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If you’ve been trying to make money blogging there a quite a few ways to do so. If you’ve read some of my previous posts you know that I don’t claim to be an expert blogger. However, I DO make a full-time income blogging working only part-time and have several different streams of income, including affiliate marketing.


If you’re a new blogger or are thinking about starting your own blog, chances are you’ve heard of affiliate marketing.


Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money blogging whether you have a ton of traffic or not. Believe it or not you DON’T need 100,000 pageviews per month to earn an income. What you do need is good content and a plan.


So today, I want to share with you some affiliate marketing programs that I use and love so that you too can implement them into your work to start earning some money!


What is affiliate marketing?


Affiliate marketing is when you make a commission by promoting a product/business.


I personally love affiliate marketing because it’s PASSIVE income. Passive income generally requires little work depending on the item you’re promoting and/or creating. If you are creating your own item then yes, that will take time. BUT – once you’ve already put that time in and created you’re product now all you have to do is promote it and EARN!


I personally have not created any of my own products (yet) but plan to in the near future. Currently, I make passive income from affiliate marketing via products that I personally love which brings me to my next point…


What affiliate marketing products should you promote?


You don’t want to promote just anything. You don’t want to just be constantly selling. Only share items you have personally tried or already love. For example, I love sharing my favorite workout accessories. I have personally used all these items and can vouch for their reliability and quality. I know they work and I use them all the time personally and with clients, too.


Now do you have to have or use every single product you share? No, with exception. I often write posts that share things like Mother’s Day Gifts, At-Home Workout Essentials, Best Stocking Stuffers, etc. I don’t always have the items on these lists, however these type of lists are meant to serve as inspiration rather than personal experience. 


I also love to share my favorite clothing items – some I have and some I want! Beauty products are another one that I love to share, but only when I’ve personally tried them myself. 


For example, I like to share Daily Amazon Finds for my instagram followers every morning. Naturally, I don’t have all of these items. I’m simply providing a service to help save my followers time. Rather then my audience having to scour Amazon every day for a great deal, I do it for them and share my finds via my Amazon Storefront. In turn, if someone purchases through my link, I earn a commission. This is an affiliate sale.


How To Make Money Blogging With Affiliate Marketing


The first step to make money blogging via affiliate marketing is to sign up for affiliate marketing networks that offer the brands you want to promote.


Here are a few that I love and use regularly:


RewardStyle: RewardStyle is probably the most popular fashion platform out there for affiliate marketing, especially when it comes to instagram. They are the creator of the LikeToKnow.It feature and most large fashion bloggers use it to earn income from sharing their favorite clothing items/outfits. There is a LOOOOONGGGG list of retailers that pay through RewardStyle including Nordstrom, Fabletics, American Eagle, Walmart and SO MANY MORE.


RewardStyle is SUPER easy to use however, you do have to be accepted into the program in order to use it, which I hear is a problem for many. I was lucky to get accepted on my first try!


Amazon Influencers: Because who doesn’t love Amazon? They have everything from clothing to cleaning products, home decor, toys, pet supplies, etc. It’s definitely a great program to join if you’re a lifestyle blogger (or any blogger, really!) You can see the Amazon products that I promote on my blog and love to share with my followers (as mentioned above) on my Amazon Storefront.


Shareasale: Shareasale is another that I really love. I mostly use it for Tailwind which is a scheduling tool for Pinterest (that has helped me substantially grow my pinterest AND blog views). I love sharing Tailwind because it has truly been a game changer in helping to grow my Pinterest as well as blog numbers!


Siteground: When I originally started my blog I was using Bluehost as my host. I found that my site was slow and after doing some research decided that switching over to Siteground was the way to go. I’m so happy I chose to do it (they made it SO EASY) and now my site is so much faster PLUS their customer service is amazing! I recommend them to anyone who needs a new provider or who is looking to switch from their current host. When I made my switch Siteground handled the entire thing for me which was exactly what I needed because the technical side of things is NOT my specialty!


Rakuten: This is one platform that I don’t use much simply because most of the retailers I need are already on the other platforms I need. However, it’s still a great program to join that offers retailers such as Macy’s, Nordstrom, Charlotte Russe, etc.


PepperJam: Pepperjam is another network that is great if you are looking for major retailers to link to. I personally use this one for PinkBlush now that I’m pregnant but they also have a ton of other great retailers like Baublebar and HauteLook.


CJ Affiliate: Another network that offers a ton of popular retailers including Revolve,, Zappos and more. I don’t use it much because I have all these retailers on RewardStyle and I prefer to keep everything all together however, if you’re just starting out it’s a great place to start with!


There are A TON of affiliate marketing networks out there, you just have to find them! Some smaller companies/brands even offer their own affiliate marketing programs that you can apply to right on their website.

Make Money Blogging – Where Can you put Affiliate Marketing Links?

Here are some of my favorite ways to use affiliate marketing links to make money blogging:


  • In blog posts – Whenever I’m writing about a product I love I make sure to include an (affiliate) link so that people can shop for it. This can be in the form of how-to’s, lists, recipes, tutorials, etc. You can include an affiliate link in almost any type of blog post you create. 


  • On your blogs facebook page – Same thing as blog posts – share with your readers the exact product you are sharing/writing about OR direct them to a specific blog post which contains your affiliate links.


  • In email newslettersIf someone is on your mailing list, chances are they enjoy reading what you share. Although I prefer to bring subscribers to my blog, you can also share affiliate links right within your newsletter (amazon affiliates is an exception). I personally love using Mailerlite for my newsletters. They offer so much more than that though such as landing pages, sign-up forms and automation. You can try Mailerlite and get a $20 credit here


  • On Instagram – Instagram makes it a bit harder to share direct links. There are currently only 2 places to put links on instagram. One is in your bio and the other is as a swipe-up in insta-stories. I wouldn’t suggest putting one affiliate link in your bio, rather I suggest putting a link to one of your blog posts which contains the link you wish to share. An important thing to remember about this is that creating a compelling call-to-action (aka getting your reader to click the link).


The other way to share links on instagram is as a swipe-up via insta-stories. However, this is only possible for those accounts with over 10,000 followers. Insta stories is a major driver of traffic to my Amazon storefront as well as my blog. 


  • As Banners on your blog – Depending on the programs you join, most offer banners that you can display right on your blog that already include your affiliate link. When someone clicks on the banner they will be taken to the retailers site using YOUR affiliate link.


  • In a course or e-book you’ve created – This is a great place to put affiliate links because if someone has already invested time in your course or product, chances are they already trust you. But again, make sure the affiliate link you share is for something valuable for your reader. You never want to just share affiliate links for the sake of sharing.


There are a lot of options for using your affiliate links but it will all decide on what you think is best for YOUR readers!


If you’re a blogger already and already make money blogging with affiliate marketing networks aren’t listed here I’d love to hear them! Feel free to leave a comment with them below.


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