The Best Shoes For Red Dresses 2022

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Best Shoes For Red Dresses


Whether it’s a form-fitting bodycon dress or a hi-low maxi dress, one thing is for sure – a good red dress always makes a statement. But what color shoes go with red dresses?


While choosing the fit of a red dress is simply a personal preference, figuring out what color shoes to wear with a red dress is a bit more challenging.


However, there are actually way more options out there than you might think. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to a holiday party or just heading out for a date night, there are plenty of shoes for red dresses.


red dress with nude heels


Without wasting any time let’s get right into this list of the best color shoes for red dresses!


Red Dress With Black Shoes

Black is a go-to for many people regardless of what color dress is being worn. Why? Because it’s easy and foolproof. If you feel uncertain about what color shoes to wear with your red dress, black is always a safe way to go.


Not only can black shoes work with a red dress for a holiday look or formal event, but they can also be great for everyday wear. Pair black stilettos with a formal dress for a special event or swap them out for boots and booties for the workplace.

Black shoes don’t stop there. If you want to try out the dress and sneaker trend, look for a pair of black sneakers that are simple so they don’t take the attention away from your dress.

Black Slip-On Sneakers

Or, go the total opposite direction and wear a chunky pair of combat boots to give your red dress some edge. No matter what style you prefer, you can almost always make black shoes work.


Shop Black Shoes For Red Dresses


Red Dress With Gold Shoes

Gold shoes are another great option for a red dress. If you’re going to a formal event, you can’t go wrong with gold strappy sandals or stiletto heels.

Shop Gold Shoes For Red Dresses


Want to be dressed up but prefer a closed-toe shoe? Try gold pumps. Not only are they classy but you can often find them with a little something extra like a snakeskin embossment or rhinestone embellishment.


Shop Gold Pumps For Red Dresses


Red Dress With Nude Shoes

One of my favorite ways to style a red dress is to pair it with nude shoes. But what color is nude? Nude varies from person to person.


If your skin color is darker you’ll want to stick with a darker nude. If your skin is fair you’ll want to stick with a lighter nude. Nude helps to create long lean lines so getting a nude color that blends well with your skin is the way to go. Nude booties, pumps, sandals, and strappy heels all work well with a red dress.

Shop Nude Shoes For Red Dresses


One of the most popular trends right now is the nude sock bootie. A pair like these will certainly help to elongate the legs and create a long lean look from head to toe.


Red Dress With Red Shoes

Can You Wear Red Shoes With A Red Dress? Totally! Red on red is a sexy, sleek look. It’s bold and exudes confidence. One important thing to note is that it may be harder to find a perfect match.


A true red will be much easier to match with red shoes. If your dress is more of a burgundy or wine color it might be harder to find shoes of an identical color. There are certainly burgundy shoes but the options are much more limited, depending on the style you prefer.

Shop Red Shoes For Red Dresses


Red Dress With White Shoes

A red dress pairs perfectly with white shoes for a brighter summer look. White shoes come in so many different styles from mules to wedges, slides, sneakers, and flats.

Look how this seemingly “dressy” dress instantly turns casual with a simple pair of white sneakers. If you’re looking for a comfortable pair that are of great quality I highly recommend this pair. They are extremely comfortable and already have a slight grunge look, so you don’t have to worry about keeping them spotless.


Shop White Sneakers


Or, stick with strappy white sandals like above to wear with a summer wedding guest dress.


Check out these white heels that are available for under $40. The studded stiletto heel gives them an edgy yet chic vibe. They’re gorgeous!


Shop White Shoes For Red Dresses


Red Dress With Silver Shoes

Silver shoes are another popular option for pairing with red dresses. An added bonus is that silver shoes also look great with black, navy, and green dresses.


These heels by Steve Madden are the perfect dressy option with their textured snakeskin design and sky-high stiletto heel. These heels would look great with a red cocktail dress or a ball gown, but would also pair beautifully with a pair of skinny jeans and a blouse for date night.


Bonus: They’re under $45 and this particular retailer almost always has discounts you can stack on top of already low prices and sale prices.


Shop Silver Shoes For Red Dresses


Red Dress With Brown Shoes

A burgundy sweater dress looks great with a pair of brown boots or booties, like above. I personally don’t prefer a traditional red with brown shoes simply because I feel there are much better options out there.


Shop Brown Boots For Red Dresses


Red Dress With Blue Shoes

If you want to step outside of the box try a pair of blue shoes with your red dress. While pairing blue and red is a common combo, the right blue hue can really take your outfit up a notch and give it a creative twist.


Shop Blue Shoes For Red Dresses


Red Dress With Snakeskin Or Floral Shoes

A fun spin on your red dress ensemble is to add a pair of snakeskin or patterned shoes. Whether you prefer knee-high boots, stiletto heels, booties, or pumps, there are plenty of options to choose from.


A pair of floral sandals like these that feature a hint of red would be a beautiful complement to a red dress. These heels seem super popular via purchasers and they also come in a gorgeous satin red option.


Shop Snakeskin & Floral Shoes For Red Dresses


What color accessories match with a red dress?

I happen to be of the opinion that less is more when it comes to accessorizing a red dress. A bold red dress should (and will) do all the talking if you let it!


Instead of going overboard with jewelry and a gaudy bag, keep it simple. Opt for silver or gold hoops or drop earrings. For your handbag try a nude, gold or cream clutch for a formal event or a cream dumpling bag for a more casual event.


This dumpling clutch bag is amaaaaaazing. I highly highly recommend it. It also has a shoulder strap if you prefer to carry your handbags that way.



Red Dress With Pink Shoes

A light pink pops against bright red. If your red dress already has some pink details try pulling them out by adding a pair of pink shoes. The pink shoes above really make the color block design of the dress stand out.

Shop pink shoes for red dresses


Red Dress With Two-Toned And Plaid Shoes

Want to push the fashion envelope? Pair a red dress with a pair of sandals that are two-toned for a wow factor. Gold, black, and snakeskin are the easiest to style but if you find another great combo, give it a whirl!

Shop Two-Toned and Plaid Shoes For Red Dresses


What Color Shoes For Red Dress Summary

What color shoes look best with a red dress? Black, gold, silver, nude, and red are the easiest to style, making them the best shoe options for a red dress. However, other colors such as blue, brown, and two-toned/patterned styles can work as long as you accessorize properly.


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That’s it for this post on the best shoes for red dresses! Hopefully, you found some style inspiration for your next outfit.


If you have any other great shoe pairings for a red dress feel free to drop a comment below so I can add it to this list.


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