10 Stylish Ways To Wear Combat Boots

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Combat boots have been around forever but lately, they’ve been all the rage. With studded detailing, block heels, and faux fur varieties, there’s certainly plenty to choose from.


I have to admit I wasn’t always a lover of combat boots. It wasn’t until recently that I grew to love them so much and now that I do, I wish I would’ve tried them out sooner.


How To Wear Combat Boots

If you’ve been intrigued by the trend but just haven’t figured out exactly how to wear combat boots, here are 10 easy to recreate outfit ideas to get you started!

combat boots outfit idea - black leggings, combat boots, oversized sweater, flannel shirtCombat Boots | Leggings | Flannel

1.) Combat boots with leggings and an oversized top

One of the easiest ways to style combat boots is with a pair of leggings and an oversized sweater/sweatshirt. This happens to be my go-to and over the last few months, I’ve found myself wearing this combo way more than I’d like to admit.


Technically, this sweater isn’t oversized, which is why I have a flannel around my waist. However, I do have a long torso so many “oversized” tops don’t fit me oversized anyway. This sweater is a wider fit though and does look more well-rounded with something tied around the waist.


Leggings work perfectly with combat boots because you don’t have to worry about the hem of your jeans or pants being too long/short. As someone who falls EXACTLY on the line between petite and regular sizing – this is more of an issue than you could ever imagine!


Aside from just being an easy way to style combat boots this outfit is just plain old comfortable. As a mom of 3 kids, comfort is key! I love a good dress and heels as much as the next girl but most days, it just isn’t practical. I’m pretty sure I’d get some gnarly looks showing up to pre-k pickup in a bodycon dress and heels LOL.


2.) Wear combat boots with a sweatshirt dress

A sweatshirt dress or sweater dress paired with combat boots is definitely an edgier look but is one of the latest trends to hit the streets. The balance of a looser fitting top with tightly tied combat boots is chic and unexpected.


Whether you prefer a solid sweater dress or a graphic sweatshirt dress, pairing either with a quality pair of combat boots makes for a statement-making outfit.


3.) Combat boots with shorts, a bralette, & a button front top

Taking up the edginess even more is a racy combat boot and layering combo. Combat boots paired with shorts, a sultry top/bralette, and a button front 2nd layer is an edgy yet sexy outfit that will certainly draw attention.


This outfit is for the bold and daring… Someone who isn’t afraid to have all eyes on her and to stand out from the crowd.


A cute bralette, sports bra, bandeau top, or crop top will all work well with this combo as long as you have a longer second layer like a flannel shirt or zip-up hoodie over top to balance it out.


4.) Combat boots with bike shorts

The options here are virtually endless. Whether you prefer to wear bike shorts with a t-shirt, oversized sweatshirt, hoodie, zip-up, flannel, crop top, bandeau, etc. you can still pair your shorts with combat boots.


Again, this is another outfit option that will be sure to draw attention, but as long as you’re ok with that then rock it, sister!


5.) With a floral maxi dress

If you’re wondering how to wear combat boots for summer, try pairing them with a floral maxi dress. A flowy maxi dress with a floral print is girly and chic and combat boots will add just enough grunge detail.


To polish off the look throw your favorite moto jacket over your shoulders and a simple bag to match.


6.) Combat boots with jeans and a t-shirt

One of the simpler and more casual ways to style combat boots is with jeans and your everyday t-shirt. Whether it’s an oversized boyfriend tee or a fitted ribbed tee, you can’t go wrong.


sweatshirt with combat boots outfits

Combat Boots (similar) | Tunic Tank | Leggings

7.) With a sweatshirt, tunic/tee, and leggings

Pairing combat boots with leggings, a sweatshirt, and a tunic tank top happens to be another one of my favorite ways to style combat boots. For one, it’s just easy. Pick out your favorite sweatshirt and leggings and make sure your tank top is long enough to cover the bum and you’re good to go.


Second, it’s comfortable AF. Any way I can look acceptable in public while still feeling like I’m in my pajamas makes me a happy girl. If you live in a cold-weather climate, I’m sure you can relate! It gets SO COLD here so anyway I can stay warm while still looking somewhat put together makes me a happy girl.


8.) With A T-Shirt Dress

Another edgier look is combat boots with a t-shirt dress. While a t-shirt dress itself is pretty casual, throwing on a chunky pair of combat boots definitely takes it from meh to yeh!


Add a few statement jewelry pieces like above and you’ve got yourself an outfit that can go from pizza with friends to a party chic in no time.


9.) Combat boots with a mini dress

Probably one of the most unexpected outfit combos is a mini dress with combat boots. Typically, people think of combat boots as sexy, ultra-girly, and dressy. However, throwing on a pair of combat boots instantly changes the entire look of even the most basic dress.


10.) Trousers and combat boots

Trousers come in MANY different shapes and styles and believe it or not combat boots work well with most of them. Wide leg trouser pants work especially well with combat boots as the different widths balance each other out.


Throw on a moto jacket on top of a slim fit top to really add some depth and you’ve got a comfortable yet chic and easy outfit.


Combat Boots Styling Tips

If you’re still stumped on how to style combat boots, here are a few styling tips to help you get started.


  • Play with colors. Don’t feel like you have to wear black combat boots just because that’s what you see most often. There are plenty of white, tan, grey, and brown combat boots options out there. Find a color you’re most comfortable styling and go for it!


  • Wear what makes you comfortable. As mentioned earlier, I tend to fall directly on the line of petite and regular sizing. Oftentimes, outfits that look great on a taller girl don’t look the same on me. Don’t feel like you have to style your combat boots outfits in only the ways shared above. Experiment with styles and combinations that work best for your body and flatter your shape.


  • When in doubt, layer. If you’re feeling unsure about your outfit, consider layering until you feel more comfortable. And I don’t mean layering to hide your body. I mean layering to draw attention away from statement pieces aka chunky combat boots until you feel like you’re ready to make an entrance!


  • Experiment with heel combat boot styles. Combat boots are not one style fits all. Some people prefer combat boots with chunky block heels, some prefer super tight lace-up styles, some prefer an ankle strap, etc. Before you splurge on a pair, try some out to see which style you like best and what style will work best with what you already tend to wear most frequently.


That’s it for my tips and style ideas on how to wear combat boots! I hope you found some inspiration and outfit ideas you love.


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