21 Proven Tips For Selling On Poshmark

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I’ve been using Poshmark for 1.5 years now and have made a nice chunk of money with MINIMAL effort. However, I’ve heard many people say that they just can’t seem to make the platform work for them. So today, I’m sharing my 21 best tips for selling on Poshmark.


If you’ve joined Poshmark and listed items only to hear crickets, this post is for you. While selling on the platform isn’t rocket science, there are definitely a few key factors that significantly raise your chances of getting items sold.


These specific tips for selling on Poshmark will teach you exactly how to get your items sold, so you can finally start making money off items that are collecting dust around your house.


Before we dive into all the tips for selling on Poshmark, let’s briefly go over how to get started on the Poshmark platform.


Tips For Selling On Poshmark – Getting Started


How do I get started on Poshmark?

To get started on Poshmark simply create an account with your email and choose a closet name.


Does it cost money to sell clothes on Poshmark?

Nope! Selling on Poshmark is free. Poshmark just takes a commission on each item sold. If you sell an item under $15 Poshmark takes $2.95. Anything you sell that’s $15 or more, Poshmark takes 20% of the sale.


Who pays for shipping on Poshmark?

The buyer pays for Poshmark shipping. Poshmark provides a flat rate of $7.11 for expedited shipping on all orders. However, as a seller, you can offer discounted shipping as part of an incentive to get someone to make a purchase.


How do you make money selling on Poshmark?

Easy! List items you no longer need or want and sell them in your Posh Closet. Poshmark provides the shipping label and you just bring it to the post office or leave it in your mailbox for your carrier.


While listing items is simple, there are important steps to follow to ensure the best return for your time while also getting you the most money.


tips for selling on Poshmark



How do you increase sales on Poshmark? Here are my top 21 tips.


21 Tips For Selling On Poshmark

Take Good Photos

This is one of the most important Poshmark selling tips and I know it might sound basic, but I can’t emphasize enough how important it is. If your photo has poor lighting or is too cluttered, your item won’t stand out. Good photography is crucial when you’re trying to sell something.


Think of the stores you shop at online. The photos are bright and clear with no clutter. There’s a reason for that. You need to be able to grab someone’s attention quickly, otherwise, they’ll keep scrolling to the next listing.


tips for selling on Poshmark


Tips for taking great photos:

  • Take your photos with natural light, for example, near a window. Just be sure that there is no direct sun on your item or harsh shadows in your photo. If your home doesn’t have any great places with natural light, consider investing in a lighting kit.


  • Take your photos in front of a bright, plain/attractive background. The less clutter the better. You don’t have to get crazy with this. A wall with a light paint color, a door, a simple backdrop, all of these could work.


  • This might sound crazy, but if you’re selling clothing on Poshmark, upload images that DON’T have your face in them. It is much easier for someone to visualize an outfit on themselves when they’re not looking at someone else’s face.


  • Make sure your photos are clear. A grainy, poor quality picture of your item is not going to help get it sold. The brightness and sharpness of your photo go hand-in-hand. One without the other won’t help get your item sold.


  • If you can’t seem to take a great photo of your item, try to find the stock photo.


While clear, high-quality images are important, it is equally as important to provide several angles of the same item. I can tell you from experience that people will ask for photos of the bottoms of shoes, the inside of shoes, etc. You’re better off giving your buyer as much information as possible from the get-go for 2 reasons.


  1. It reduces the chances of them looking for a similar item elsewhere
  2. You’ll save time by not having to answer questions, re-take photos, and update the listing.


chicwish review

Optimize Your Listings

Another one of the most important tips for selling on Poshmark. Optimizing your listings helps get your item seen by people who are searching for something in particular. Additionally, buyers are more likely to purchase items when the details are laid out for them. If someone has to go digging for information, chances are, they’ll just look around instead.


The first place to optimize is your title. Be specific. Include the brand name and the name of the item. For example: “Nike Women’s Swoosh Medium Support Sports Bra”.


