What Is A Midi Dress & How Do You Style It?

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Looking for a versatile dress suitable for just about any occasion? A midi dress is the way to go. But what is a midi dress? Let’s go over that below.


What is a midi dress?

A midi dressed is defined as a dress where the hem falls somewhere between the knees and ankles. Preferably,  your midi dress should fall either a few inches below the knee or a few inches above the ankle, never right at mid-calf.


Your mid-calf is the widest part of your leg. When the hem of your dress falls dead center on your leg it can be unflattering.


Going to an event and not sure if it’s formal or casual? A midi dress is the way to go. Sometimes a mini dress is inappropriate and a long dress is too formal. This is where midi dresses shine – they are the perfect in-between.

Midi Dress Styles

Another great thing about midi dresses is that they work for virtually any season. A mini dress on the other hand is best for warmer weather and a floor-length dress is great in winter, but a midi dress is a style that works throughout the year.


Whether you live in a hot or cold climate, there are plenty of midi dresses for whatever the occasion may be.  Below we’ll check out some current popular midi dresses for each season.


Winter Midi Dresses

Winter midi dresses are typically made of thicker fabrics. Sweater, knit, and ribbed style midi dresses are what you’ll likely find when searching for winter midi dresses. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find one that isn’t still sexy.


If you’re looking for a sexier winter midi dress, look for one in a Bodycon style with ribbing and/or a leg slit. These styles will still give plenty of coverage while showing off your curves.


Long-Sleeve Bodycon Midi Dresses

Dress 1 | Dress 2 | Dress 3


Sweater Midi Dresses

Dress 1 | Dress 2 | Dress 3


Formal Winter Midi Dresses

Dress 1 | Dress 2 | Dress 3


Spring Midi Dresses

Spring midi dresses tend to come in many more colors, prints, and fabrics than winter midi dresses. Florals, fun patterns, and puff-shoulder styles are just some of the midi dress styles you’ll find available for the warmer weather.


Check out these spring midi dresses below (Click image to shop)


Since spring can still be chilly it’s best to have a jacket for layering. A denim jacket is great for more casual styles whereas a chic moto jacket can work for dressier options.


Here are a few that seem to stay in style year after year.

Moto Jackets

Denim Jackets


Summer Midi Dresses

Like spring midi dresses, summer midi dresses also come in more vibrant colors and prints as well as spaghetti strap, backless, and off-shoulder styles. Unlike styling a spring midi dress, you probably won’t need anything to layer over top of your summer picks, so you can just let your dress do all the talking.


What shoes do I wear with a midi dress?

Midi dresses are also great for various seasons as they go well with several shoe styles.


What shoes do you wear with a midi dress in the winter? Winter midi dresses tend to look best with booties, but your height will also come into play with this styling option.


If you’re taller, lower shaft booties might work but for us shorter girls, it’s usually more flattering to find booties that help elongate the legs rather than cut them off right at the ankle.


Here are a few booties that would pair well with a winter midi dress.


Formal midi dresses are usually worn for weddings and special occasions so they tend to work best with dressier shoes such as ankle-strap/strappy heels or pumps.



Spring/summer midi dresses have more options when it comes to shoes. Wedges, flats, mules, and high-heel sandals all work well with spring and summer midi dresses.


Is a midi dress formal?

A midi dress can be formal, but as you can see from the examples above it can also be styled casually. A good jacket paired with a pair of statement heels and bag can easily take a midi dress from day to night.


How to pick the right midi dress

The right midi dress will depend on personal style preferences as well as body shape. There are certain silhouettes that will work better for different shapes. For example, a midi dress with a tie waist will help give shape to someone who has a straight figure.


Here are a few tips for choosing/styling a midi dress:

  • Pick a midi dress that works for your height. Remember, you never want your midi dress to fall mid-calf. Look for one that is just a bit longer or just a bit shorter. A few inches can make the world of a difference.


  • Choose a style that flatters your shape. Midi dresses, like other articles of clothing, come in different styles. If you have a super straight figure, look for a midi with a waist-cinching belt to give your body shape. Are your legs your favorite body part to show off? Look for a midi with a leg slit.


  • Focus on fabrics. Although midi dresses work for all seasons, it’s important to pay attention to the fabrics. Silky styles work best for formal events while knits and tend to work for more casual occasions.


  • Be mindful of what’s already in your closet. Midi dresses are great for layering. You probably already have a great denim or moto jacket sitting in your closet. Pairing your midi dress with something you already have will save time and money.


  • Wear the right shoes. The hardest part of styling a midi dress is pairing it with the right shoes.  As noted earlier, your height will definitely come into play here. Experiment with different shoe styles to see which slatters your figure the most.


  • Tighter prints/solids are your midi BFF. Choose a midi dress in tight prints (think tiny florals) or solids colors. It helps to create the illusion of a longer/leaner silhouette instead of short and boxy.


If you’re looking for a midi dress and you’re on a tight timeframe, there are TONS of options on Amazon that ship prime.


Bonus: Most of them are super affordable. Just make sure you check the reviews, especially the ones with images.

what is a midi dress

From top left to right:

Lace Sleeveless | Green Polka Dots | Cotton A-Line Dress | Pleated Belted Dress

Ruffle Cap Sleeve | Mesh Sleeve Bodycon | Solid Short Sleeve Midi | Twist Front Midi


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That’s it for this post on midi dresses. Hopefully, you found something you love and have a better idea of how you want to style your next midi dress outfit.


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