Competition Prep – Week 2 Recap

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Week 2 Competition Prep Recap

week 2 progress - Competition Prep - Week 2 Recap by popular New Jersey fitness blogger Fit Mommy in Heels



week 2 recap - Week 2 Recap by popular New Jersey fitness blogger Fit Mommy in Heels












Week 2 is complete! I still don’t have any visible improvements at this point which I expected. I actually missed a workout on Wednesday last week because Gia was sick. I didn’t have a babysitter to stay with her so I couldn’t get to the gym. Luckily it wasn’t a leg day (I do 3 leg days/week during prep) so I was able to make the day up later in the week. Normally on Wednesday I do Chest/triceps so when I went Friday (shoulder and calves day) I just added it on. I missed out on the abs but I’m not too worried about that.


I’m still on a high carb diet every day. A high carb day for me is appx. 2,400 calories. It seems like a lot and it is for most but I’m still lifting heavy and trying to gain and maintain muscle. Even on my low carb days I’m still eating appx. 1,950 calories. Luckily for me my body responds really well to food so I shed fat without cutting just by eating clean. I lost 2 pounds this week eating a high carb day every day. Here’s an example of my diet on one of my competition prep days (not always the same):


  • breakfast #1: protein shake (PE Science Frosted Cupcake) & oatmeal
  • breakfast #2: protein shake & oatmeal
  • lunch #1: chicken, rice, asparagus
  • lunch #2: salmon, rice, broccoli/cauliflower
  • dinner: chicken, rice, asparagus
  • snack: Quest or Kirkland Bar (both linked below)


This week I’m going to a 1 to 1 diet (1 high carb day/1 low carb day) so I anticipate seeing a pretty decent change at the end of this week/beginning of next.


I’m a huge chocolate lover and I NEED a nighttime snack. Thank god I’m able to have them. The Quest bars that I eat are all the chocolate ones. My favorite though is the Costco Kirkland Brand! The box comes with a chocolate brownie (not very good) and chocolate chip cookie dough (amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!). The chocolate chip cookie dough is my all time favorite! It actually tastes like a cookie and when you haven’t had sweets in weeks….. it’s like heaven on earth 🙂


I’ve got some free workout printables on the way so if you have any interest in some workouts be sure to subscribe so you can get them straight to your inbox!


PS – I literally roll out of bed and take these photos so believe me – you should be thankful my head is chopped off.



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