Tula Skincare Review With Pros and Cons

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This Tula Skincare Review comes after about 2 years of using the products. Just wanted to throw that out there.


I wanted the chance to see real results before I went praising or criticizing the products. It can (and usually does) take some time before you can truly tell how a skincare product will work for you. And yes, I do have a promo code for you below if you decide to shop, but no, this post is NOT sponsored in any way, in case you were wondering.


With that being said, I’ve tried just about all of the Tula Skincare Products at this point. Here’s where I stand.


tula skincare review

Tula Skincare Review

Since you’re here for a Tula Skincare Review I’m assuming you already know a bit about the brand so I’ll keep this short.


What is so great about Tula Skincare?

Tula Skincare creates all its products with probiotics and superfoods. 100% of its products are clinically tested in labs and 100% of its products are also certified cruelty-free.


Additionally, none of Tula’s products are created with irritants or toxic ingredients and the brand labels its products as “clean and effective” skincare.


Some ingredients you WON’T find in Tula Products







Mineral Oil


Plastic Microbeads

Octinoxate & Oxybenzone


So now that we’ve covered why these products are so popular in the first place, let’s get into this Tula skincare review.


Looking for all the good stuff found in Tul products? You can check them out here.


Tula Purifying Cleanser

$28 – Use code FITMOMMY for 15% off

#1. The Cult Classic – Purifying Face Cleanser

The first thing I want to point out is that this face cleanser is a gel consistency. If you prefer a “scrub-like” cleanser, this won’t be the one for you. However, this cleanser does do a good job even though you might not feel like it’s doing much in the moment.


I’ve noticed that my skin has become drier as I’ve gotten older and some products have actually started to make me peel. fun. This cleaner, however, doesn’t do that.


The description states that it helps to remove dirt, impurities, and makeup and I do agree that it does. But side note –  if you’re looking for a cleanser that will completely remove a full face of makeup, you’ll be disappointed. The only type of cleanser I’ve ever found to really do that is an exfoliating scrub (here’s my favorite if you’re wondering. Been using it since I was like 13 lol).


I also noticed that my pores do appear smaller after continued use which was an unexpected surprise.


Another noted benefit according to Tula is that it gently exfoliates. This one I don’t agree with. This cleanser feels like a gentle and refreshing cleanser as opposed to an exfoliator.


Overall Thoughts: Recommend, but don’t agree that it “gently exfoliates”. I also noticed that my pores appeared smaller after some continued use. Always a plus.


tula brightening eye balm

$28 – Use code FITMOMMY for 15% off

#2. Rose Glow & Get It Cooling & Brightening Eye Balm

Ok, so this one I’m torn on. I guess it depends on what you’re MOST hoping to get out of this product. Are you more interested in the way it makes your skin feel or look, or both?


For me personally, I was hoping to see my skin look brighter and more refreshed but unfortunately, I didn’t really notice that. What I do notice, however, is that my skin definitely feels hydrated and it most certainly gives you a beautiful glow (almost like a highlight). It also glides on like butta!


It definitely does have a cooling factor which I think is one of my favorite aspects of this product, but I didn’t find that that hyaluronic acid made much of a difference in terms of reducing fine lines or wrinkles. Boo.


I will say that I don’t really have dark circles under my eyes and that is one thing many other reviewers noted it helped with. If you have dark circles under your eyes, this may be something to look into.


Overall Thoughts: Recommend for hydration, awakening of the eyes, and “glow” (highlight). Didn’t notice much of an impact on fine lines/wrinkles.


tula hydrating moisturizer

$52 – Use code FITMOMMY for 15% off

#3. Tula SKincare Review Favorite – 24/7 Moisture Hydrating Day & Night Cream

LOVE. Absolutely LOVE. I’ve been using this moisturizer religiously since I first received it and have nothing but great things to say about it.


As mentioned earlier, my skin is getting drier as I get older, but it’s still not simply dry. This moisturizer is the perfect moisturizer for me, but even on days when my skin is more oily, or drier, it still feels amazing.


