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Last week wasn’t my greatest in terms of progress (or so I thought). I weigh myself every Saturday morning and take my progress photos either Saturday or Sunday morning. Saturday my husband was up and out before I even woke up so that didn’t work for pictures. I did weight myself and the scale hadn’t budged since the Saturday prior. What.the.hell.

I have to admit I was a little disappointed after weighing myself Saturday morning. When I’m not prepping for a show I never weigh myself. During prep though I like to see a consistent drop every week so that I feel like my diet is working (I know it is – but my brain wants to SEE it).  I brushed it off because there is no sense in harping on it. I messaged my coach and told her my weight. I got the dreaded response I knew was coming…. 2 to 1 next week (2 low carb days to 1 high carb day). This might not seem all that bad but when my carbs are low, my happiness is low lol.

I’m glad I didn’t stress about it because I stepped on the scale 2 days later (Monday) and had lost 2 pounds. It just took a little time to catch up with me. I think I hit a little plateau in week 3 but I know I’ll be seeing some drastic changes at the end of this week (week 4) and the beginning of week 5.

I didn’t post any pictures this week not because I didn’t want to share them, but because they were god awful. I had Mike take them with my I-phone because we were rushing out the door. Please tell me I’m not the only one whose husband messes up their mo-jo when they’re home?!?! Why is this?!  I promise next week I WILL have progress pics for you!!!

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