What to Wear To A Christening Or Baptism

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Deciding what to wear to a christening or baptism shouldn’t make you stressed. Although it’s a special occasion that should be dressed for appropriately, it’s not as difficult as most people think.


For those of us that have already been to a christening or baptism, we know it’s much more relaxed than many anticipate. However, if you’ve never attended one, I can see how the anxiety can kick in, so I’m here to help you out!


woman wearing black dress - what to wear to christening or baptism

What To Wear To A Christening Or Baptism

We have 3 children of our own and aside from their baptisms, we’ve also been to plenty of others for family and friends. With that being said, I’m confident my tips will make the process of choosing your outfit much easier!


What is the dress code for a christening?

Generally speaking, there is no set dress code for a christening (like there is for a wedding). There are no colors you must avoid or huge no-no items. Rather, it’s an unwritten rule that you should strive to dress modestly.


Here are some ideas of what you should and shouldn’t wear to a christening or baptism.


What NOT to wear to a Christening or Baptism

  • Too-short dresses/skirts
  • Incredibly low-cut blouses
  • Overly baggy/sloppy pants and shirts
  • Skintight clothing
  • Anything with stains
  • Flip-flops
  • Casual shorts
  • Spaghetti strap tops
  • Allowing undergarments to show
  • Jeans


Is it bad to wear black to a baptism?

It’s not bad to wear black to a baptism. However, you still want to keep it classy/modest. A black dress (like the one I’m wearing above), a tailored pair of black pants, or a beautiful black blouse can all be part of a fantastic outfit. It’s all about how you style it.


fall amazon fashion haul

Above is a great example of what NOT to wear to a christening. It’s too tight, too short, and too low cut. Sure, this would be great for going out with girlfriends or for date night, but NOT for a baptism.


What you SHOULD wear to a Christening or Baptism


  • Dresses/skirts that fall below your fingertips when hands are straight at your sides
  • Cardigans for layering
  • Maxi dresses/skirts
  • Midi dresses/skirts
  • High Necklines
  • Sleeves – flutter, short, 3/4, full



  • Khaki pants
  • Polo shirts
  • Suit & Tie (or even just a nice button-up shirt & pants)
  • Polished shoes


family dressed for christening - what to wear to christening or baptism

Here is a great photo of what is appropriate to wear to a baptism or christening. My dress has a high neckline, full-length sleeves, full back coverage, and a nice length.


Would I have preferred my 6-year-old to wear khaki pants instead of shorts? Yes, but I wasn’t about to pick that battle. The shorts are fine for a 6-year old lol. Again – there are no set-in-stone rules, just general guidelines to follow. He’s wearing nice shoes and a button-up – mission accomplished.


As you can probably tell in this specific photo above, we aren’t going to a christening, rather our daughter’s communion. These rules apply to both communions and confirmations as well.


woman in paisley dress

What To Wear To A Christening If You’re The Godmother

If you happen to be chosen as a godmother or godfather, the same rules apply to your outfit. Just keep in mind that you will likely be up in front of people for a brief period of time. You want your clothing to be comfortable, easy to move in, and baby-friendly (if the christening is for a baby of course).


With that being said, try to steer clear of anything that a baby can easily grab onto. For example, big earrings, long necklaces, or dangling strings.


What To Wear To A Christening In Winter

Finding baptism attire for the colder months isn’t difficult either. The outfit below would be a great option paired with tights and black booties. Throw a nice peacoat on to polish off the look and you’re good to go.


chicwish review


Men’s outfits stay pretty similar from hot to cold months by mainly swapping out long sleeve shirts for short-sleeve ones. Women’s baptism outfits can be a little more involved. Here are some christening outfit ideas for women for a winter baptism:

  • Sweater and Maxi skirt
  • Midi Dress with tights
  • Long sleeve turtleneck dress
  • Ponte pants & lace-up blouse
  • Jumpsuit


What color do you wear to a baptism?

When picking out a christening outfit, don’t be afraid of colors! And with that being said, don’t be afraid of wearing something OTHER than a dress. You don’t have to be dressed up to look nice. Wearing what you’re comfortable in is important, too.


what to wear to baptism or christening


If you’re also wondering what to wear to a catholic baptism as a guest, something like this is a great option. It offers full coverage and has a nice silhouette, but isn’t overly baggy or casual. While it is colorful, it isn’t an overly loud neon color.


Solids work well for just about any occasion but florals, polka dots, and pastels fit in perfectly when it comes to baptisms and christenings.

woman in white dress

What shoes should I wear to a christening?

For women, there are plenty of shoe options. Most people opt for heels of some sort, but if you aren’t comfortable in high heels there are other styles to choose from. Slingback flats, wedge sandals, lace-up flats, and flat espadrilles are all great options.


What to steer clear of? Sky-high stilettos, flip flops, sneakers, and gladiators.


Believe it or not, there are actually quite a few options for men as well. Leather boots, chukkas, oxfords, and penny loafers all work well for a baptism.


woman in midi dess

Where to shop for a baptism/christening outfit

Some retailers have a much larger variety of baptism-appropriate outfits than others. Here are a few that we love.


Lulus (women)

Express (women & men)

Nordstrom (women & men)

Red Dress Boutique (women)

Bloomingdales (women & men)

Macy’s (women & men)

Amazon (women & men)

That’s it for this post on what to wear to a christening! Hopefully, these tips have made it easier for you to put together a comfortable yet chic outfit.


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