Shein Review 2021 – Is Shein Legit?

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Is Shein legit? I mean, with their insanely low prices, how can someone NOT wonder if the clothes are complete garbage?


Today I’m sharing my Shein review, some of my personal purchases, and my thoughts on whether or not it’s worth it to shop at Shein. I had a TON of questions myself prior to ordering through the site, so I thought it would be helpful to do a Shein review to share what I’ve learned since going through the process.


If you’re like me and you’re not about that wasting-money life, let’s get into this 100% honest Shein review.


shein review

Shein Review

What is Shein?

Shein is an online women’s clothing site that sells clothes, shoes, and accessories at extremely low prices.


While Shein has recently added men’s apparel, home decor, kitchen and dining products, bath accessories, storage/organizing items, bedding, and even lighting, women’s clothing is still the bulk of the brand’s site.


Grey Dress | Hooded Plaid Coat | Ribbed Shorts Set | Batwing Cardigan


Since Shein is known for their incredibly low prices on clothing, it leads most people to wonder… is Shein legit?


Is Shein Legit?

My answer to this is yes….as long as you shop the site a certain way. Later in this post, I’ll share my top 5 tips for shopping on the Shein site to ensure you have a positive shopping experience.


For now, I want to share some details about Shein itself, some Shein outfit purchases I’ve made, and what you can expect when shopping on the site.


Shein review

Jacket (Wearing a small)


Here’s a jacket I purchased last year from Shein. Is it the highest quality? No. But for $21 I wasn’t really expecting this to be the finest coat in my closet. Even though it’s not the absolute highest quality coat I’ve ever owned, I would still 100% recommend it.


This coat is soft, fits true to size, the price is incredibly affordable and it goes with just about anything. I wear it with leggings like above, but I’ve also worn it with jeans and booties. It looks great either way.


And just in case you haven’t clicked that link above yet for the jacket, I’ll tell ya – it’s also available on Amazon via another seller, which leads me to my next topic.


Many Shein items are available on Amazon

Many Shein items are actually available on Amazon. Shocker, I know. Amazon sells everything. This is the best way to get around having to potentially pay to ship an item back to Shein if you order directly from their site. Most Shein items on Amazon ship prime with free return shipping.


The downside is that Amazon doesn’t have EVERY single item that Shein offers on their site. You would just have to check Amazon for the exact items you’re looking for and hope that it’s there.


Here’s how to find Shein clothing on Amazon:

Head over to Amazon and make sure the drop-down is either set to “All” or “Clothing, shoes & jewelry”. Once you’ve made sure the drop-down is set correctly, just type in Shein + the name of the item you’re looking for.


Shein review


Alternatively, you can just type in “Shein” and when the page loads, hover over to the left-hand side where it says “brands” and check off where it say’s “Shein”. All Shein items that are available on Amazon will load.


From here you can narrow down your search by Amazon prime, department, clothing type, and average customer review.


Shein review

Women’s Jacket (Wearing a small) | Kids Jacket (Fit true to size)


Here are 2 more jackets I’ve purchased from Shein in the last year or so. Obviously, as you can tell from the photo, Shein also sells some kid’s apparel.


Both jackets fit true to size and are extremely soft. While they aren’t exact matches, we love being able to have jackets with a similar look. The kid’s jacket is very warm, the adult style isn’t as insulating. If you’re looking for something to keep you really warm, this probably isn’t it, but they are really good quality.


Our leggings and boots are not from Shein but you can find them below.


Uggs | Adult Leggings | Kids Boots | Kids Leggings 


Where is Shein Located?

Shein is located in China. However, Shein has warehouses in the USA, Europe, and China.


Where does Shein ship from?

Shein shipments may come from any one of the locations mentioned above.


How long does Shein shipping take?

Shein shipping can take several weeks. Currently, I have items in my cart with standard shipping and the estimated arrival date is over 3 weeks away. If I upgrade to express shipping ($12.90) it says it will be delivered 3 days sooner….not worth it in my opinion, especially since there is no guarantee.


However, I have ordered items from Shein and received them within a week. You just never know.


If you need something for a special occasion or a certain date, I highly recommend purchasing the items way in advance.


woman wearing an oversized striped dress and tan knee high boots.

Dress (no longer available)

Here’s another dress I snagged from Shein this year. It’s good quality, very comfortable, and fits true to size. It is meant to be oversized so I was happy to find that it was oversized without somehow swallowing my whole body.


