5 Teething Relief Tips To Ease Your Baby’s Pain

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I think every parent of an infant googles teething relief tips. It’s such a difficult time for both baby and parent because obviously, our littles can’t communicate what they’re feeling. 

Right now our youngest is 11 months old and he’s cutting his top 2 teeth. I feel so bad for him! He gnaws on pretty much anything he can get his hands on and I can tell he is so uncomfortable. It can be such a difficult and exhausting time for both baby AND parent. 


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teething relief 

Since I’m currently right in the thick of the teething blues, I created this list of teething relief tips to help make the situation a little less daunting. 


Teething Relief Tips To Ease Your Baby’s Pain


1.) Let your baby bite down on your finger.  Wash your hands then bend your finger and let the baby chew on the corner of it! It’s soft, but still hard enough and it seems to give him relief instantly. It’s soothing for babies to be attached to their parents when going through a difficult phase anyway.


2.) Freeze a washcloth. Don’t let it get rock hard frozen, just get it frozen enough that it has a little substance. Let them chew on it until they’re satisfied. A little water never hurt anyone!


Tip: Leave a part of the washcloth dry/unfrozen so they have something comfortable to hold onto.


3.) Find an easy-to-administer product. We love Camilia® by Boiron® because of its single-dose usage. There’s no measuring/mess involved, just pop off the top and administer. It’s flavorless, but our son seems to love it as I’m sure you can tell by the image above lol. Double bonus –  it contains no preservatives because of the single-dose usage. 


Here’s how I plan to keep our kids healthy this school year with other Boiron® products


4.) Stay on top of drool. Luckily, our son hasn’t been drooling too much but it’s very common to see excessive drool during this difficult time. Keeping their face dry will prevent the skin from becoming chapped and causing them even more pain. 


5.)  Give them chilled fruit. Our son loves bananas which happens to be the perfect fruit to use! It’s a bit more tasty then the washcloth, so they might prefer it 🙂 Just be sure to put your baby in clothes you don’t care about getting stained if you happen to use berries. Here’s a super simple recipe to give them a tasty (and good feeling!) treat. 


teething pain

teething symptoms


Teething Symptoms

The best way to help your child is to understand them as much as possible. It can be exceptionally hard to figure out what exactly is wrong with an infant. However, when it comes to teething, there are a few key things to look out for. Here are the ones I’ve found to be most noticeable.


1.) Nighttime wakings. If your little one doesn’t normally get up in the middle of the night then all of a sudden has outbursts, teething could be the culprit. Try using one of the remedies right before bedtime to help them sleep as soundly as possible. I like to combine Boiron® Camilia® with a little finger chewing right before I lay our little guy down. Both are simple, easy and require no clean up.


2.) Constant hand chewing. I’ve noticed that while our son puts a ton of toys in his mouth, he never really puts his hands in his mouth unless he’s teething. Poor guy is probably so desperate for relief!


3.) Excessive drooling. Drooling is one thing, but constant, excessive drooling that leaves skin chapped/chafed is most likely due to teething. Remember to keep the area as dry as possible and keep a gentle healing ointment on hand for prevention.


4.) Irritability. Expectedly your baby will be irritable and often times inconsolable. Take this time to snuggle them and make them as comfortable as possible. Sometimes a good snuggle is enough to ease the pain. 


5.) Cheek rubbing. Think about how you hold your cheek/jaw when you have a toothache. It’s not much different for babies. If your baby is frequently seen touching his cheek you can probably bet he/she is teething!



If you’re interested in going the homeopathic route for teething, you might want to check out some of the other products available from Boiron. They not only offer teething relief products but also products for colds, colic, allergies and more. I personally love their products because of their single-use dosage system that alleviates the need for preservatives. Plus, the fact that I don’t have to measure anything out just makes my life that much easier 🙂 


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