I refuse to use a heavy or greasy moisturizer for fear of clogging my pores or becoming oily and this one fits the bill. It’s somehow super hydrating while still being lightweight. And bonus: it works well during the day under makeup AND at night before bed.


I also love that it makes my skin feel incredibly smooth. My only con about this product is that it is no doubt pricey. The one thing I can say though is that a little goes a long way and I have most certainly gotten my money’s worth out of this tiny little jar.


Overall Thoughts: 10/10 Recommend. One of my favorites out of all 10 in this Tula Skincare review.


Tula Skincare review - SPF 30 Sunscreen

$36 – Use Code FITMOMMY for 15% off

#4. Protect & Glow Daily Sunscreen Gel Broad Spectrum SPF 30

Maybe I live under a rock, but did you know that there are SPF’s out there that offer protection against not only sun damage, but also against pollution and blue light? NEWS TO ME.


This product happens to be one of them which I think is pretty freaking awesome, considering I work on a computer screen all day lol.


I personally use this sunscreen underneath my makeup and don’t find that it interferes whatsoever. It is not greasy whatsoever but I will say that it is on the thick side.


Overall Thoughts: Recommend. The only con is that it is a fairly small tube for $36.

Tula Smoothing Primer Gel

$34 – Use code FITMOMMY for 15% off

#5. Brighten Up Smoothing Primer Gel – Tula Skincare Review Favorite

Ok so I might be a bit biased here because I don’t love liquid primer, so I’m always going to rate a non-liquid primer higher. However, this primer is a gel (I had never used a gel primer before) and I was pleasantly surprised with how much I like it.


The first thing  I want to mention is that this is the first primer I’ve used where I actually look forward to the smell. Most primers are just…. scentless. I presume it’s the willowherb it’s partially made of, but I have no idea…. I didn’t research that lol. The only thing I can compare it to is an almost-CBD-like smell.


When I use this primer (which is lightweight btw) my makeup glides on easily. I love that. I’ve used other primers in the past that have just felt too thick and cakey. This one is a really nice consistency (once you put it on). I will admit, it feels weird on your fingers before applying, but the consistency changes the second it hits your face.


It’s silicone-free and non-comedogenic so it doesn’t clog my pores and my makeup stays on well throughout the entire day.


Another bonus: A little goes a long, long way.


Overall Thoughts: Recommend. Tula Skincare review favorite.


Tula blackhead exfoliating scrub

#6. Deep Exfoliating Blackhead Scrub

I know that blackheads are a major, major issue for a lot of people. Luckily, I don’t have them too bad, but still, no one wants them.


As mentioned earlier, I’ve been using the same exfoliating cleanser for legit YEARS (about 24 to be exact) so I’m sort of partial to trying other brands. Nonetheless, I tried this one and liked it…. but can’t justify the price tag for me, personally.


If you have terrible blackheads and the typical drugstore cleanser isn’t working for you then yeah, of course, give it a whirl. It is a good product, I just think that for $32 you’re not getting much product and the results aren’t THAT epic.


This exfoliator helps to get rid of dirt and debris…. but my $6 drugstore exfoliator that’s about 4 times the size does the same thing.


Overall Thoughts. Nice product, does the job, but overpriced.


tula skincare review - face filter primer

$36 – Use code FITMOMMY for 15% off

#7. Face Filter – Blurring & Moisturizing Primer

This primer differs from the gel primer in that it has more of a “clay” texture to it. It’s definitely thicker and doesn’t glide on like the “Brighten Up” Gel Primer.


I like this primer, but don’t find anything special about it. The gel definitely feels lighter on my skin, even once dried, which I personally prefer. I also don’t feel like my makeup glides on as easily with this primer as the gel option.


This one does however have a very light illuminating factor to it, so if that’s something you’re looking for, it’s something to consider.


Overall Thoughts. I recommend trying the Gel Primer over this one.


tula deep wrinkle serum

$78 – Use code FITMOMMY for 15% off

#8. Firm Up Deep Wrinkle Serum

Meh. After weeks and weeks of use, I didn’t notice any incredible results for $78. I presume the product works better for some than others, but for me, it didn’t do anything that would make me scream from the rooftops. Other reviewers noted incredible results so I was a bit disappointed.


