10 Oversized Blazer Outfit Ideas

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The women’s oversized blazer outfit trend is still going full steam in 2021. If you love the trend but aren’t quite sure how to style a blazer, you’re in luck! Today I’m sharing 10 of the best (and easiest) oversized blazer outfit ideas!


How do you style an oversized blazer? There are actually more ways than you might think. While several looks are quite edgy you can definitely find ways to keep a more subdued look as well.


Whether you’re looking for a blazer outfit for work, date night, or a casual weekend, you’ll be sure to find some of the combinations below.


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Best Oversized Blazer Outfit Ideas

When searching for oversized blazers online don’t be surprised if you keep finding blazers labeled “boyfriend blazer”.


What is a boyfriend blazer? The term “boyfriend” is meant to insinuate that it looks like you’re wearing your boyfriend’s blazer, ie: an oversized/loose fit. It’s the same thing as an oversized blazer.


If you love boyfriend blazers but are stumped on how to style one, check out these 10 chic and easy oversized blazer outfit ideas.


1.) An Oversized Blazer With Jeans & Ankle Strap Heels

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Adding sexy heels is a great way to balance out an oversized blazer outfit. Whether you pair your blazer with fitted jeans or a pair that’s a loose fit, ankle straps heels will polish off the outfit in a sleek and sexy way.


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2.) With A Coordinating Skirt or Dress

If you’re into the matchy-matchy look, check out the latest trend – a coordinating skirt set or dress with an oversized blazer. This look is definitely not for someone who’s shy but if you’re into bold and attention-grabbing outfits, this is just that.


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3.) An Oversized Blazer & Bodycon Dress

This is my all-time favorite way to wear an oversized blazer. There is just something so chic about the 2 completely different fits and how they complement one another. A bodycon dress is a sexy vibe while an oversized blazer adds just enough cool factor.


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4.) With Bike Shorts

Whether you love or hate the bike shorts trend one thing is for sure, it’s here to stay. Throw on an oversized blazer and combat boots for an edgy look or add a statement back and strappy heels for date night.


5.) Oversized Blazer With Shorts & Boots

Love a more county look? Try pairing your boyfriend blazer with a pair of denim cutoffs and pointy knee-high boots for some rodeo vibes. Throw on your favorite statement necklace and a good belt to polish off the look.


6.) With A Turtleneck & Mini Skirt

A classic turtleneck is something every woman should have in her closet. But you shouldn’t feel confined to pairing turtlenecks with other full-coverage items. If you’re completely covered up top with a turtleneck and oversized blazer, add a mini skirt for some sex appeal. Complete the look with your favorite pair of shoes, whether it’s strappy heels, booties, mules, pumps, or knee-high boots. The options are almost endless.


7.)  A Crop Top & Statement Bag

Sometimes the simplest outfits have the biggest impact. An oversized blazer with a statement bag takes a simple jeans and crop top look from boring to girl boss in 2 seconds.


8.) An Oversized Blazer With Statement Boots

Your blazer doesn’t have to steal the show. If you like to let your shoes do the talking, pair your blazer with statement boots/shoes and keep the rest of your attire simple.


9.) Business Casual Style

Dressing for work doesn’t have to be boring. There are plenty of oversized blazers with work-appropriate prints and fits. When striving for business casual, look for a boyfriend blazer that’s plaid or solid in a neutral color and pair with fitted pants and a sweater to keep some structure.


10.) Oversized Blazer Dress

Last but not least you can wear your oversized blazer with…..nothing at all. A major fashion statement? YES! An oversized blazer dress is sexy and certainly exudes confidence and if you feel comfortable wearing one, GO FOR IT GIRL!


While there are oversized blazer dresses you can also just wear a traditional oversized blazer and use one of your own belts to turn it into an oversized blazer dress. Below are a few good belt options for doing so.


What can I wear with an oversized blazer?

As shown above, there are plenty of options for styling an oversized blazer. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the styles listed above.

  • a coordinating skirt/dress/shorts
  • bike shorts and a crop top
  • jeans and a bodysuit
  • jeans and a turtleneck
  • a bodycon dress for date night
  • with cutoff shorts & boots
  • with nothing but a belt
  • fitted pants and a sweater for work
  • crop top & statement bag


If you don’t get easily overwhelmed check out the insane selection of oversized blazers on the Asos website. There are just about 1,000 for women! Here are just a few.


How Do I Choose An Oversized Blazer?

Here are a few tips for choosing the best oversized blazer for your frame:

1 – Keep your height in mind. If you’re tall, consider checking out blazers in the men’s department! A blazer labeled oversized in women’s might not give you the look you’re going for. Don’t be afraid to look on the men’s racks to get the exact look you want. On the flip side, if you’re petite, it’s a good idea to look for traditional size blazers in 1-s sizes up from what you would normally order.


2 – Plan on cuffing the sleeves. An oversized blazer is meant to be just said, oversized. Be prepared to cuff the sleeves and don’t cross a blazer off the list because you think it’s “too” oversized.


3 – Stick to plaids & neutrals. A boyfriend blazer will already draw attention. You don’t need crazy prints or standout colors to make it pop. Plus, you’ll have way more styling options if you keep it neutral.


4 – Know the fit of the pieces you plan to pair it with. When shopping for an oversized blazer it’g best practice to already have an idea of what you plan to pair it with. Going with a pair of fitted pants, bodycon dress, or bike shorts? Then you can go even more oversized with your boyfriend blazer. Pairing it with looser/baggier clothes? Keep it less oversized.


5 – Choose your style. A boyfriend blazer can be single-breasted, double-breasted, and can have a notched, peak, or shawl lapel. Decide which style you prefer and limit your search to exactly the look/fit you want.


That’s it for the best oversized blazer outfit ideas! Hopefully, you found some inspiration for your next boyfriend blazer outfit and some tips to help style your look.


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