Week 4 progress – 6 weeks out

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Week 4 Prep Progress

Week 4 prep is in the books! I didn’t feel as awful on the 2 to 1 as I thought. Of course I was missing my carbs but my workouts were still pretty strong and the thought of my nightly Quest bar keeps me going throughout the day lol.

I started to feel some real changes this week in my upper body. My arms are definitely leaning out. I wore a jacket yesterday that had been a bit snug after the holidays (oops) and it fit much better. I’ve been lifting lighter up top especially for shoulders to try to bring them down a little bit. I have a hard time lifting any lighter then I normally do though. I have all intentions of going lighter and then when I get to the gym and get going I just can’t keep myself away from the heavy weights.  And yes – I only have one hand of my nails fully painted because – kids.

week 4 progress

We don’t even flex on stage in my class but I’m flexing here to see the changes that are happening. Once I start to see changes up top I feel really good because this is where I need it the most. My muscles are always there but when I gain weight they get covered in my arms/back/stomach. So here’s a week 4 back shot that will look a whole lot different in another couple weeks!

I’ve been asked a lot how I’m feeling so far in my prep. Right NOW – I’m eh – but I know I will get where I want to be. During my last prep at 5.5 weeks out (if I remember correctly) I was feeling pretty good/confident. Since I started this prep 5 pounds heavier then last I think I’m just a little farther off then where I would like to be. I know that it will come but as a competitor not feeling ready isn’t the greatest feeling to have.

If I could split my body in half I would step on stage tomorrow for lower body lol. Everyone’s body is different and mine is no exception. I put on muscle easily but when I store fat it’s in my upper body and stomach. If I gained 20 pounds my legs literally would not change one bit – It would be all in my stomach/arms/face. Don’t get down on yourself if something you have isn’t exactly like someone elses. You just need to focus on what works for YOU and what you can do to work with what you have!


week 4 progress

Tank from TheFitnessTeeCo

I’m staying on a 2 to 1 this week again. My weight hasn’t really shifted which is unusual for me. I am getting my period though so it’s probably water weight (again – if you’ve been following allowing dudes – I apologize but this totally comes into play and women need to know that).  I’m feeling pretty bloated and it can’t be my diet so I’m chalking it up to that.

I’m feeling leaner in my stomach but still aren’t seeing my abs pop through too much yet. Again – this is where I store my fat so it takes longer for them to show. Don’t mind my mini. She loves to take these photos with me. I have no idea why because any other time I ask for a nice photo you’d think I asked her to give up all her toys.

So at this point im 5.5 weeks out from the April 1 show – almost halfway through my prep. I hope to see some major changes this week so I’ll catch back up with you next week for another check-in!


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  1. February 25, 2017 / 12:27 pm

    You look amazing, you will crush your opponents. Lol about the one hand of painted nails

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