Second Trimester Essentials

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Now that I’ve been out of my 2nd trimester for 3 weeks I think it’s about time I share some of my second-trimester essentials!


Second Trimester Essentials

Luckily, I’ve still had a great pregnancy so far. I haven’t even needed to break out my pregnancy pillow (yet) although I do feel like the time is nearing very soon.


The second trimester is generally the most comfortable but there are still a few things that I’ve always loved having just to make things that much easier so today I want to share some with you.

Second Trimester Essentials


  • Humidifier/Diffuser: One of the strangest things about pregnancy is that your hormones can cause sinus swelling. Lucky me, I have had it this entire pregnancy 🙂 I’ve found that one of the best remedies is to use my diffuser at night with a blend of oils known to help with allergies & inflammation.


If you’re not big into oils no biggie, you can also try a good ol’ humidifier! My sinuses got to a point where it was waking me up all night long so now I keep the diffuser on and set it to go off an hour or so after I’ve been asleep.


  • A good bra: Seriously. My boobs have already doubled in size and I haven’t even started nursing yet. Be sure to get a good bra with proper support. I personally love the Victoria’s Secret T-Shirt Lightly Lined ones. If you don’t like underwire they also make them wireless!


  • Tums: With the second trimester often comes the dreaded heartburn. When space becomes tight food and acid can start making their way up your throat causing that uncomfortable burn. It often happens when you’re lying down but can really occur at any time.


Tums definitely help to alleviate the pain and I remember keeping them handy on my night table during my last pregnancy. The mint flavored tums, in particular, seem to provide the best relief.


  • Dresses: As you get bigger and bigger pulling pants on and off becomes a sport. I much prefer to wear dresses – especially during the hot months. They’re so much more convenient and don’t have the band that comes up over the belly (making you even hotter). Some of my favorites are below.



  • Comfortable Sneakers: I know it seems like common sense but most women who have issues with swelling tend to notice it become much more in the second and third trimesters. A good pair of sneakers can help keep your feet and legs from becoming even more swollen.


While they’re on the pricey side I absolutely love the Adidas Boost. (I also wear them to work out – you can see them in this pregnancy workout post.) This pair is similar, a bit more affordable and I love the color options! If these don’t catch your eye here are a few others that I own and love!



  • Maternity Belt – During the second trimester, many women begin to complain of lower back and/or SI Joint Pain. I’ve struggled with chronic SI Joint problems ever since I had my first pregnancy and I can tell you it’s not fun.


I got an SI Joint Stabilizer Belt from my chiropractor and it definitely helps. If you don’t want to go to a chiropractor or Dr. for this problem there are still plenty of options at several retailers. I prefer ones that go UNDER the belly so that is what I  linked here!


That’s it for my second-trimester essentials!


The good news is that since the second trimester always seems to be the easiest there are fewer items most people tend to need.


Do you have any second-trimester essentials that aren’t on this list?


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