I’m not a huge fan of how thick the consistency is but with that being said, I didn’t have any breakouts from it. I find that generally, the thicker the product, the higher the chances of a breakout.


Side note – the scent isn’t exactly pleasant, but it’s not terrible either.


Overall Thoughts: This is one I suggest trying for yourself as I think different skin types will likely see different results. 


tula overnight repair treatment

$64 – Use Code FITMOMMY for 15% off

#9. Beauty Sleep Overnight Repair Treatment – Tula Skinare Favorite

If you were considering the Firm Up Deep Wrinkle Serum but are now unsure because of my review of it above, check out this overnight cream. Yes, they are 2 completely different products, but the benefits of this one far outweigh the benefits of the firm-up serum (in my non-professional opinion).


Not only does this overnight treatment smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles, but it feels absolutely amazing. It’s incredibly light, goes on smooth, and makes my skin feel soft and healthy in the morning.


I also didn’t notice these results after weeks of use but basically right away which is always nice. It’s pricey, but the jar is huge and lasts a long time. Just be careful because it’s easy to take off the “pump” part if you don’t pay attention lol.


Overall Thoughts: Recommend


tula skincare review - illuminating serum

$68 – Use code FITMOMMY for 15% off

#10. Hello Radiance Illuminating Serum

If you have an uneven skin tone this is a great product to try. Sadly, I haven’t always been great when it comes to taking care of my skin (omg the college tanning bed years). So now, here I am spending all the money on skincare products. cool cool.


I’ve noticed that after using this serum for some time that my skin does appear brighter, plus it feels great. It also takes hardly any product at all to fully cover my entire face.


It feels really light on my skin, lasts long, and has a nice scent. I personally feel that for hyperpigmentation it is hard to really say how it will work for you and here’s why…..


I don’t think there is a one-and-done solution for hyperpigmentation. From my own experience, it’s an ongoing effort to keep it at bay. Yes, I find that this product helps to give me a more even skin tone. However, if I go sit in the sun for 5 hours with no protection, it will come right back. This is not a miracle cream, rather a tool to help you along the way.


Overall Thoughts: If you are diligent about protecting your skin every single day (sunscreen, protection, etc.) then yes, I recommend this product. If you are not going to be diligent about those things then no, I do not recommend this product.


Tule Skincare Review FAQ’s

Now that we’ve gone over quite a few Tula products in detail, let’s go over some commonly asked questions.


Is Tula Skincare worth the money?

As mentioned above, there are several products I recommend and others I think you could find a cheaper alternative for. It depends on your skincare needs and what you would rather save/splurge on. Overall, most Tula skincare products are worth the money, especially if being clean and cruelty-free plays into your decision.


Is Tula really clean?

Tula’s site says that they are committed to being a clean and effective brand!


Is Tula Medical Grade Skincare? 

No, Tula Skincare is not Medical Grade Skincare.


What are the best Tula products?

In all fairness, I think this really hinges on your needs. If you’re someone with average skin (no major acne, etc.) the 27/7 Moisture Cream, Brighten Up Smoothing Gel Primer, and Beauty Sleep Overnight Repair Treatment are 3 great products to start with.


Tula Skincare Review – Pros & Cons

Tula Skincare Review Pros

  • Certified Cruelty-free
  • Good for all skin types
  • Steep Discounts for auto-delivery
  • Made with probiotics
  • Made with superfoods
  • All products clinically tested
  • Formulated without toxic ingredients
  • Don’t test on animals
  • Free return shipping
  • Available at several convenient retailers as well as online


Tula Skinare Review Cons

  • Items can be pricey
  • Limited in-store availability


Tula Skincare Review – Overall Thoughts

Overall, I think the majority of Tula skincare products live up to the hype. But, with that being said, there are a few items I find that are overpriced and can likely be replaced with cheaper alternatives.


That’s it for the Tula Skincare review! Hopefully, this helped you figure out which products you’d like to try.


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