The next thing to optimize is your description. When writing your descriptions it’s important to include size, color, style, measurements, and defects. Basically, anything and everything that you as a buyer would want to know. And yes, you should ALWAYS be upfront and honest about any defects.


Here’s an example of a title and accompanying description of an item I have listed in my Poshmark closet. You can see that I’ve mentioned the brand, that it’s new with tags (NWT), and that there’s a matching bracelet to finish the look.


tips for selling on Poshmark


Recently, I sold a pair of Converse sneakers my daughter only wore a handful of times. However, the laces were missing and I didn’t feel like digging around my house for the extra pair. I chose to list them without the laces, but I was very specific in the listing that the sneakers came with no laces.


Even though the photo I uploaded showed the sneakers with no laces, I still wrote it out as well. This way, no one can come back and say it wasn’t stated that the laces were missing. It’s always best to be overly informative.


If you want to go a step further you can upload multiple images with different ways to style an item. This helps give people a vision of all the options they have for styling the piece.


Check Prices From Other Sellers

tips for selling on Poshmark

Before pricing your items there are a few things to do to figure out the best listing price. First, you want to check out what your item is listed for by other sellers. If your plan was to sell your item for $12 but you see that the exact same item is listed for $8 by someone else, chances are, your item isn’t going to sell. You need to be competitive, but also keep in mind that most buyers will try to negotiate.


Of course, you want to take certain things into account like the condition of the items. Read through the item description of your competitors. Maybe their item is priced lower because there are defects, but yours is in perfect condition. If that’s the case, be sure to put in your description that your item is in excellent condition.


Price Your Items With Negotiation In Mind

While you want to price your items competitively, you also want to give yourself some wiggle room. Most buyers on Poshmark will try to negotiate to get the item cheaper. You want to take the competitor pricing and your bottom line number into account when setting your price. I would suggest trying to list around 20% higher than you hope to sell your item for.


This is of course a very rough estimate, but you get the idea. Don’t list way more expensive than your competitors, but also don’t sell yourself short.


Post New Listings At Night

Poshmark users tend to be more active at night. Just think about how often you scroll through Facebook or Instagram while watching tv or lying in bed. This is the same time people are scrolling through Poshmark.


Most people aren’t shopping on Poshmark while working. If you post at night, your chances of your item being seen are much greater.


Put New Items Up Regularly

The more consistent you are with new listings, the more likely your items are to sell. Even if you only add 1 new item every few days, it’s better than going weeks without sharing anything. Pushing yourself to the top of the search results is when you’ll see a lot of new eyes on your listings.


Even if someone isn’t interested in the new item you’ve posted, chances are they’ll take a look at the other pieces you have for sale.


tips for selling on poshmark

Ship Your Items ASAP

Shipping your item within 2 days is ideal.


Here are a few reasons to ship your items ASAP:

1.) Your buyer can cancel their order if you haven’t shipped within 7 days. But, you should NEVER, under any circumstances, wait even remotely that long to ship.


2.) Shipping in a timely fashion is a great way to get a good review from your buyer and your chances of them purchasing from you again are much greater.


3.) Having an average ship time under 3 days helps you to get into the Posh Ambassador Program. More on that later.


Share Items From Other Poshmark Closets

If you went on Poshmark right now and shared 5 items from 5 other Poshmark closets, chances are, a few of them will also reshare some of the items from your closet as a courtesy. This is a very simple yet often unknown way to get more eyes on your Poshmark items.


Poshmark is in some ways a numbers game. The more people that see your items, the better your chances of selling. If you’re really serious about selling on Poshmark, I highly recommend trying to share a few items from other closets, even if it’s just 3 per day. Just keep in mind that you want to share items that your followers would like. The more you share that interests your followers, the greater your chances of selling.


Additionally, try to share items from “new” Poshers. If you are one of the first 50 people to share an item from a new seller, increases your chances of getting into the Posh Ambassador Program.


