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It seems like every time I scroll through Facebook or Instagram I read someone raving about LipSense. I DO love lipstick and of course, I prefer one that I don’t have to reapply 8,000 times a day.


More times then I can count I’ve purchased lipsticks that claimed to be long-lasting but didn’t hold up to the hype, so I was eager to try this whole LipSense thing for myself. I gave it a try and now I’m breaking down the process and the pros and cons in this LipSense Review. 


LipSense Review

lipsense review


What is LipSense?

Lipsense is a waterproof liquid lip color system that claims to stay on for 4-18 hours. If you’re a lipstick lover, you know that that’s a long-ass time for lipstick to stay put. Not only does it claim to stay on that long, but it claims to do so through kisses, wiping, and eating. 


LipSense is initially sold as a set. Each set includes the following:

  • lip color
  • moisturizing gloss
  • Oops! Remover


The lip color is obviously the color it will make your lips. The moisturizing gloss is what goes on top of the lip color to help keep your lips from drying out. The Oops! Remover is what is used to take the lip color off. 


LipSense also claims to be non-drying while also helping to retain the moisture of your lips. I mean, this all seems too good to be true lol. 


I got the “Mauve Ice” stain and the clear “glossy” gloss but the glosses come in several finishes (glitter, matte, pearl, etc). I prefer to stick to lighter, neutral colors as my lips are pretty fine but there are over 110 colors to choose from.


How To Apply LipSense

The instructions for applying Lipsense were pretty simple but naturally, I was terrified of putting it on and not being able to get it off. Luckily there are TONS of videos on youtube so I was able to watch step by step.


Here are a few tips to make the application process easier:

  • Make sure your lips are clean and dry prior to application.
  • For a more precise application, use LinerSense before applying the lip stain.
  • Apply 3 layers of color, allowing each layer to dry before adding the next.


Steps For Applying LipSense

  1. Line your lip with the slimmest edge of the lip color.
  2. Shake the lip stain to evenly distribute in the tube.
  3. Fill in your waterline (never knew such a thing existed). After you’ve filled in your lips you have to let it dry for a few seconds. I read 5 seconds but I actually ended up waiting for about 10. You then repeat this process 2 more times and do the same for both the bottom and top lips.


lipsense review


I did feel a bit of a burning sensation when applying the stain but it subsided pretty quick and was completely gone by the time I applied the gloss.


4. After you’ve applied your stain and let it dry you then need to apply the moisturizing gloss. The moisturizing gloss will help moisturize your lips as well as keep the color in place. It’s a bit sticky at first but that goes away once it’s completely dry. The drying process only took a few minutes.


lipsense review


As mentioned earlier, there are a TON of colors available in the stain. Everything from reds to purples, pinks, nudes, and the list goes on. But most importantly the question is, DOES IT WORK?


I applied my lipstick right before we left to head to our local fair. While I didn’t follow the directions completely (it says not to “swipe” the lipstick back and forth) my lipstick still turned out pretty perfect.


We were out in the heat, walking around for 3 hours, eating snacks, having drinks, and chatting all night. Not to mention I kissed several family members hello and goodbye several times. I was shocked to see when I got home that night that my lipstick looked EXACTLY the same as when we had left the house.


Note: The shade of lipstick I have is a VERY pale pink.


lipsense review


As you can tell by the dark photo, this pic was taken late at night and my lipstick was still on 🙂 


I will be honest and tell you that yes, I brushed my teeth before bed but I was entirely too lazy to take my makeup off (bad, I know). The next morning I woke up to find that my lipstick was STILL ON. Not only was it still on but it was still really freakin’ noticeable.


I also applied it before we hit the beach this past weekend. It was hot, we were sweating AND we ate lunch while we were there. The color that I have is very light pink but you can still see in this photo that it was still on at the very end of our beach day. (Can you tell it was the end? Check out that mean mug!)


lipsense review

How To Remove LipSense Color

It’s recommended to use the “Oops Remover” to take your lipstick off and to “touch-up” any mistakes you make during application. I attempted to take mine off with some baby wipes the next morning because #lazy. It did work but took some serious scrubbing.


The next time I applied the lipstick I used the Oops Remover to take it off and it came off quite a bit easier. Lesson learned.


LipSense review


LipSense Cost

While the lipstick isn’t crazy expensive, it’s also not super cheap. The stain itself is $25 but then you still need to buy the Moisturizing gloss ($20) and Oops Remover ($10). $55 may seem like a lot but really, it should last a lot longer than regular lipstick since you only have to apply it once a day.


LipSense Pros & Cons


  • You really only need to apply it once per day. This lipstick did last all day for me. The only other lipstick that has lasted me remotely as long is Mac Matte. It’s sort of like a set it and forget it. 
  • It lasts a long time. Since you only need one application for an entire day, a tube of this stuff lasts way longer than a traditional lipstick. 
  • There are a ton of colors to choose from. Whether you like neutrals or brights, there’s bound to be a color you love. 
  • The gloss is extremely moisturizing and can be used on bare lips as well as over your lip stain and comes in several finishes including gloss, matte, pearl, and shimmer. The gloss also comes in 37 shades.



  • The application takes a bit of practice. 
  • Poor application isn’t a quick fix. You’ll need to use the Oops Remover and re-do the whole process using the steps above.
  • It’s on the pricier side.
  • The lip stain is drying. The gloss fixes this, but you definitely cannot wear the stain without the gloss.
  • The first coat of application can sting. Not the worst thing in the world in my opinion. 
  • When wearing darker colors, the waterline tends to fade before the full lip. You’ll want to keep an eye on this to make sure this doesn’t happen otherwise, it could look like you have lipliner on with no lipstick.
  • It’s heat sensitive so you have to be careful not to leave it in your car or outside on a super hot day. The worst that can happen to a regular lipstick is that it’ll melt. Lipsense products can explode.


Overall I would say YES it does work and it is worth the money, as long as you follow the correct application technique.


If lip products are your thing, LipSense also has a few other products you might enjoy. SeneDerm Solutions LipVolumizer claims to plump lips from the inside out giving a plump, full look. It also claims to:

  • Increase lip volume up to 20% while increasing the moisture of your lips by up to 54% (when used for a month). 
  • Minimize feathering and fine lines around the lips
  • Create smoother lips


I’ve personally never tried the Lip Volumizer, so I’m interested to know if it actually works. If you’ve tried it, I’d love to hear about your experience. 


I hope this Lipsense review was helpful. If you want to give it a try or have questions reach out to Shelbee at [email protected]


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