Here’s Why You Need To Use Organic Tampons

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organic tampons


I can honestly say I never really gave much thought to using organic tampons. And quite honestly, I feel a bit silly for it. I eat organic foods, use organic beauty products, and suggest the same to anyone else. So, why after all these years of using tampons have I never thought about what I’m putting in my body when it comes to feminine care products?! My answer: I’m not really sure. But now that I have 3 kids, I feel like I really need to invest in taking care of myself more than ever before.Save

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I’ll be VERY VERY honest with you. I did a LOT of research on organic tampons and pads before I decided to make the switch. I decided to compare Organic Initiative Tampons to a traditional tampon. I had a lot of questions, I’m sure many the same as you.


Is there REALLY a difference?

Are they worth the added cost?

Why would so many other people use “regular” tampons and pads if organic is that much better?

Do they work as well?

Here is what I found…

Organic Tampons Vs. Traditional Tampons

Traditional Tampons:

  • Contain synthetics such as polythene, polypropylene and polyacrylate super absorbent gel, surfactants and chlorine-bleached wood pulp, as well as fragrance and colors.
  • They’re made from chlorine bleached rayon or a combination of conventionally grown cotton, one of the most highly sprayed crops on earth, and rayon.
  • Chlorine use produces dioxin, which has been linked to illnesses such as endometriosis, cancer, and immune-compromising diseases. 

Organic Initiative Organic Tampons:

  • Made from 100% certified organic cotton.
  • Free of chlorine, synthetics such as rayon and polypropylene, chemicals, dyes, fragrances, and lubricants.
  • Cruelty free

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Who Is Organic Initiative?

Organic Initiative is a company with a passion to provide women with great products that are not only good for them but also good for the world. Their line of organic tampons are hypoallergenic, biodegradable and conveniently located at Walmart!


If you follow along on Instagram, you know I’ve been LOVING Walmart lately. Obviously, it’s a moms best friend when it comes to baby essentials, but they also have great prices on every day items like snacks, pantry staples and now, Oi tampons. (Also, if you haven’t seen the clothing they’ve been rolling out recently, you’re seriously missing out.) 


organic tampons


organic tampons


Through my research, I learned that tampon companies aren’t required to disclose their ingredients. What the? 


Although Oi, like every other feminine care product, isn’t required to disclose the ingredients of their products, they choose to anyway. You’ll see on their packaging that the only ingredient is 100% pure organic cotton. So, if you’re considering making the switch from traditional to organic tampons and pads, I highly recommend Organic Initiative. I’m just going to roll the dice here and say that as women, we don’t exactly enjoy getting our period. And I don’t know about you, but I’m willing to try anything that makes it a little less daunting. 


Not only does Oi provide a great product, they also provide them without the use of plastics that are harmful to our environment. Each product box is recyclable, so you can feel good about what you’re putting in your body AND how you’re contributing environmentally.


organic tampons


So let’s face it, getting your period isn’t fun. But at least you can feel good about what you’re putting in your body with Oi. 

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