Try to get into a schedule. For example, taking 5 minutes 3x per day to share other Poshers items. I can almost guarantee you’ll get some new followers and some new shares! Just remember, try to keep your shares to items your followers will love. The more time you spend on the Poshmark app, the better your chances of increasing your sales.


How To Find New Poshers To Share

To find “new Poshers” simply head to “My Posh Stats” and scroll down to “New Poshers Shared”. On the right-hand side in blue, you’ll see “Posh Mentor” Click on this and you will see “Find new Poshers” in blue at the bottom. From here you can find new Poshers to share.


tips for selling on Poshmark

Participate in Posh Parties

When you get an invite to a Posh Party, consider participating! Posh parties are another great way to get more eyes on your items. In addition to participating in Posh Parties, having one of your items chosen as a “Host Pick” is even better.


Hosts of Posh parties can choose whatever items they want as a “Host Pick”. If you want to be really proactive, reach out to a Host and ask if they would consider your item as the host pick. You don’t know until you try!


Offer Bundle Discounts

A bundle discount is when you offer a percentage off your item if a buyer purchases more than 1 item from your closet. There are multiple options for choosing your


To manage your bundle offers go to your username on the bottom right corner of your Poshmark app, click “My Seller Tools” then click “My Seller Discounts” at the top.


From the seller discounts section, toggle your bundle discount setting on. Next, choose the discount percentage you feel comfortable with. The percentage off can be anywhere from 5%-30%.


Last, choose the minimum item amount the buyer needs to purchase in order to receive the discount. For example, I offer 5% off when someone buys 2 of my items at the same time.


Determine What Brands Sell Best On Poshmark

Naturally, some brands sell better than others. For example, Nike, Lululemon, Victoria’s Secret, Free People, and Tory Burch all seem to do extremely well. You’ll notice that several of these brands are either high end or known for their high quality.


Nike is a leader in the shoe world Victoria’s Secret is a leader in the bra/lingerie world, Tory Burch is a high-end and high-quality bag and accessory brand. People are always looking for deals on higher-priced items, which is why these items tend to sell.


Sometimes, people are gifted items that just don’t need or want. Sometimes people make purchases and lose the receipt. Although the items are new, they know they cannot sell them for retail value as they’re already off the shelf. This is how people save some serious cash by purchasing these items on Poshmark.


While you’ll notice that most of these brands are higher priced, that doesn’t mean you have to sell all your high priced items.


In addition to the above brands that sell best on Poshmark, there are also specific categories that do very well on Poshmark, such as maternity.


Most women don’t want to spend a fortune on maternity clothes since they know they will only wear them for 9 months (usually way less). Selling gently used children’s clothes is also a great market on Poshmark for the same reason. Kids wear their clothes for such short periods of time. Additionally, they tend to ruin them very quickly. This makes people not want to spend a lot of money on them.


Figure Out What Brands Are Trending On Poshmark


tips for selling on Poshmark


If you’re really serious about making some serious cash on Poshmark, be sure to check out the Poshmark Blog where you’ll find info such as what brands are trending on Poshmark.


Poshmark puts out regular trend reports on their blog with all of this information. If you can figure out what people are actively searching for, you have a MUCH better chance of your items selling.


Additionally, if you click on the “Shop” section of your Poshmark app, you’ll see a “brands” section towards the top. These brands are suggested because they are highly searched and/or purchased. Take a look at the brands and see if any of them align with your style and if you have anything items by those brands that you can sell.


If you really want to take it up a notch, you can study the trending and best selling brands and start re-selling aka buying items with the specific intent to resell them on your Poshmark. There are MANY people who do this and make an absolute killing!


brands like gymshark

Turn On Search Visibility

Make sure your “Search Visibility” is set to on. This allows indexing by google so that your Poshmark closet is searchable. It should automatically be set to on, but just in case, it’s always a good idea to check.


