How I Grew My Pinterest Monthly Viewers To Over 100,000 In 30 days

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Wondering why it matters that my Pinterest monthly viewers went from under 50,000 to over 100,000 IN 30 days? It’s simple. More monthly viewers = more blog traffic.


EDITED TO ADD: Since I started writing this post 1 week ago my Pinterest monthly viewers are now up by another 40,000 viewers. HOLLA!

EDITED AGAIN May 5, 2018*: Since I wrote this post my Pinterest is now up over 425,000 monthly viewers.

EDITED AGAIN MAY 14, 2018*: Since I wrote this post my Pinterest is now up over 528,000 monthly viewers.

Edited Again June 20, 2018*: Since I wrote this post my Pinterest is now up over 837,000 monthly viewers.

Edited Again July 16, 2018, 2018*: Since I wrote this post my Pinterest is now up over 1,000,000 monthly viewers.


pinterest monthly viewers


If you’re a blogger then I’m sure you’ve heard from MANY other bloggers that Pinterest is their #1 source of blog traffic. While I can’t say this is the case for me yet I know it will be very soon and I’m about to tell you why. *Update 6/6/18 – Pinterest is now my #1 source of traffic to my blog 🙂


I’ve had a Pinterest account for years but never really knew exactly what Pinterest was. Yes, it’s a place to save all your favorite ideas, recipes, workouts, etc. but more importantly for your business, it’s a SEARCH ENGINE.

I didn’t start using Pinterest properly for my blog until this month and now I’m gaining a high amount of monthly viewers in a short amount of time.

Pinterest has over 175 million users and is growing rapidly. Every day people are using Pinterest to search for things from DIY & crafts to fashion to weddings to gardening and more.


Each time someone runs a search on Pinterest you have the ability to have your work seen. 



In my opinion Pinterest is the best tool for promoting your blog. If you don’t have one I suggest signing up for a Pinterest business account pronto. You can find directions on how to do that right here.


Now I want to get into the good stuff…


How I Grew My Pinterest Monthly Viewers To Over 100,000 In 30 Days

If you’re wondering how on earth I know what my pinterest stats are it’s because I have a business account (don’t sweat – it’s free) and if you want to see yours then you’ll need one, too. You can find the directions on how to convert to a business account OR create a business account here.


Once you’ve set up your business account you’ll need to claim your website. Once you’ve claimed your website you can begin working on your Pinterest profile.


Set Up Your Pinterest Profile

The first thing you want to do with your Pinterest account is to set up your profile. In the top right corner of your account click on the top right button and click “settings”.


From here you will enter all the information you want your viewers to see when they are on your Pinterest profile. It’s important to use keywords in your descriptions so be sure to research those before you fill it out.


Change your business name to include your keywords as well as your name. Be precise. *Tip* Don’t know what keywords to use? Start typing in words in your niche in the Pinterest search bar and see what comes up!


Upload your image (be sure you have the image named and it doesn’t look like “DSC0123”).


Add a description full of keywords AND your website link.


That’s it. Now you’re ready to get started with your Pinterest account!


pinterest monthly viewers


Create Organized Boards

Before you just start pinning away take the time to create boards by category. For example Kitchen Decor, Paleo Recipes, Girls Nursery Design. Creating these boards from the get-go will save you A LOT of time in the long run.


When you create your boards give each one a great name and be sure to include a detailed description including your keywords. It might be cute to name your board “chocolate is life” but in terms of SEO, not so good. A better choice might be “Chocolate Desserts”.


Give Each Board A Cover Photo

You don’t need to create your own covers for your boards, however, I do suggest keeping a cohesive theme throughout your covers.


For example, I try to keep all of mine on the light and bright side. It’s just a matter of personal preference. I suggest keeping the theme similar to that of your blog. You want people to associate one with the other.


Join Group Boards

One of the easiest ways to get more eyes on your content is by joining group boards.


What the heck is a Group Board?

A group board is a board owned by a Pinterest user who adds other users to contribute to the board as well.


How is it helpful?

If the board has a high amount of followers then your pins have the potential to be seen by that many more people then they would have if you had only posted to your own wall.


There are a few important tips to remember with Group Boards though…

  1. Only join boards that are in your niche.
  2. Be sure that the board is active.
  3. Be sure it gets repins (check the board’s virality score).

So how do you find group boards?



Pingroupie is a pin group directory where you can search for group boards in your niche.


Don’t get frustrated – finding group boards may be pretty simple but getting into them may not be as easy. Each group has a creator and it’s own set of rules. If you head to the group you will usually see directions in the description for requests to join the board.


Sometimes you’ll see a note that the board is no longer accepting contributors. If you don’t see either, follow the creator then contact them introducing yourself and ask to be added to the group board.


Use Tailwind

Tailwind Dashboard


Tailwind has been a game-changer for me. I just started using tailwind consistently in the past 30 days and I can now see that I never would have been able to increase my page views so much without it. It saves me HOURS every week.


What is Tailwind?


In short Tailwind is a pin scheduler. However, it has many other advantages.


With Tailwind you can…

  • Schedule pins in advance so that you don’t have to worry about being on Pinterest all day long. This alone should be enough to make you jump on board. Otherwise, you could (and should) spend HOURS just pinning content to Pinterest.


  • Create “board lists” so that you can schedule your pin(s) to MULTIPLE group boards at the same time (or in intervals).


  • Maximize your reach and measure your success with in-depth insights that would be otherwise unknown.


  • Participate in “Tailwind Tribes” which is essentially a group board within tailwind.


Learn More About Tailwind Here


Create Eye-Catching Pinterest Images

Pinterest (like Instagram) is a very visual platform. You need to create a graphic that grabs someone’s attention immediately.

If you’ve never created a Pinterest graphic before I suggest checking out Canva. It’s a super user-friendly and F R E E program to create graphics for Pinterest, blog posts, email marketing, etc. There are already specific dimensions created for Pinterest graphics so it doesn’t get much easier than that!

Here is an example of what my Pinterest graphic looks like for this blog post.

You can see that I chose a light photo (mostly white) and added bold lettering with only 2 fonts. I prefer to keep my designs simple and truly believe it helps to grab someone’s attention.


I have read many bloggers suggest creating multiple pins for each post and seeing which one does best. I can’t see that being a bad idea however, right now I just don’t have time for that. If I can get myself a little more organized and find more time I will try it and let you know how that goes!


Enable Rich Pins

Rich pins are another great way to make your pins stand out from the others. They show your blog post title, the description you entered, and the date. You can find information on how to enable rich pins right here.


Simply put, you can get a little more information in front of your potential readers before they keep scrolling. It’s a great spot to add a compelling description to increase those clicks.

Be Consistent

Currently, I have my Tailwind set up to pin roughly 50 times/day. I am still in the trial and error stage but so far my Pinterest monthly viewers have been going up every day (even while leaving many group boards – more on that later). Right now I suggest 50 scheduled pins/day as the best number. I am going to do some more playing around with my account but I will keep you posted if that suggestion changes 🙂


Consistently pin 80% OTHER peoples pins and 20% your own.


While this isn’t a COMPLETE list of all the ways you can increase your Pinterest monthly viewers it’s a great start. If you start implementing these few simple things into your Pinterest account I feel confident saying you will see an increase in your Pinterest monthly viewers and hopefully, in turn, more blog page views.


If you have any questions (or any additional tips to increase Pinterest monthly viewers!) feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email at [email protected]


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pinterest monthly viewers


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