Shein Bathing Suit Review 2021

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A Shein bathing suit review was a must this year because let me tell you – finding a quality bathing suit that fits well and isn’t a zillion dollars is damn near impossible.


Many of the swimsuit styles this year are either skimpy as can be or $200+…. and I’m not about it. So, I decided to order some Shein swimsuits and be the guinea pig so you guys could all reap the benefits LOL.


Shein Bathing Suit Review


What is Shein?

Shein is a fast-fashion online brand that is based out of China. They offer tons of clothing items at insanely low prices (like $4 for a shirt) as well as accessories, shoes, and more. People often wonder if Shein is legit because their prices just seem to good to be true…. and sometimes they are.


However, you can get score some great finds on the site if you do your homework first! Today I’m sharing 7 of the Shein bathing suits I ordered with a breakdown of each one and whether I do/don’t recommend it.


First, let’s go over the swimsuits I received, and then I’ll answer some important questions at the end.


For reference – I’m 5’4″, 32D chest, and have a long torso.

pink strappy bikini - shein bathing suit review

Triangle Strappy High Waisted Bikini – Wearing a medium

I absolutely LOVE the style of this bikini. The top is very comfortable and I love that it ties around the neck. It fits me really well and has s support enough for my size. The bottoms are sexy without being insanely revealing however, the front private area was too snug for my liking.


Final Verdict: Returned


white bikini and cover up

White Halter Bikini – Wearing a medium | Cover-Up is One Size Fits All

Let me just start by saying this cover is up probably my favorite swimsuit cover-up of all time. I have it ruched pretty high on the side but you can definitely take that down quite a bit lower if you are taller than me or just prefer a longer fit. It’s mesh so it’s very breathable/lightweight and the side cinching is super flattering. 10/10 recommend.


The bikini itself is nice as well. The top was a little big for me but the bottoms fit perfectly. It also has a little bit of glitter that you can’t really see in the stock photo or in my photo here.


Final Verdict: Shein Bathing Suit Cover up: Keeper! | Bikini: Returned


pink and grey bikini

Graphic Ring Linked Bikini – Wearing a Medium 

I was soooo excited about this suit and I was disappointed that the top was too small for me. The quality is great and the coloring is absolutely beautiful. I love the combo of pale pink and grey and the design is so different than any other suit I’ve seen recently.


If you have a smaller chest this bikini would probably work well for you but if you are a D cup I think you might find it to be small as well. I read other reviews about the top sizing being off as well so I would look for some that match your cup size and see what they thought!


Final Verdict: Returned


black bikini

Contrast Mesh Push-Up Underwire Bikini | Wearing a medium

Sadly this swimsuit was a no. It was good quality but the top was sooooo small. I think it would be best suited for an A cup or a small B. The bottoms are sexy for sure and stay in place (which is a good thing because there isn’t a ton of fabric here, lol!)


Final Verdict: Returned


brown ribbed bikini

Brown Ribbed Bikini – Wearing a Medium

The fabric on this suit was great however, the fit of the shoulders was awkward and uncomfortable. The material is great and the ribbed design is super chic but I know I wouldn’t wear it because of the weird shoulder straps. Also, it’s labeled “high-waisted” but I don’t even think this would be high-waisted for someone with a short torso. It’s definitely more of a mid-waist fit.


Final Verdict: Returned


black strappy bikini - shein swimsuit review

Crisscross Wrap Lace Up Bikini – Wearing a Medium

If you’re looking for a sexy suit this is it!!!! I love the style of this bathing suit but I will tell you – if you’re looking for something supportive – you won’t find that with this top. This top doesn’t offer support whatsoever and is best suited for sitting poolside – definitely not swimming but…. it’s so unique and I love the bottoms! They are comfortable and you can adjust them with the bottom tie.


Final Verdict: Keeper. I will find somewhere to wear this lol!


black strappy bikini - shein bathing suit review

Underwire Bikini Top – Wearing a Medium | Bottoms are from set above

This top is another super sexy option! I love the underwire detail and the halter style. I haven’t seen anything quite like this anywhere else. This top comes with matching bottoms but also comes as a separate. I wasn’t a fan of the bottoms so I just purchased the top and paired it with the bottoms from the other suit. Worked perfectly! It also comes in 9 colors if you want to pair it with something you already have 🙂


Final Verdict: It’s a keeper!


neon and black bikini - shein bathing suit review

Contrast High Cut Bikini – Wearing a Medium

If you prefer a more modest style this suit is a great option. However, it’s considered “high-cut” but isn’t even close to being high cut on me. The fabric is high quality and it looks exactly as pictured in the stock photo. This one fits true to size and can definitely be worn for swimming, unlike some of the others.

Final Verdict: It’s a keeper!


brown bikini

Harness High Waisted Bikini – Wearing a Medium

The bottoms of this suit hit me exactly where I was hoping/expecting and fit true to size. I find that the top runs a bit large. I’m a 32D and the medium was a bit loose for me. It’s comfortable and good quality – definitely not see-through. Sadly, I sent this one back because the top was just too big and I thought the small bottoms would be too small if I went down a size.


Final Verdict: Returned


As you can see I returned about half of what I purchased. Some I returned because they were too big and others because they were too small. None of them seemed like they were terrible quality but the sizing was definitely not consistent from one suit to the next.


Shein Bathing Suit Review – FAQ’s


Do Shein bathing suits run small?

Across the board – no. In my experience some fit small, some fit large, and some just fit awkward. However, there were a few that fit true to size as well. I highly recommend reading reviews for exact details on sizing. If you have a big/small chest for example a suit may be great for you that wasn’t right for me. I think the big takeaway with Shein bathing suit sizing is that it’s just inconsistent from swimsuit to swimsuit.


Are Shein bathing suits good quality?

All the bathing suits I tried on were good quality. Some were made of a thicker material than others but that also has something to do with the style. I wouldn’t say that the price is reflective of the quality. I got some great suits for $9!


Shein bathing suit return policy

Shein returns can be made within 45 days of the purchase date.  I had no problems returning the suits that didn’t work for me. You can either print the pre-paid label provided (deduction will be made for postage) or you can print your own label.


Shein bathing suits for big busts

Since I’m only a 32D I can’t say from experience that Shein offers a ton of great suits for larger sizes. However, they do have offer bathing suits in sizes up to 5XL (22) so mixing and matching could be an option if you have a bigger chest and smaller bottom (or vice versa).


Shein Swimsuit Review Final Thoughts

Of all the Shein swimsuits I tried on roughly 50% were wins and 50% were fails. To be quite honest I’ve had more success at Shein than at Target so I would say it’s definitely worth trying out a few. My suggestion would be to order enough to at least get the free shipping – that way you don’t feel like you lost out on a whole lot if you have to return a few.


I’d also suggest scrolling through ALL the reviews on each swimsuit you plan to purchase. A lot of people add photos when leaving their reviews and this can be especially helpful if you’re wondering what a suit might look like on someone with a similar shape/size.


Overall I would say yes – give Shein swimsuits a try at least once. It didn’t take long for my order to arrive and if you throw in the 99 cent shipping guarantee you don’t have to worry about it getting lost in travel.


I hope you found this Shein bathing suit review helpful and maybe even found a swimsuit that you love!


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