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Now that I’m nearing my mid-thirties it’s finally struck me that I really need to take better care of my skin. I’m actually embarrassed to say that in college I had a tanning membership and would religiously tan 3x/week. O.M.G….. how I wish I could turn back time.


I wouldn’t consider myself to be a beauty product or cosmetics guru but I do enjoy finding new products that work well with my skin. When I got the opportunity to try the PMD – Personal Microderm I was really excited but also a bit nervous… The claims? To smooth and brighten skin and to reduce the look of fine lines/wrinkles, blemishes, and enlarged pores.


I guess I would consider myself lucky considering I spent so many years in a tanning bed because I don’t think that my skin is all that bad. I do however have a few spots that I knew I wanted to focus on.

So let’s start here…


Personal Microderm Kit

pmd microderm

pmd microderm tool

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What is the PMD – Personal Microderm and How Does it Work?

The PMD is a device that uses spinning discs to exfoliate away dead skin. Removing the dead skin causes new cell growth which stimulates your skin so that it has a more youthful glow. Most importantly the device works with no dangerous chemicals or products. It’s simply regenerating your own skin cells in a safe, convenient way.


The device comes equipped with several “levels” of exfoliation discs. (I started with the most gentle and each week worked my way up and I recommend you do this, too). You choose your disc, insert it into the PMD, and then plug it in.  You want to make sure that your skin is pulled taut and gently move the PMD across your skin. Just make sure you only go over each area once as it can be irritating to do it more then that.

My Before And After Results

If you read the information given with your product you will see that results take time. It’s suggested to use the product for 8-12 weeks before you start seeing a real difference. I’m only on week 4 but I can tell you that I am happy with my results so far.

Below I’m sharing my current before and after photos. I realllllyyyy don’t like close-up pictures – I am not photogenic AT ALL and I obviously have no makeup on in these so please, be kind LOL. I am being super vulnerable here!

Above I mentioned there were a few spots I wanted to put my focus on… I am a HORRIBLE squinter. I don’t wear sunglasses enough and I have very sensitive eyes. Because of this (and surely coupled with my years of tanning) I have 1 deep wrinkle in between my eyes that drives me I N S A N E. Although the PMD isn’t meant for deep wrinkles I figured I would at least keep an eye on it to see if it helps. I also have some fine lines at the sides of my eyes so I wanted to focus on that area as well.


close up

What I have noticed so far from using the PMD:

  • My skin is smoother, especially my forehead and cheekbones.
  • Some uneven spots/blemishes have started to fade.

I haven’t noticed a major difference yet in fine lines/wrinkles but again, I have only been using the device for 4 weeks out of the recommended 8-12. Before I began using the device I asked some friends what their thoughts were and they swore by it so I’m hoping after a few more weeks I’ll start to see even more change. Below is a photo after 4 weeks using the device.


pmd results

I took this photo as soon as I got out of the shower so please excuse the unbrushed hair 🙂

If you’ve considered using the PMD Personal Microderm or have any questions about it you can read and shop right here.

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If you have used a Microderm I want to hear your thoughts! Did it work for you? How long did you use it?

PMD Beauty Personal Microderm

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