Sadly, this exact dress is no longer available, but I linked some similar ones below. This dress is another perfect example of a great Shein outfit purchase I made on Amazon.


Drop Shoulder Tee Dress | Mock Neck Bodycon Sweater Dress | Drop Shoulder Sweater Dress

Is Shein clothing good quality?

I’ve personally had good experiences in terms of quality when shopping at Shein but honestly, I think it’s just a gamble.


Let me be clear – you are not going to get top-of-the-line fabrics here. I certainly wouldn’t recommend getting your bridal shower dress at Shein (though that’s totally up to you) or a gown for a formal event, but if we’re talking about everyday casual wear, basics, etc., even a holiday party, the quality is just fine.


Here’s a dress I grabbed for Easter a few years back. It’s adorable and still available on the site so my guess is that it’s a pretty hot seller. It has an (almost) perfect 5-star rating from 530 reviewers. I’m big on reviews so that holds a lot of weight for me.


woman wearing a pink lace dress

Lace Dress (Wearing XS – it runs large)


This dress is only $12. You likely won’t find a good quality dress for $12 anywhere else. The details are adorable and it’s held up great. Even if you need some alterations you’re still paying far less than you would at just about any other retailer.


What is Shein’s return policy?

Ok, so understanding the Shein return policy is important. Return shipping on your FIRST ORDER is free. Any returns on orders made after that require you to pay the $7.99 return shipping fee.


Now, this is of course totally up to you, but I refuse to pay return shipping. Like ever. This is another reason I highly recommend looking for Shein items through Amazon before ordering directly from the Shein site.


Shein used to have a shipping insurance option where you could return anything if you paid a $1.99 insurance fee, but that doesn’t seem to be available anymore. It was a really great feature and I’m bummed it doesn’t seem to be available anymore. I can only imagine it was being used a LOT.


Although not all free, Shein does make returns easy by having a return label right in your account from where you ordered your item. You just have to go to “my orders” then “return items”. Here you’ll find a label that you can print out and use to ship your item back.


Here are some more hot sellers from Shein with great reviews

Tee & Biker Shorts Set | Cami Top & Pants Set | Tie Dye Set | Cami & Split Skirt Set


How is Shein clothing so cheap?

Since Shein clothing is made overseas, there really is no way to know what the working conditions are like for the employees making their items. Their wages could be far less than what we would consider acceptable in the US, and therefore, Shein is able to keep its prices extremely low.

Is Shein ethical?

I don’t know anyone who directly works for the company so unfortunately, I’m not sure.


Is Shein true to size?

I couldn’t complete this Shein review without talking about the sizing inconsistencies. Personally, I’ve found about 90% of Shein clothing to run small. The pink lace dress in this post is definitely the 1 exception where I’ve had an article of their clothing actually run big. I always recommend reading the reviews especially when it comes to sizing while also taking note of the size chart for a particular item.


Even if you are normally an XS and the Shein measurements say to get an XL, get the XL. Chances are, it runs as small as the measurements say it does.


Tips For Shopping Shein Clothing Online

Here are some tips to help you have a positive Shein shopping experience:


  1. Read reviews – Reading reviews is key. Definitely look for reviews with images as you’ll get the most info from them. But, be wary of super generic reviews. Paid reviews are a thing these days, as pathetic as that sounds. Stick to reviews that sound like someone genuinely wrote it for the sake of helping someone out.
  2. Check size charts – Shein clothing sizing isn’t the same as US sizing. Be sure to check the measurements for every item as they vary from piece to piece.
  3. Use a promo code – Shein is almost ALWAYS running some sort of promo. Usually, you’ll see it as a banner right at the top of the site when you visit their homepage.
  4. Check the material info – Be sure to read the description to see what the fabric is made of.


There are definitely pros and cons to shopping on the Shein site. Here are some of the most important to take into account.



  • Super affordable – You can find many dresses, tops, handbags, etc. under $10 and even under $10.
  • Free shipping
  • Promo in addition to already low prices



  • Inconsistent sizing
  • Inconsistent quality
  • Shipping can take long


Here’s another item I purchased on Amazon this year that’s from Shein. I have no complaints about it. It’s a longer fit as shown in the photo and it’s extremely comfortable for throwing over just about anything.


And just like reading a Shein review on the actual Shein site, be sure to do the same on Amazon!


Is Shein reliable?

I would say for the most part yes, Shein is reliable, But again, I highly recommend searching for Shein clothing on Amazon first. If you cannot find it on Amazon, then head to the Shein site and follow all the tips above.


woman wearing a fuzzy fleece cardigan

Contrast Stripe Trim Hoodie


Is Shein safe for credit cards?