To do this, go into the Poshmark app and click your username in the bottom right-hand corner. From here, scroll about 75% down and click on “Sharing Settings”. You can toggle the switch to the on position here.


Additionally, you can add your social channels in this section as well as set your sharing settings for social media, which leads to my next tip.


Share Your Posh Listings Via Social Media

Sharing your Poshmark listings to your social channels is another great way to get more eyes on your items.

To edit your social sharing settings, head to your account (bottom right corner of the Poshmark app). From here scroll down to “sharing settings”. Here you will see the options to connect the following:


  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook


tips for selling on Poshmark


While TikTok isn’t an app you can directly connect Poshmark to, it is a GREAT app for sharing your Poshmark Closet link. I’m not a big TikTok user, but it has become the latest craze with many accounts amassing followers in the hundreds of thousands VERY quickly. Think of how many new eyes you could have on your Poshmark listings by sharing your Poshmark Closet link in your bio.


Additionally, when you share on social media, be sure to use Poshmark hashtags. This also helps with greater exposure. When people search through those hashtags, they’ll be ale to find you (and your Poshmark closet!)


You can find some great Poshmark hashtags right on the Poshmark blog.


How do I know what my Poshmark Closet Link is?

Your Poshmark Closet link is simply “Poshmark.com/closet/yourusername”. Obviously, you want to change “yourusername” to whatever your name is on Poshmark. Take this entire link and place it wherever you can to get the most traffic.


For example, my Poshmark closet link is Poshmark.com/closet/fitmommyinheels

Install The Poshmark Widget

tips for selling on poshmark


If you have your own website you can install the Poshmark widget so that your Posh Closet is visible on your site.


I personally don’t have the widget installed on my site because increasing Poshmark sales is currently not a goal of mine. However, if it were, I would 100% be using it. The widget design is sleek, simple, and easy to use.


You can insert the Poshmark widget when you’re logged into your Poshmark account on the desktop version. Click the down arrow on your photo in the upper right corner and just scroll down to “Closet Widget”.


Become A Suggested User (no longer running)

If you’ve read up on tips for selling on Poshmark elsewhere, you may have gotten a tip to reach out to Poshmark and request to be a suggested user. However, this capability is no longer available as the suggested user program has now been replaced by the Posh Ambassador Program.


Take The Steps To Achieve Posh Ambassador Status

What is Posh Ambassador Status? Posh Ambassador Status is a title given to Poshmark Seller’s who have achieved goals set by Poshmark. You can see some of the goals in the screenshot below.


tips for selling on poshmark


Why would you want to become a Posh Ambassador? Here are a few perks of the program:

  • Posh Ambassadors get recommended to new Poshers. More recommendations = more sales.
  • Access to fun programs and opportunities.
  • Posh Ambassadors receive an exclusive newsletter.
  • Access to tips to further grow your Poshmark business.


You can view your Posh Ambassador progress by clicking on your username in the bottom right-hand corner then clicking “My Posh Stats”.


Review Your Sales Report

After a period of time has passed where you feel like you’ve made a decent amount of sales, take the time to review your sales report.


Every seller has a sales report under their “seller tools”. You can choose a specific period of time you’d like to review and have the full report sent right to your email. Your sales report will include all the information from every sale you’ve made during the selected time period.


I recommend downloading the Sales Report then opening in google sheets. From here, sort the categories from A-Z to get an idea of what you sold the most of. I would also do this for the “brand” category to see what brands are good sellers for you.


With this information, you should be able to get a better idea of what does and doesn’t sell.


Follow Other Poshmark Users

When you follow other Poshmark users, it sends them a notification that you have done so. Many people will look at the account that has followed them out of pure curiosity. This is a great way to get new eyes on your closet.


You can easily follow accounts to follow in Poshmark Party pages. Whenever you are invited to a party, check out the participant list and get to following! Aside from following you, many of your new followers will also share your listings.


tips for selling on poshmark

Answer Questions Promptly

Every now and then someone will have a question on your item and they’ll leave it in the comments section of your listing. The quicker you can answer that question, the less time they will spend shopping around for something similar. I recommend responding to questions from your followers ASAP to help increase order conversion.


