Income Report June 2019 – How I made $6,685.17

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Back in November I shared my income report for the month. I was REALLY unsure if I wanted to post it or not but I personally LOVE reading them and find them truly inspiring, so I decided to go ahead and go through with it.


The reason I shared my November blogging income report, and why I’m sharing this one with you, is because if I can make money blogging, YOU CAN TOO.


June Income Report


If you read my last income report you know I am NOT a full time blogger. First and foremost, I am a stay at home mom. Me and my husband made the decision years ago that I would stay home with our kids and THAT would be my priority. Can you blog AND be a full-time stay at home mom? SURE! But personally, I find it very difficult to juggle the two and I’m only part time.


If you have regular babysitters and can come up with a great schedule (aka, your freaking kids go to sleep at a normal time) it would probably be a whole lot easier. I just don’t have that.


I also want to add that the income I mention below is money I have ALREADY BEEN PAID. It is in my pocket. I see a lot of income reports out there that fluff up their numbers by including payments to be received. This is not one of them. With that being said here is my income report for June 2019.


June 2019 Income Report


Total Income For June 2019:

Sponsored Posts: $6,025.00

Contracted Work: $545.45

Affiliate Commission: $114.72

Total Income: $6,685.17


Total Expenses For June 2019:

Keyword Tool: $11.90

Adobe: $10.65

Giveaways: $292

Tailwind: $9.99 (I pay yearly but for the sake of showing ALL my expenses, I divided that by 12 months to include it – I pay $119.88 yearly) More on Tailwind below.

Tailwind Tribes: $4.99 (I also pay for this year but broke it down to include it as a monthly expense –  I pay $59.98/yearly) More on Tailwind Tribes below.

Total Expenses: $329.53

Total Profit: $6,355.53


Yes, the majority of my income still comes from sponsored posts. However, I’ve also started to work on other pieces of content I’ve never worked on before. Under my Income you’ll see “contracted work”. This is work that I was hired to do for a brand/retailer outside of my personal blog/social media channels.


See how I increased my income to $11,562.19 only 2 months later


Sponsored work is a great way to bring in a nice chunk of change every month. It may not be your long term goal, but in the mean time you can make a nice income while creating content to show brands when you’re ready to pitch on your own. 


Click here to see a full list of the sponsor networks I use

My affiliate income was quite low this month and one of my goals is to figure out how to bring that up A LOT.


Click here to see a full list of the affiliate programs I use


I still haven’t gotten around to finishing the course I’ll be launching, which has been a goal of mine for awhile now. Dedicating the time to it just hasn’t been easy. While I don’t blog about blogging, I do have a lot of info and tips that have given me success thus far, and I want to share that so you can do it, too. 


If you want to know when the course is live, sign up below to be notified. 


If you want to start a blog of your own the most important thing to do is sign up with the right host. Here is the host that I use and love (I have used others and this has been the best by far). You can get started at just $3.95/month, way less then you probably spend on coffee 🙂 


Tools That Made This Income Possible

Tailwind – If there is 1 tool I recommend all bloggers use, it’s Tailwind. Throughout my blogging journey I’ve learned that TIME IS MONEY. I don’t have time to sit around pinning on Pinterest and I’m going to guess that you don’t either. Enter Tailwind. With Tailwind Plus (that’s the plan I have) you can schedule and plan AS MANY pins as you want in advance. I’m telling you, this is a game changer! Here’s what you get with the Tailwind Plus Plan:

  • unlimited pin scheduling
  • 5 tribe memberships (more on that below)
  • 30 monthly tribe submissions
  • 250 active smartloop posts


To put it in simple terms Tailwind is really a “set-it and forget it” tool. 


Try a month of Tailwind Plus FREE right here!


Tailwind Tribes – Once you have a Tailwind account you can also join Tailwind Tribes. Tailwind “tribes” are groups within tailwind in which you can share your content and have the opportunity to have it re-shared by others in the group. To maximize your shares/views you want to stick with tribes that fit your niche. Currently I have the “Tribes Max” Plan which includes unlimited tribes memberships and 200 tribe submissions/month. (I received the promotional price because I was grandfathered in during a promotional period.)


Siteground – Siteground is the host I use to run my blog. I previously tried another popular host and wasn’t happy with the way my site was running. I highly recommend Siteground. You can get started with Siteground for only $3.95/month. 

How Many Pageviews Do I Need?

Something that I hear/read often is that people think they have to have 100,000 pageviews to make money. FALSE. I had roughly 10,000 pageviews in the month of June. Are pageviews really important? Yes! However, there are other things that are equally as important, depending on what your niche/goal is. 


For example, while I may not have 100,000 pageviews, I do have a demographic made up of over 95% females with over 80% of all readers being in the US. Not all of the brands I work with care as much about views as they do about WHO is viewing my page. Sure, I could have way more pageviews but if they aren’t who the brand is interested in targeting, it really won’t matter. 


With all that said, increasing my pageviews is 100% on my to-do list. It just hasn’t been something I’ve been able to dedicate much time to. For example, I have NOT been utilizing Tailwind as I should be. 


Increasing pageviews, in my opinion, should always be a goal. With higher pageviews you can make a great income with ads alone. My current goal is to hit 25k pageviews so that I can apply for Mediavine


So you can see that I don’t blog about blogging and I don’t sell any personal products, but for a stay at home mom who doesn’t pay for daycare, I made a pretty nice income. 


Past Income Reports



If you have a blog chances are you have accompanying social channels. My Instagram is one specifically that works hand in hand with my blog and brings in quite a bit of the income. I always recommend not putting all your eggs in one basket when it comes to blogging. Multiple revenue streams is the way to go!


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I hope you found this income report to be inspirational/informative. I just want others to know that you CAN make a great income by doing something you love. While it sill takes a lot of hard work, it is 100% doable!


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