Weekly Workout 1/22/17 & Fitness Apparel On Sale

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This weekend really flew by. Did it for you, too? We went to a friends on Friday night for dinner and a play date for the kids and Saturday night we went to a party. My parents kept the kids overnight so that was a really nice treat for Mike and I. We went out for breakfast on Sunday morning and enjoyed our meal in peace!

I wanted to mention that from now on I’ll be posting all my weekly workouts on Monday instead of Sunday. Most people are so busy spending time with family on the weekends and that includes us!

If you’re looking for the items in the post I shared on instagram today (photo below) you can find them all linked under the photo. The leggings sold out but I’ve linked similar by the same brand.

zella leggings - Weekly Workout 1/22/17 & Fitness Apparel On Sale by popular fitness blogger Fit Mommy in Heels

This week I’ve included some fitness apparel items that are currently on sale. Some I have and some I have in my cart 🙂 I personally LOVE Zella Leggings and some of them are on sale so I included them in the list.

Each image is shoppable. Simply click the photo of the item and you will be taken directly to the details page.

Now for your weekly workout…

Weekly Workout

Monday : Back/Bi’s/Cardio

1 mile run

Burpee to pull up (AMRAP) : 4 Sets

Single Arm Cable Row (10-12 reps) : 4 Sets

Close-Grip Cable Row (10-12 reps) : 4 Sets

Burpee to kettlebell swing (3 at a time) (12 reps): 4 Sets

Incline Bicep Curl Superset Decline Bicep Curl (15-20 reps each) : 4 Sets

Straight Bar Curl (10 reps) Superset Squat Curl (15 reps) : 4 Sets

Burpee to front curl/side curl (3 at a time) (12 reps) : 4 Sets

1/2 mile run, 1/2 mile on/off sprint.


Tuesday : Glutes & Stairs (All weighted unless otherwise noted)

Sumo Deadlift (8-10 reps) Superset Kickbacks (15 reps) : 4 Sets

Landmine super low side walks (10 reps) Landmine Superset Squat to Press : 4 Sets

Smith Machine Alternating Lunges (10 reps each side) Superset Jump Squat (15-20 reps) : 4 Sets

Smith Machine Leg Press (10 right, 10 left) Superset Press w/both legs (20 reps) : 4 Sets

20 minute stairs. 1 minute side walk, 1 minute front, 1 minute side walk, 1 minute front, 1 minute backwards, 1 minute front. Repeat.


Wednesday: Chest/Triceps/Cardio

Chest Fly Machine (10 reps) (pulse 15 on last rep)  Superset incline Bench Press (10-12 reps) : 3 Sets

Wide Pushups (AMRAP): 3 Sets

Single Arm Overhead Extension (10-12 reps) Superset Kickbacks (10-12 reps) : 4 Sets

Cable Single-Arm Diagonal pushdown (AMRAP) Superset Side-Lying Single Arm Pushups (AMRAP) : 4 Sets

Abs: Decline Leg Raise AMRAP,  1 minute plank, decline window washer AMRAP : 3 Sets

20 minutes jump rope : 1 minute intervals


Thursday : Quads & Hamstrings 

Free Motion Machine Straight Legged Deadlift  (8-10 reps) Superset 180 degree jump squat (20 reps) : 4 Sets

Cable Pull-Through (10 reps) Superset Cable Duck Walk w/ 20 squats at the back (10 reps) : 4 Sets

Front Squat 18 reps, 15 reps, 12 reps

Leg Press (8-10 reps) : 4 Sets


Friday: Shoulders/Calves/Abs/Cardio

Side Raise to front, back to side, lower (12-15 reps) : 4 Sets

Plank (hands on bench) w/ rear delt raise (10 reps) : 4 Sets

Landmine Single Arm Press Superset Landmine Front Rotation/Raise (10 reps) : 3 Sets


1 minute row, plank shoulder taps (AMRAP), 1 minute break

1 minute row, russian twists (AMRAP), 1 minute break

1 minute row, plank elbow, elbow, hand, hand (AMRAP), 1 minute break

Repeat 4X

Superset ALL : Inch Worm (10 reps), TRX Plank knee pull-ins (AMRAP), Hanging Leg Raises (ALL AMRAP)

Saturday : Legs/Glutes
(or additional rest day)

Adductor Machine (8-10 reps) Superset Plie Jump Squats w/ barbell (15-20 reps) : 4 Sets

Abductor Machine Superset (8-10 reps) Forward Backward Jump Squat w/ barbell (15-20 reps): 4 Sets

Forward Facing Banded Hack Squat (8-10 reps) : 4 Sets

Pushdown On Assisted Pull-Up Seat (10 r w/20 pulses at top and bottom of last rep, switch sides & repeat) : 4 Sets


Sunday : Rest 

Looking for a past weekly workout? Check here.


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