Blogging Income Report – How I Made $5,653.34 In November

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I really debated whether I wanted to share this blogging income report. I’m a SUPER private person when it comes to things like money. However, I wanted to share my November blogging income report with you because if I can make money blogging, you can too.


The main reason I wanted to share this report is because I often hear people say that you can’t make money blogging unless you blog about blogging. While I do agree that it’s harder to make money blogging about things OTHER than blogging, I know it’s possible, as I’ll prove to you below.


First, let me note that I am NOT a full-time blogger. I’m a SAHM to a 5-year-old, 4-year-old, and 4 months old. While my blog is important to me and I do put the time in, it’s not currently my number 1 priority. If I had more time to put in I know I’d be making A LOT more money. To be very honest, this is side money for me and I do it because I love it.


Secondly, I also want to add that the income I mention below is money I have already been paid. It is in my pocket. I see a lot of income reports out there that fluff up their numbers by including payments to be received – not cool. With that being said here are my stats for November 2018.


November Blogging Income Report


Total Income For November 2018:

Sponsored Posts: $5,365.90

Affiliate Commission: $287.44

Total Income: $5,653.34


Total Expenses For November 20178:

Keyword Tool: $11.90

Giveaways: $345

Total Expenses: $356.90

Total Profit: $5,296.44


You can see that the majority of my income has come from sponsored posts. I’m not a blogger that solely blogs about blogging. Do I like to offer my tips? YES! But it’s not the bread and butter of my business. I mainly work with companies to help create awareness of their brand while helping to drive traffic to their site.


Click here to see a full list of the sponsor networks I use


Although I didn’t get a payout from ALL the affiliate programs I’m a part of, I did receive $287.44 from affiliate commissions. My affiliate sales vary greatly each month. November was a month focused almost 100% on sponsored posts, so I didn’t include many affiliate links throughout my posts (it’s usually not allowed when working on a post for a brand). With that being said, affiliate sales are often a HUGE source of income for many income generating blogs.


Click here to see a full list of the affiliate programs I use


You can see that I’ve made ZERO dollars through ads and I haven’t sold ANY personal products. I think a lot of people have this idea that you can’t make decent money without passive income and that’s just not true. Although passive income IS a great way to make money, it’s not the only way.


With that being said, I DO plan to create my first E-course this year to start making some passive income. The course will be for those who are trying to make money blogging but don’t know where to start.



Tools that made this income possible

Siteground – If you want to start a blog of your own the most important thing to do is sign up with the right host. Here is the host that I use and love (I have used others and this is the best by far!). You can get started at just $3.95/month, way less then you probably spend on coffee 🙂 


Tailwind is what I use to publish pins on autopilot. One of the #1 sources of blog traffic for most bloggers is Pinterest. However, pinning manually is insanely time-consuming. Tailwind allows you to categorize your group boards and pin to them on a schedule. You can even create time slots for the time’s users are most active. this helps your pins get seen even more. 


Tailwind Tribes– These tribes can be used to get even greater exposure. You can search for tribes by niche and join what makes sense for you. This helps you gain exposure to the exact people you are targeting. Most tribes have a 1:1 rule which means for every pin you submit you have to share 1 from the group. If you’re consistently sharing quality pins in your tribes, you’re bound to get repins. 

Try a month of Tailwind Tribes FREE!


An attractive WordPress theme – Your WordPress theme is what makes your site look and function the way it does. There are THOUSANDS of WordPress themes out there, but not all are created equal. Different niches perform better with different themes. Studio Press and Elegant Themes are 2 great sites that house premium WordPress themes. 


I hope you found this income report to be inspirational/informative. I just want others to know that you CAN make a great income by doing something you love. While it still takes a lot of hard work, it is 100% doable!



Since writing this post I’ve published 2 more income reports, both with more money earned. Again, I share exactly how and where I earned my income. Here is my June 2019 income report where I made $6,685.17 and my September 2019 income report where I made $11,562.19.


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blogging income report

blogging income


Lauren is a wife, mom of 3, and personal trainer with a passion for fitness, fashion, and blogging. She shares affordable fashion finds, fitness tips, and helps you learn how to make money with YOUR blog!


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