot of people underestimate the value of good accessories. A statement bag, earrings, or even shoes can actually make your whole outfit.

But…don’t overdo it. You don’t have to wear a bracelet, earrings, rings, and sunglasses all at the same time. Sometimes, a statement belt or statement earrings will do the trick.


You don’t have to spend a fortune on these pieces either. There are tons of places right online that offer affordable accessories and shoes that you can wear year-round.

9.) Wear what you’re comfortable in.

If you don’t feel comfortable in what you’re wearing it doesn’t matter if you dress nicely. You have to FEEL good, too.


You just need to figure out how you can dress nicely while being comfortable at the same time. Sure, it might take some effort and a few fails, but you never know until you try something new!


If you constantly find yourself searching for the same style of pants over and over, it’s probably because you feel like they are flattering for your shape, and/or you find them comfortable. That’s ok! Just find some coordinating pieces in different styles/colors that you can pair them with.

10.) Keep Your Closet Organized.

Is your closet organized? If not, get on it girl!


Waking up to a clean and organized closet will change the way you feel about getting dressed every way. If your closet isn’t organized start out by making a list of what tasks you are going to tackle first.


What is most important to you? Decluttering and getting rid of what you don’t want/wear/like? Keeping things organized by color? By style? By season? Whatever will make it easier for you to keep your closet neat, start small, and then work your way through!


When you keep your closet organized it is MUCH easier to visualize what items would go well together and if you want to dress nicely, an organized closet is a definite must.


Side note: Keeping a capsule wardrobe isn’t for everyone, but it’s also a good way to really hone in on the things you gravitate towards and what things you do/don’t need. It can also make it much easier to get dressed because you aren’t overwhelmed by all the extra “stuff”.


11.) Balance is key!

There are almost always exceptions to every rule but generally speaking, you want to “balance out” your stop and bottom pieces.


For example, if you’re wearing skintight leggings you should avoid wearing a skintight top. Instead, opt for an oversized sweater or a boyfriend t-shirt. If you go this route, you could always throw on a fitted moto jacket if you feel like you need some shape up top.


An easy way to balance out a bodycon dress that hugs every curve is to throw on a faux fur jacket or once again, a moto jacket. Like I mentioned earlier, a good moto jacket can work with SO many outfits!


That’s it for this post on how to dress nicely. Hopefully, you’ve found some helpful information and feel more confident in getting dressed!


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