Summer Pregnancy Survival Guide

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So you’ve got a summer pregnancy on your hands. I’ve been there twice. Actually…there right now. It’s uncomfortable, exhausting and if you’re in your third trimester it can be downright miserable.


Luckily, since I’ve been down this road before (our second was born September 6tth) I’ve figured out some ways to help stay cool through the hottest time of year. Today I want to share with you my summer pregnancy survival guide so that I can hopefully help you if you happen to be super pregnant this summer!




Summer Pregnancy Survival Guide


1.) Drink plenty of water. This might seem like a no-brainer but if you’re dehydrated before you even step outside it’s going to make it a heck of a lot worse. I’ll admit I’m a big coffee drinker but I try to get in at least 1 full water bottle before I head outside with the kids and then I also bring a few for while we’re gone. Not only will it help to keep you cool but it will also help with swelling and cramping and keep headaches at bay. I use these water bottles for everything, whether I’m at the gym or just running around with the kids all day. They never leak and hold a good amount of water.


2.) Invest in a comfortable bathing suit. If you plan to be at the pool/beach with your kids all summer there is nothing worse than being uncomfortable every time you go. And no, maternity bathing suits aren’t what they use to be! There are some SERIOUSLY cute options out there and I encourage you to find what style suits you best. I personally love sticking to my non-maternity string bikinis because 1. they’re adjustable and you can probably get away with wearing them your entire pregnancy and 2. the less clothes the better 🙂 If you’re not into 2 pieces while pregnant there are some great options at Target, Macy’s, Asos and Nordstrom that are a little (or a lot) less revealing!



3.) Bring an oversized hat wherever you go. Maybe it’s just me but sunglasses make me sweat SO BAD. Not to mention, if you have melasma a hat will help to keep it from getting worse. (you can read my earlier post on melasma here). I bought this $9 hat at the beginning of the summer and it’s really good quality!



4.) Carry a small fan when it’s convenient. 2 years ago when we went to Disney I ordered these stroller fans and they’ve come in handy in so many more ways than one. First – the blades are soft so if you’re kids go to grab them they aren’t going to hurt themselves. Second – they’re made to clip onto a stroller which also makes it easy to clip onto other things (like a beach chair). They’re super lightweight and they just take regular batteries making them perfect for on the go. I suggest keeping one in the car for all those park/beach/pool days!


5.) Dress accordingly. Believe me, I know you still want to look cute even when you’ve got a basketball in your belly. I’m the same way. But finding clothes that are cute AND comfortable/practical is so important. I tend to stick to basics for my day to day wear in the summer because there is nothing worse then being uncomfortable (especially if you’re chasing after toddlers). Earlier this week I shared where I’ve been able to find some of the best maternity pieces at affordable prices and you can read that post right here.



A summer pregnancy doesn’t HAVE to be uncomfortable. Incorporating a few of these simple steps into your daily routine can make such a difference. I think it’s probably ideal for everyone to be pregnant in the cooler months but it just doesn’t always work out that way. Hopefully with a few of these summer pregnancy survival guide tips you can enjoy your pregnancy!


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