25 Stylish Match Strikers To Elevate Your Space

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The aroma from a candle can instantly change the atmosphere of any room. Many people these days tend to use a basic lighter to light their candles, but there is a much more stylish way to do so – with match strikers.


match strikers

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What are match strikers?

Match strikers are match holders made of hard surfaces that you can light strike-anywhere matches on. They come in various sizes and styles and double as beautiful pieces of home decor.


Of course, you could always just use a basic lighter or your everyday match that you pick up at 7-11, but if you use candles regularly and want to elevate your space, beautiful match strikers are the way to go.


If adding a little sophistication or style to your space sounds like something you’d love to do, check out these 20 stylish match strikers below.


25 Match Strikers To Elevate Your Space

Ceramic & Glaze Match Striker Gift Set


Concrete Match Stick Holder with Strike Pad & Matches


Ceramic Speckled Clay Match Holders


Choose Your Color Match Striker


Concrete Cube Match Striker


Ceramic Match Striker


Concrete Match Striker


Match Striker (or succulent plant holder!)


House Match Striker


Circle Match Strikers


Striker & Bottled Matches


Ochre Ceramic Match Striker


Black Ceramic Match-Striker Gift Set


Ceramic Matchstick holder with discard slot

Modern Match Striker

Modern Rustic Match Striker

White Ceramic Match Striker

Millennial Pink Match Holder & Strike Plate

Driftwood & Beach Stone Match Striker & Holder Set

Antique Solid Brass Match Striker

Marigold Terrazzo Match Striker

Santa Candle & Hat Match Striker

Pillar Metal Candle & Striker

Match Cloche

White Stoneware Clay Match Striker

Strike-Anywhere Matches

When using a match striker you can’t use any old match, you have to use strike-anywhere matches.

When browsing for strikers online you’ll notice that many come with some strike-anywhere matches, but usually a very small amount.

These matches seem like the go-to strike-anywhere matches and for a pack of 900, it seems like a pretty good deal.

How To Display Your Match Strikers & Candles

Candles and strikers can really take your space up a notch, whether it’s an entry, bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom. If you’re looking for some inspiration to decorate your space with your new decor, check out these trays to help show off your pieces.


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