Reduce Prices At The End Of The Week

Saturday and Sunday are major shopping days. By dropping prices on days that have high order conversions, you’re much more likely to increase your sales.


Additionally, most people get paid on Fridays. People are much more likely to spend on days they have more money in their bank account.


Is Selling On Poshmark Worth It?

Selling on Poshmark is 100% worth it. I’ve had items of clothing sitting in my closet that I’ve either never worn, wore once, or will never wear again. Rather than throw them in a clothing bin, why not try to sell them?


Don’t get me wrong, I donate plenty of clothes/items. However, there are times when items are either in great condition, new, or just great sellers that you can make some extra money on.

What Sells The Best On Poshmark?

Clothing, shoes, and handbags tend to sell best on Poshmark. However, there are many other popular categories as well. Maternity clothing tends to do extremely well as most people don’t want to spend a lot of money on clothes they’ll probably only wear a few times.


tips for selling on poshmark


Is It Better To Sell On eBay Or Poshmark?

From personal experience and listening to the experience of others, I 100% recommend Poshmark over eBay. eBay is notorious for siding with the buyer NO MATTER WHAT. I’ve heard horror stories of people saying they sold a $500 purse only to have the money refunded to the buyer and then never get the purse back that they already shipped. YIKES.


I’ve never had a problem selling on Poshmark and I feel confident that if there were any issues, they would work with the seller to help sort it out.


Actually, one time I was notified by Poshmark that apparently my package got lost in the mail. They assured me that even if the package was never found, I would still receive the money that my buyer paid for the item. So yeah, I think they are trustworthy. Not to mention, the process of selling with Poshmark is incredibly simple.


Is Mercari Better Than Poshmark?

I’ve never used Mercari. Would love to hear your thoughts on the platform!


What Is The Fastest Way To Sell On Poshmark?

As we’ve already discussed, figuring out what the trending items and brands are is a great way to increase sales quickly. Additional ways to sell items fast include paying attention to what celebrities are wearing, familiarizing yourself with the current top-selling brands, and thinking about what items are popular for the upcoming season (holiday party dresses, wedding guest dresses, bathing suits, etc.


As we mentioned earlier, there are brands on Poshmark that tend to sell way no matter what season, for example, Lululemon. The quality of Lululemon items is incredible however, the prices are quite high for the average shopper. Poshmark is somewhere bargain-hunters go specifically for these types of brands.


If you’re having trouble finding brands that are currently popular, scroll down to the bottom of the “Guide To Poshmark” (click your username in top right corner and it will be in the drop-down list) on a desktop. From here just scroll all the way down. At the very bottom, you’ll see a section labeled “Popular Brands”.


tips for selling on poshmark


Selling on Poshmark isn’t extremely hard, you just have to be consistent and decide how much time you want to put in. If you follow these tips for selling on Poshmark, you’re sure to start seeing the money roll in!


Tips For Selling On Poshmark Recap:


  1. Take good photos
  2. Optimize your listings
  3. Check prices from other sellers
  4. Price with negotiation in mind
  5. Post new listings at night
  6. Post new items regularly
  7. Ship your items ASAP
  8. Share items from other Posters closets
  9. Participate in Posh Parties
  10. Offer bundle discounts
  11. Determine what brands sell best on Poshmark
  12. Figure out what brands are trending on Poshmark
  13. Turn on Search Visibility
  14. Share your posh listings via social media
  15. Install the Poshmark widget
  16. Become a suggested user
  17. Review your sales report
  18. Follow the steps to achieve Posh Ambassador Status
  19. Follow Other Poshmark Users
  20. Answer Questions Promptly
  21. Reduce Prices at the end of the week


I hope you found these tips for selling on Poshmark helpful. If you have any questions feel free to drop a comment below.


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