Toe Cleavage Shoes – Sexy Or Trashy?

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I never put much thought into toe cleavage shoes. To be honest, I don’t wear pumps or tight shoes a lot because I don’t find them to be comfortable. However, many women love them and have several pairs in their closets.


Some people think toe cleavage is no big deal at all, some people think it’s sexy, and some people don’t really see what the big deal is. I happen to be the person who thinks it’s no big deal.

What are toe cleavage shoes? 

Toe cleavage shoes are shoes with a narrow toe box that push your toes together creating “toe cleavage”. When you have chest cleavage your chest spills out of your top, when you have toe cleavage, your toes spill out of your shoes. Same concept.


Like I mentioned earlier, I don’t wear shoes that are known for creating toe cleavage because I just don’t find them comfortable. However, if you are a fan, here are the shoes that are most likely to give you that look.

  • Narrow Pumps
  • Ballet Flats
  • Shoes with a low vamp
  • Pointed Mules


What is a low vamp? 

A low vamp is when your shoe ends close to your toes or close to the front of your foot. This what what a low vamp shoe looks like:


black toe cleavage shoes

low vamp shoes


As you can see my toes are showing more than they would if the top of the shoe came higher up my foot.


Of course, the amount of cleavage will vary from one person to the next. I happen to have narrow and thin feet so my toes don’t smush together as much as someone with wider feet/toes. Even though my toes are showing here, they still dont have much of a cleavage look.


Additionally, not ALL pumps, ballet flats, pointed mule shoes, and low vamp shoes will give you toe cleavage. The narrower the shoes, the higher likelihood your toes will scrunch together and pop out of your shoes.


If you’re into the toe cleavage vibe here are a few brands that tend to carry styles that will give you that look:

Is toe cleavage okay?

Whether toe cleavage looks presentable or not is one thing, but the health of your feet is another. Wearing shoes with too-tight of a toe box can cause bunions or hammer toes. It can also create poor posture and mobility as a result of improper walking. Yikes.


If you have a pair of shoes that you love but want to stretch them out because toe cleavage just isn’t your thing, there are plenty of products on the market to do so. Check out some of these shoe stretcher options below.



Is toe cleavage appropriate for the office?

This is of course a matter of opinion but I don’t see any reason why it would be a problem. If it really bothers you you can always wear a pair of thin tights or socks that will conceal it.


Picking a pair of shoes that are comfortable is more important for the office then how how much toe you show!


How To Avoid Toe Cleavage

If you want to steer clear of shoes that will cause the spillover effect these are the shoes you should avoid:

  • Narrow Pumps
  • Ballet Flats
  • Shoes with a low vamp
  • Pointed Mules


Overall, I don’t think toe clevage is a bad thing. If you aren’t comfortable wearing shoes that show more of your feet at work then don’t! If you like the look – go for it!


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