I’ve always used my credit card when shopping at Shein. However, if you aren’t comfortable doing so, you can also use Paypal. Paypal is pretty good about clearing up issues when shopping, even if it’s with a company based in another country (in the event a problem arises).


Popular & Best Selling Shein Items

Some Shein clothing categories tend to get way better reviews than others. Here are a few of the most popular and best-selling.


Graphic/Oversized Tees




pink strappy bikini

Are Shein Swimsuits good quality?

I JUST ordered a bunch of Shein swimsuits and you can check out my Shein Bathing Suit Review right here!


What I like about the Shein swim selection is that almost all their suits come in several color options. There are over 5,300 bathing suits on their site so their selection is extremely large.

Shein Activewear

Shein is known for their cheap, trendy clothes, but more recently they’ve also added activewear to their site. I can’t speak to the quality of these items as I’ve never tried them myself but some of the styles look similar to GymShark.


As mentioned in the tips above, I highly recommend checking to see what fabric is used. No one wants a pair of thin, see-through leggings while doing squats at the gym.



Shein Maternity

Shein has some seriously chic maternity clothes. From sexy 2-piece sets to dresses, bike shorts, tank tops, and everything in between, Shein’s got it all. If you’re anything like me, you don’t want to spend a fortune on something you know you’ll be wearing for a very brief period of time. I highly recommend checking out Shein for maternity clothes for this exact reason.


Shirred Waist Dress | Rib Knit Crop &  Skirt Set | Flounce Sleeve Dress | Swiss Dot Peplum Top


Shein Curve & Plus

Shein also offers a curve & plus category with sizes ranging from 0XL (US 12) to 5XL (US22). You can shop this category by style, trend, clothing category, etc. There is quite a bit to choose from which I don’t think is all that common from many other retailers. Many of the items in the smaller sizes are also available in the curve & plus section at Shein.


There is also a Lookbook in the curves & plus section where you can see Shein clothes being worn and styled by people who own the actual items.


Cami Dress | One Shoulder Swimsuit |  Tie-Dye V-Neck | Cami & Split-Hem Skirt Set


Shein Men

Shein’s selection of men’s apparel is quite large. However, if preppy, classic apparel is more your man’s style, Shein might not be the place for him.


Shein does carry basic tees, shorts, bathing suits, etc., but the bulk of their apparel is like the women’s, trendy and edgy. Their jeans consist of mostly skinny, tapered, and harem style pants. You’ll find lots of tie-dye tees, graphics, embroidery, etc.


Board Shorts |Tees | Joggers | Trucker Jacket


Shein Kids

I don’t like to spend a lot of money on my kid’s clothes because they get destroyed so quickly. Shein is a great place to shop for them for this exact reason. They do carry quite a few items I wouldn’t have my daughter wear (lots of crop tops, etc.), but they also have plenty of items that are great for her. From pajamas to bathing suits, loungewear, dresses, and more, there’s a huge selection.


Striped Set | Ruffle Romper | Pullover Teddy | Tie Dye Twist Hem Tee

Shein Reviews From The BBB

There are TONS of negative Shein reviews on the BBB website. I took a peek through to read them for myself and many of them focused on the fact that Shein is nearly impossible to get ahold of.


Luckily, I haven’t had this problem as I’ve never had the need to contact Shein customer service. However, if you’re concerned about a package getting lost in the mail (that’s what many of the reviews on the BBB are about), that’s something to think about. This is why I suggest using Paypal to pay for your order as I’ve had great experiences with Paypal helping in these kinds of situations.


Shein Review Final Thoughts

I wouldn’t recommend getting staple items like good white tees and jeans you’ll wear on repeat all year long from Shein. Instead, I’d stick to trendy items you might wear here and there – think tops and tanks with pompom details, tassels, etc. These items are in right now, but will they be in still next year? Who knows. Shein is good for these kinds of items as their brand is fast-fashion.


Overall, if you’re looking for some cute and trendy clothes that you don’t expect to last you an eternity, I recommend giving Shein a try.


Overall, I would say that shopping for Shein clothing is just a gamble. You can score some really great deals, but don’t be surprised if you also find a few duds. Just be sure to follow the tips above for the best shopping experience.


If you have any other tips for shopping Shein clothing or had a different experience than me, I’d love to hear below.


That’s it for this Shein review! If you enjoyed this article, be sure to check out some of the similar posts below.


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