Study Space For Kids On A Budget

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Now that our daughter is going into first grade I knew she would need her own study space at home. I wanted to create something that worked for both homework and crafts while being simple yet multi-functional. 


Our kids, like many, love to cut, color, paste, and make messes. My first goal in creating her study space was to find pieces that make staying organized easy for her. 


Secondly, I wanted the furniture and storage to serve several purposes since I know her needs will change over time. 


Lastly, I wanted to do it without spending a fortune! Kids will be kids and things get ruined. I didn’t want to worry about her getting marker on the desk or accidentally scraping something with her scissors. Everything we used to create this space was SUPER affordable and easily accessible at Walmart


Creating A Simple Kids Study Space


kids study space


The most important thing on my list was getting her a desk that was multi-functional. I went with this one for a few reasons. 


  1. It has a drawer (and it’s large)
  2. It has 2 separate cabinets 
  3. It has a corkboard AND magnetic whiteboard
  4. It has 3 sections for organizing books/folders/papers/etc.
  5. It’s very affordable.



kids study space

kids study space


Our girl has a hard time staying organized. I clean up her room a few times a week and within a day, it’s unorganized. Creating a space where she could see everything was key to helping her.


I picked up these clear Super Stacker Supply Boxes for organizing pencils, crayons, glue, paper clips, etc. I love that she can see exactly what’s inside without having to dump everything all over the place. Plus, they easily stack on top of each other allowing her to save space.



kids study space

kids study space


These separators on the top of the desk are perfect for folders, notebooks, drawings, etc. The corkboard is great for all her drawings and artwork so she doesn’t have to pin them to the wall.


She also has her scissors hanging on the corkboard with a thumbtack – another simple way to save space.



kids study space

kids study space


I think one of the best parts about this desk is that it not only has 2 separate cubbies but they also have doors! Realistically I know she isn’t going to keep her desk neat all the time so I’d much rather the mess not spill onto the floor.


Additionally, the cubbies are really big! I grabbed these storage bins for her stickers and small coloring books and they fit perfectly with lots of extra room to spare. 


kids study space



These in-drawer organizers are a game-changer. Kids are famous for shoving stuff in closets and drawers to say they cleaned their room. This is the perfect solution to that problem. There is a home for everything.


I liked these in particular because they actually connect together but can also be used separately. You can rearrange them any way you like and it makes organizing super simple!


kids study space


G’s backpack and outfit are also from Walmart! Her backpack is under $13 and her outfit is under $10. Her capris actually come in a 2-pack for $5 – can’t beat it! 



kids study space


Creating this study space was simple, affordable, and fun for both of us. I always find that Walmart has exactly what I need (and at amazing prices). I’ve been shopping there SO much lately because it seems like they always have what I’m looking for.


Not to mention they have free 2-day delivery with orders over $35. Whether you need school supplies, back to school outfits or pieces to create an at-home study space, Walmart’s got you covered!


I hope this post helps you create a study space for your little one that they can use and enjoy for years to come 🙂 


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kids study space

kids study space


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