How To Wear An Oversized Sweater 10 Ways

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Looking for some chic new ways to wear an oversized sweater? You’re in the right place! Today I’m sharing how to wear an oversized sweater with 5 simple tips PLUS 10 easy-to-recreate outfit ideas.


One of the best things about oversized sweaters is that they’re extremely versatile. So whether you prefer an edgy or eclectic style or a girly/flirty style, you can definitely make an oversized sweater work for you.


Not to mention, oversized sweater outfits can be casual, dressy, and even work-appropriate! If you love the look of an oversized sweater outfit check out these styling tips and outfit ideas below.


How To Wear An Oversized Sweater

woman in green sweater and jeans with knee high boots

1.) Find the right oversized sweater for your frame.

Oversized sweaters aren’t just bigger sweaters all around. An oversized sweater will have different sleeve-to-body length ratios. If you just “size up” in a regular sweater you will often find that once you get the length you want the sleeves will be entirely too long. You’re better off finding a true oversized sweater you love rather than trying to size up.


2.) Proportions are paramount.

When styling an oversized sweater you always want to balance out the outfit with appropriate bottoms. When it comes to pants, tailored/fitted bottoms generally work best with oversized sweaters. I personally love a good pair of skinny jeans or these leggings (that go with literally everything). Ponte pants are a great option if you’re trying to figure out how to style an oversized sweater for the workplace.


3.) Tuck It In.

Again, depending on your height you may or may not like this look. I find that at 5’4″ tucking in oversized sweaters tends to balance everything out. For someone who is 5’10” this may not be the case. I should note that this is for oversized outfits including jeans (not leggings). When someone is shorter and wears an oversized sweater it could cover too much of their legs creating a “stumpy” look. Tucking in your sweater can definitely help to create a longer, leaner appearance.


4.) Fabric matters.

Opt for a fabric that won’t shrink in the wash or start to pill after just a few washes. Additionally, steer clear of anything that will rub off on your other garments (especially black leggings). A creamy oversized wool sweater might look beautiful but the second you put it over your black leggings it will be a disaster!


5.) Experiment with layered looks.

Even the most comfortable oversized sweater outfits look extra chic when adding a second layer. Throw on a puffer coat, long wool coatigan, or oversized denim jacket to instantly take your look up a notch. Play with pieces that resonate with you! Whether it’s a classy look, preppy, edgy, or sporty, there are plenty of pieces to mix and match with oversized sweaters.


So now that we’ve gone over exactly how to wear an oversized sweater, let’s chat about some oversized sweater outfit ideas!


10 Oversized Sweater Outfit ideas

As mentioned above it really doesn’t matter what your preference is when it comes to bottoms. Oversized sweaters go with just about anything, so long as there is some sort of balance. Check out these 7 oversized sweater outfit ideas below for inspiration.


woman in white sweater and black leggings - how to wear an oversized sweater

Sweater | Leggings | Jacket | Boots

1.) With Leggings & A Pair Of Boots

Comfort is REALLY important to me and if you feel the same this is the outfit for you! This sweater is just oversized enough that I was able to pair it with these leggings (which happen to be my favorite of all time. Yes, they are pricey, but you will get SO much use out of them.). I balanced out the leggings with a pair of block heel combat boots for a chic yet comfortable outfit.


woman in chevron sweater and jeans outfit

sweater | boots

2.) With Jeans & Over The Knee Boots

Skinny jeans are a great complement to an oversized sweater. Adding over-the-knee boots takes this outfit from super casual to a bit dressier and while creating a nice balance.


woman in tan sweater and black leggings - how to wear an oversized sweater

sweater | leggings | boots | sunglasses

3.) With Leggings & Knee High Boots

Leggings aren’t just for jeans and sneakers! Here’s another easy oversized sweater outfit idea that is comfortable and chic without being too dressy or casual. This sweater is of amazing quality and comes in a ton of colors. If you love this look and live in the cold temps I highly recommend giving it a try.


woman in green sweater and jeans with knee high boots - how to wear an oversized sweatersweater | similar boots

4.) Tucked into jeans

The front tuck is such an easy way to add a little structure to an otherwise super laid-back outfit. You could also swap out the boots here for comfortable sneakers for a more casual look.


Oversized Sweater 

5.) With Bike Shorts

Bike shorts are so on-trend right now. Here’s a pair I’m currently loving.


Oversized Sweater

6.) With Denim Cutoffs

If you live in a location with temps in the 60s and 70s, try pairing your oversized sweater with your favorite cutoffs. They never go out of style!


Oversized Sweater

7.) Belted

Adding a belt is a great way to show off curves (or give the illusion of curves!). Some oversized sweaters tend to swallow your shape but adding in a belt can definitely help.

woman wearing white sweater and tweed skirt - how to wear an oversized sweater

sweater |skirt | boots | sunglasses

8.) How To Wear An Oversized Sweater With a Mini Skirt

Since I’m 5’4″ I always reach for mini skirts vs maxi or midi skirts, but you could pair an oversized sweater with any of the 3. Tuck your sweater into the front for a little more shape and you’re good to go.


Oversized Batwing Sweater

9.) By Itself/As a Beach Cover-up

Yes, a little more risque, but oh-so-chic and sexy! Whether you wear it out for date night with over-the-knee boots or over your swimsuit for the beach, wearing an oversized sweater solo will surely be a hit.


V-Neck Sweater Dress

10.) Over A Dress

A preppy/edgy way to wear an oversized sweater dress is layered over a dress. One of the most classic dresses to pair it with is a collared button-down but as always, do what works for you!


That’s it for this post on how to style an oversized sweater! Hopefully, some of these tips and outfit ideas have given you some inspiration for your next outfit.


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